Every software development follows a process also known as the development process which is regarded as the schematics of how every team is giving tasks and ensure that project is completed on time. In this article, we will talk in detail about the list of processes followed by enterprise software development company in Singapore.

Requirement gathering

Starting with how an reputable company follows the development work from start to finish.

The start work includes requirement gathering, in which app development experts discuss complete development with the client.

After getting a preliminary understanding about the project, there’s some added requirement gathering requirement which includes brainstorming, creating documentation, and other architectural level work for this process.

This step is similar for every business, as the first step is always to get information about the work initially from the client and then through your research.


It’s the client’s interest that should be kept under consideration when through an reputable company.

One way is to increase it is provided through the development process in the stage of design. The design includes providing visual content such as screen design, mock-up, wireframes about the app which helps visualize the state of the app better.

This is an important step as in the design stage, the client has to approve the design to get ahead in other steps since the poor design will ruin even good apps completely.

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Implementation and development

The most important part of any process is the implementation and development of the software. Similarly, the enterprise software development company in the process of development work is done through iteration.

It’s the work which requires most time as well as a team of expert depending on the work. The development and implementation job requires to be of more quality when it’s subjected to a prominent project manager.


The testing part is extremely important to maintain the quality assurance of any product. When we refer to a respectable enterprise software development company, the testing element is done through a team of the tester who provide feedback about changes done for the software development.

Enterprise software development company handles the testing work but depending on the level of quality for the work, the testing period can also go beyond the timeline required.


As we are discussing the process for an enterprise software development company, the final stage for initial development is ended in the deployment process.

The deployment is simply making the software live into the actual host or for an app into the app marketplace.

It’s the role of either a developer or project lead to handle the deployment part because the client needs a comprehensive solution when they hire an enterprise software development company, including the deployment work.

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There’s a major difference between a freelancer and a company that offers app development solutions. One of such is the solution of app maintenance.

Only a company has the means and methods to provide years’ worth of maintenance so that your app remains functional as well as get updates to fix either issue or add future benefits.

This is an important step in the process for an enterprise software development company as maintenance ensures that the app runs without any trouble.

Benefits of following development processes

The development process is important to lay down for any company since it has plenty of benefits for both customers and businesses.

We have listed a few of them for our readers to grasp a basic understanding of why development processes are important to follow.

Goal defined 

When you know which details in the app are included and which is not only then you can develop properly.

The same can’t be said when there’s no plan on paper and everyone within the team as well as the client-to-company aspect will keep under an impression that things are going according to plan. But in the end, it becomes a real jungle.

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