Transportation is subjected to revolutionize the traveling sector in coming times. The development bad breakthroughs in autonomous vehicle has begun its transition into just development, just this recent year, Apple has declared his very own driverless vehicle into the showcase which is now being tested on the roads of California. Besides the advancements in machinery and brands itself, there is also huge development perceived in software industry connected with transportation in parallel to offer as an extension towards the new technological era we are about to enter.

The automotive industry is heading towards technological shift which is a monumental in terms of convenience and accessibility. The common cars are being used to help solve fundamental transportation problems for people and businesses in general. There are countless more possibilities an individual can achieve through a simple mobile phone alone. Let’s find out how technology can benefit us in transportation sector.

The growth of carpooling practice

According to American statistics report, the need to buy new cars is declining among many people due to the fact that the rise in carpooling tradition. Looking at the current practice, carpooling is now considered as the primary medium among many travelers. There are number of basic advantages a person can get through this medium, out of which, the huge benefit is highly mobilized method available within the reach of few finger taps. This medium is indeed considered to rise even further as more and more industries and tech giants are coming out with their own tailor-made carpooling apps which will step towards perfecting this practice even further.

Peer-to-peer car rental service

There are times when you actual need a car for far end expeditions, where carpooling may seems to be a challenge. To cater this problem car rentals are providing peer-to-peer service for their customers to take their ride of choice for preset duration. Although this car rental service has been going on for decades, but many of the businesses are adopting the use of technology as well. Through the use of a mobile application, customers may now book the car of this choice without visiting the shop physically. The app can register all necessary information, and ride can be booked in advanced all real-time. This advancement has already been into action and has proven to be an excellent extension for technology.

Car as a Service (CaaS)

Car as a Service is a newly created market in automotive industry. What this Car as a Service implies is to have a vehicle been consumed as per subscription or in other words pay as you go. This medium of transportation has already begun its transition into works, such as Carma, a tech startup has announced to start this service at TechCrunch Disrupt Convocation SF in 2018. Their business model implies that a vehicle can be lease, not like the ordinary car rentals where a person rent it as hours, but it will be leased by monthly basis. Just like Carma, the user can pick up car models within the inventory selected through the dealership around a specific area, so having this idea into practice can definitely helps to turn the tide for an improved transportation sector, with fewer cars on the road, but helping people at the same time.

All of the above are reasons that technology is about to change the nature of transportation as we know it. But to explain why does actually car ownership is reduced from our society is the fact that millennial (anyone who are born between 1981 to 1996) are not interested in buying cars. And since these are the people who are actually adding up the world demographics in numbers, so it’s wise to consider the importance of mobile applications that will assist on providing transportation service to them.

According to the report, it has been found out that 4 percent of the time, vehicles that are on the road is being owned by the driver, where 96 percent it’s not self-owned.

basically, the only purpose of a car is to travel from point A to point B, it has also been suggested that people will not consider driving to office each day. It will soon become a waste of time and resource, just like hand send mails and telephone call books are deprecating into our lives. Not only is that, using your personal car to travel to the market and get groceries or shopping considered to become redundant, through the increasing amount of online grocery shopping and home delivery option. All of the car owners are losing their value of owning a car, and thus its being nothing more than a parked vehicle on the sidelines of road tracks for ages.

How transportation sector will comply to change

By introducing CaaS, there will be need for technology to connect cars with the user and the owner through mobile application. Unlike Uber, where driver is sitting along with the passenger, the application must be super secure and provide real-time information of the driver if the owner wants to check the vehicle whereabouts in a given time. As SaaS is about to enter the market, according to the experts, it will create a humongous demand shift into the transportation market. Many businesses are already investing towards a shared access mechanism to connect cars with clients in real-time.

All to say the least is that transportation industry is now ready to enter into the phase 2 of inter, in-car connectability of automotive business which will completely change the world around us in times to come.

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