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Mobile App Development Timeline

The duration of a mobile app is usually comprehended through a mobile app development timeline, which is a tentative representation of every step involved during the app development process and how much time it requires for each step. In short, the mobile app development timeline starts with gathering requirements towards the development and then deployment. This process is created for stakeholders to better understand how much effort is being utilized during the development, and also before finalizing the cost element of the mobile app development.

Mobile app development process steps

Firstly, in the domain of mobile app development process steps, the first thing that comes into consideration is the requirement gathering. This is the most critical step and every following step is dependent on this one. After the requirement gathering, the planning, mobile app development, and then testing comes into consideration, which requires a lot of time. Since the app development depends on how well its planned, the use of mobile app development process steps does ensure that mobile apps are covered with the steps of every basic for both the developer and stakeholder who is involved in the app development process as a whole.

App project timeline

When someone needs to learn more about the app project timeline, its a document that is made keeping how much effort is required with tentative dates and times. Usually, it’s not possible to create times estimations simply with a face value of the work involved, but depending on the experience of the mobile app developer and how well the app development team has over the past years in working with various projects, it’s most possible that app project timeline can be developed in a precise manner rather than completely haphazard and it does harm instead of good for the entire app development team.

App development cost

One benefit of creating mobile app development timeline is to find about the app development cost because if we understand how long with a mobile app development process will take, in terms of time, the effort involved is directly proportional to the time invested on the project, hence it increases the total amount of the project as a whole. Usually, before starting an app development project, the first thing that investors and other app stakeholders ask for is mobile app development cost, which is then better judged the workload and eventually the app development cost through the lens of the mobile app development timeline.