The year 2021 comes with a lot of requirements in the domain of Information technology and digital consultation. To help our readers learn about people that build such solutions, here are the top mobile app development companies in Singapore.

The main reason to provide a list of app companies is to help people come across native
companies whose offices are located in Singapore and are providing great app development. The companies are also well known among the long market; hence the portfolio is quite recent and active in the year 2021.


Sleek Digital is a top mobile app development company which focus on provide hybrid app development for the customer all over the world.

In the year 2021, SleekDigital seems to go the extra mile as new services have been added which help the customer in increasing the business as well as enhancing the productivity within the organization.

Along with app development solutions, SleekDigital is also engaged in providing web development, Digital marketing, and ERP development solution in Singapore.


Buuuk is one of the top mobile app development companies in Singapore which aims in digitalizing the experience and increasing the presence through multiple channels.

With current technology such as mobile app development to emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Buuuk is a leading company with a great portfolio and excellent skillsets.

Talking about services and solutions, Buuuk aims to provide design, development, and maintenance of technology with complete turnkey solutions.

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The main service that clients are looking for from any mobile app development companies in Singapore is to digitalize their business. That’s something you’ll easily find in Bhupeshkalra.

Being one of the leading app development solutions, It offers some of the essential solutions such as web development, digital marketing, and app development.

Businesses that are subjected to the retail sector can also establish their eCommerce site through Bhupeshkalra with an excellent team of experts.

Techtiq Solutions

Digital transformation will always remain an evolving field that needs the latest trends and up-gradation almost every year. Hence to provide the ever-needing digital eco-system for business, Techtiq Solutions provide all rounding support that works beyond imagination.

Being one of the main app development solutions in 2021, Techtiq Solutions offers a custom app development service to help make their brand go online.

To help business internally and improving management and productivity, Enterprise Software development will handle all the high demands of the customer without any delay or quality degradation. 


Applify is one of the leading app development solutions which offers comprehensive digital transformation solutions, notably app, and web.

The solution consists of custom app development and custom web development. As business increases, so does their need to apply technology into their composition, which comes in from experience from these mobile app development companies in Singapore.

In the year 2021, Applify seems to further strengthen its stronghold by offering a solution in Singapore, including different parts of the World.

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Since 2010, Vinova has offered app development and website development in Singapore, which makes it one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore.

The motto of Vinova is they solve problems digitally and ensure that customers get the most effective solution through technology which is also cost-effective.

Providing their services to different sectors of society such as startups, SMEs, and enterprises, Vinova has managed to make a good reputation among their peers and app development market.


The idea is everything and when you need to translate that idea into reality, you need specialized hands to work on it. That’s where Codigo comes in place.

Talking about top mobile app development companies in Singapore, Codigo builds products and provides services all related to web and app.

With the help of this interface, solving problems for customers comes as the priority for Codigo which enabled them to achieve great visibility as one of the top mobile app development companies in Singapore.


If a product or service comes under budget, many people could come on board in availing it. That what Singsys is trying to provide to their customers Worldwide.

From technological prowess to an excellent portfolio, Singsys is labeled among the top mobile app development companies in Singapore and much respected as well.

The clients approved of their technical knowledge and above all professional which helps enterprise to get what they paid for.