As competition is getting fierce, many businesses are adopting technology into their business. One way is through the DIY method by using CMS mobile app development.

Being one of the professional app development companies, we would like to discuss in greater detail some limitations of CMS mobile apps and why it’s not considered as the number one choice for developers.

Dependency on plugins

CMS or Content Management System was firstly introduced for website development. But after its enormous success in the web department, it has evolved into app development as well.

One thing which is considered as a limitation for CMS mobile app is its heavy dependence on plugins.

Plugins are custom code aim to fulfill a feature into the app. If you need more features, more plugin is required. This makes your app difficult to manage and reduces the security element as many plugins are not properly protected.

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Hidden cost

Most of the CMS mobile app development is fast, but over time passes, so do the updates and features are added automatically.

Some of the features have not free but the app becomes dependent on them over the years. Hence the client has to invest to buy the plugins in order to make the feature working.

This is regarded as the biggest down point for Themed apps as if you are unable to pay for the plugin, the connected feature will be turned off automatically.

Poor load speed

Last thing you need for an app to load slowly. Most of the Themed apps are poorly optimized and any app developed over the structure makes the speed slowed.

In order to increase the speed of CMS-powered mobile app, we need to invest in a better infrastructure such as a fast server as well as better image compression modules.

Not to mention a poor load speed for pages will decrease the overall experience of using the mobile app, which hurts the business terribly.

More Maintenance 

Maintenance is a natural thing that goes to every software. Although maintenance is an added cost that every business has to bear.

If the frequency of maintenance increases, so does the cost. Usually, a Themed apps needed human supervision at all costs because any plugin could conflict with the overall structure of the app at any point in time.

With the unpredictability element remain high for Themed apps, most people have a dedicated team of professionals for maintenance, which adds recurring costs for business.

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Reduced scalability

A business grows exponentially, and so does its mobile app. There are very few cases where a mobile app made gets instant success.

When you rely on a CMS mobile app and your business starts to grow as time passes, you will be prompt to scale your current business either by adding more services or products.

A Themed apps will have a limited set of functionalities to scale on the current setup. Instead, you have to redesign from scratch each time it needs to be scaled. Which takes more time and cost for business.

Fails on advanced functionality

There are some mobile apps that feature that can only be possible through customized programming.

Then there are experimental features which business want to try as the first solution for their mobile apps.

For both of these cases and similar ones, Themed apps is unable to produce advanced functionality which is catered through out-of-the-box thinking.

All you can do through a CMS-based mobile app development is produce an already available functionality, especially when it comes to visual aesthetics.

Limited back end features

An app is made from both the back end and front end. A CMS mobile app usually corresponds to front-end details and for the back end, you need to create custom hooks.

For an average developer, custom hooks will be far fetched and most business that relies on CMS mobile app usually comes up with front end details only.

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There’s a lot of advantages of having CMS based mobile app, out of which is its best for startups or small business with little budget.

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