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Location-Based Apps

Location-Based Apps make use of the GPS we have in our smart phones and create systems around it.


The most beautiful part about these range of mobile app development is being able to make use of proximity to improve and speed up how things already work.


More About Location-Based Apps

Being able to make use of proximity allows us to gather data to build systems. For example, ride hailing apps like Uber make use of proximity to find the nearest drivers. Location-based Apps can also be implemented in fleet management systems for them to track the locations of the drivers easily.

Instead of the expensive and troublesome way of installing a GPS tracker in every car, the fleet management system just has to let every driver install an app to allow tracking and pin pointing in a map to know location of all drivers.


Hop Onto The Bandwagon

Join the trends of developing mobile apps that uses GPS. If you feel your business can relate to knowing proximity and exact locations of things, feel free to drop us a call and share your project so we can work out a proposal for you.

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