Mobile App Consultation.

What is Mobile App Consulting?

Mobile App Consulting is getting a mobile app expert to give information on mobile apps and the idea that the client has. Mobile App Consultancy is often overlooked and taken lightly. However, at SleekDigital, we emphasise to all our clients that consultation is crucial and not to be ignored. Many of our clients have only benefited from hiring a Mobile App Consultant.

Our Approach.

We often use mobile app design thinking process to help our clients understand what they are trying to achieve. From there, we validate and iterate on the idea with our mobile app experience. Upon starting the mobile app, we then learn and use our findings to improve the mobile app further.

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Mobile App Consultancy for Startups.

The number of startups is growing rapidly in our times. We try as much as possible to help these startups on their journey by providing our expertise in mobile apps. As we have built numerous mobile apps, we use that to our advantage to give back to these startups.

Startups usually come to us with an idea they wish to implement. We might propose new ideas from the original idea, or improve the idea further. In addition, we can also value-add to the mobile app idea with features that layman might not have thought of.

Mostly for startups, especially those that are on a tighter budget, we will try and propose MVP Mobile apps for them. MVP (minimum viable product) mobile apps are mobile apps that are very simple and solve a key problem. With this, our startup clients can validate the markets first before they embark on the mobile app development project.

By consulting on the mobile app and providing ideas to startups, we hope to provide mobile app development to the next big startup idea.

Mobile App Consultancy for Enterprises.

Mobile App Consultancy is where SleekDigital specialises in. We use our processes to evaluate the current business situation. We try and identify problems that the company is facing that might not be visible to the business.

By coming up with a list of problems, we identify the few key problems that should be solved at priority. With this, we build a mobile app system that solves this problem. We build solutions that are out-of-the-box that is ROI focused. These solutions are aimed at achieving the goal quickly and efficiently.

From there, we test and learn if the solutions are working. If it is working, we continue to measure the performance to see how we can improve the mobile app. If it is not generating enough results, we find a better solution for it.

Cost For Mobile App Consulting

You might be wondering… How much does mobile app consultancy actually cost? Well, for most of our Mobile App Development projects, the consultancy is included in the cost of the package. It is under project management and consultation fees. This can range from S$3,000 to S$10,000 or even higher depending on the scale of the project. The more the Mobile App Development Company has to do, the higher the consultation fees.

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