IoT App Development.

What are IoT Mobile Apps?

An IoT mobile app system allows your mobile app to communicate with computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, and objects over a network wirelessly.

This includes things like smart homes, industrial IoT to remotely control factory equipment or machinery, agriculture IoT. These IoT mobile apps will aid corporations and individuals to get data from devices or remotely control these devices over the internet.

Our Approach.

For businesses interested in integrating IoT Systems in their company, our professional engineers will drop by your company to study the current state of the technology. We then define the goals of the business and propose solutions that match the budget and goals of the business.

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How Does IoT Work?

An IoT system has microcontrollers that act as a mini computer.

These microcontrollers collect, send and act on data they acquire from their surrounding environments using embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware.

The microcontrollers can send or receive data from a server through a wi-fi chip. Our apps are then able to pull and push data from the server.

To the layman, actions in the app will be able to control the devices remotely.

The app can also analyse the data that are provided from the devices. For example, timestamps, on/off status, counter, etc.

Why Do I Need IoT?

Aid Data Analytics

In traditional ways, data from machines cannot be recorded efficiently. With mobile app development and IoT, data from machines can be recorded and analysed instantly. These data can be captured in the mobile app and made into beautified graphs or charts for reference.

Automate Processes.

In some industries, we will need maintenance for machines. What is being traditionally done is a manual inspection of the readings of the machines. This can be improved by pushing these data to mobile apps. Therefore, manpower can be cut down for inspection as there are fewer resources needed for the maintenance.

Error Reduction.

With mobile app development coupling with IoT technologies, human error can be reduced by reducing human efforts. This can be done by integrating automated data checks instead of manual human checks. By reducing human workload, not only are costs reduced, but also lower the error rates.

Better User Experience.

IoT integration feels like a technology of the future. It gives customers of businesses the “wow” factor. For example, if the user enters a retail store and the machines around the stores are operated by IoT, it gives the user a very futuristic feeling. This improves customer satisfaction levels and creates unique advantages for businesses.

Examples of IoT Apps
Smart Home.

Smart home refers to a home set up where devices and appliances can be controlled remotely via an internet connection. The devices and appliances can be controlled anywhere in the world with a mobile phone or any other device with an internet connection.

This allows homeowners to control their homes with their mobile devices even when they are not at home, eliminating the risk of forgetting to turn off the aircon.

Smart home technology can also help to analyse the usage of electricity as it monitors the amount of time each device is turned on or off. This will lead to electricity efficiency in the long run, as homeowners now know the source of their electrical bills.

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Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Industrial IoT (IIoT) refers to the integrating IoT in commercial or industrial environments. This is encouraged as smart machines are more accurate than humans.

This information gathered can help companies identify errors earlier, saving costs and also supporting business intelligence.

In manufacturing especially, IIoT can provide a benchmark for future improvements as it helps with quality control, and also overall efficiency.

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