Sometimes, there’s a need for a mobile app development in Singapore company for an individual rather than an organization. Now when we say individual, there are some things to consider.

Number one, the money part. As an app is only for an individual, everyone can guess the budget allocation for the project, it has to be small.

Secondly, it should be published quickly, but shouldn’t compromise on the details and quality of the app.

It seems a challenging task, but can a reputable company is up to the task?

These factors will greatly help us understand the reasoning behind not just the possibility, but why its recommended for individuals to rely on mobile app development in Singapore company for their mobile application needs.


What is an individual customer?

Before we go into the depth of the crux of our today’s topic about why it’s important for an individual to go for mobile app development in Singapore company about their mobile app development, it’s important to understand who is an individual customer, to begin with.

Any singular person might it be a student, an entrepreneur with an astounding app idea, or a professional looking for a demo app to showcase their potential clients that surely cost lower than the complete app.

It’s irreverent which sector or department the customer came from for reputable mobile app development in Singapore company, but only to ensure that they get what they are looking for.


Types of individual customer need in app development

Let’s understand what to expect from dedicated application solution in Singapore about the individual customers for their app needs.

We have listed some of the reasons that encourage individuals to invest in app development, and if we go ahead on the importance of a mobile app, it is considered as the next-gen solution, not to mention the multi-billion worth of market share for entrepreneur and service provider alike.

How to choose the right Singapore mobile app developer for your business?



Startup business app

Most of the customers that need to invest in their mobile app solutions are for their startup business idea.

The Startup business may be an idea that needs to be translated for a quality-based app through a dedicated application solution in Singapore.

Some of the examples of startup businesses idea which an individual could have such as WeChat like the app, Uber-like app, or a FoodPanda like the app.


Unique business app

There are various types of business ideas for which mobile app development in Singapore company is contacted for it.

To get a customer’s interest in a new business, the first thing that individuals need to have is a demo app, which can be done through a professional mobile app development in Singapore company.

Another benefit of having a unique business idea for which mobile app should work for individuals is to have marketing requirements done as much as possible.


Utility app

Most of the app development is aimed to start a new business. The business which helps people to ensure that mobile app development in Singapore company will help individuals to get dedicated utility app for their business.

Some of the utility apps include QR reader, Speed Test for internet, Flashlight, Video sharing apps, etc.



One of the most search queries in Google is “how to make money from free apps” This is what compels a lot of people to start their own side business as they continuously earn through the help of monetization.

It’s the responsibility of reputable application solution in Singapore to provide solutions along with mobile app and monetization solutions so that customers can experience who much that they could earn through it.



The most download apps belong to entertainment apps, besides social media apps. The entertainment apps include a lot of sub-category such as games, video sharing, movie streamer, etc

Thanks to a higher number of downloads, the individual who is the owner of the app will get a lot of options open to them to earn through the app, either from in-app purchases, ads, sponsors, merchandising, etc.

App Development Process



Mobile app for personal use

Lastly, there will be individuals who are interested to have an app for none other than themselves. mobile app development in Singapore companies seems to be the best option for this option.

When the main consideration for an individual is to have a mobile app that works best on the interest for the individual alone, ensuring that the proper solution is provided through the app development process.


Want to Hire mobile app development in Singapore company for a secondary income stream?

Let’s say you are looking to have a secondary income stream, the best option is to try with your app.

What you need to do to get quality -based and professionally looking app is to contact SleekDigital and we’ll cover all of your requirements with the best of our abilities.