Helping grow businesses using technology has always been the prime focal point for SleekDigital. As new technology emerges, so is the competition, and it’s reasonable to say that there are no exceptions for the industry of Food and beverage (F&B). For those how has been dealing with Food and Beverages sector here in Singapore knows quite well how technology has started to emerge in this department. Actually, there is a reason for all this changes done by digitalizing. For starters, you can improve the services through seizing latest technological innovations by making things automated or at simpler level, go paper less. For all that matters in F&B sector are to always value customer relations and digital service has never failed to deliver it flawlessly.

F&B in Singapore welcomes new tech into their sector with open arms as it’s generally more economical and produce incredible results. The tech assists on meeting the demands for modern clients, who are using tech as their everyday means to do business. Many F&B giants are already using digital solutions into their system which includes Pillsbury, McCormick, Betty Crocker, Kraft and Campbell. To help you decide how technology will help you to improve your F&B business model, here are some areas that can only be filled with the help of technology.

Geo-location and GPS tracking

Customers these days are continuously moving, more especially in Singapore. And with the help of mobile app, we can help them decide which product to eat and choose from. To help us design location-based system, a product has already been used for the similar reason known as Apple’s iBeacon. The iBeacon is a physical device used to transmit information to the nearby iPhones around its proximity. It can transmit all kind of information such as restaurant’s current discount, latest deals and other real time notifications.

An app which has used iBeacon technology has already been deployed in London called Bookatable. It provides push notification to their iPhone users who enters into the 50 meter radius for one of their restaurants. The advantage for Bookatable is to eliminate the issue among customers who always has trouble what to eat and weren’t always sure where to go. Using Bookatable, they experience an increase in visitors and improve their sales.

Improve loyalty and referrals

F&B really benefits from return based customers and referrals since the competition is tough when entered into a busy market. In order to gain customer trust, restaurants try to attract customers using discounted rates and special programs to appeal revisits and referrals. App will generally help you in this department. Customers love to be your special one, so it’s always a treat to remind them about how loyal they really are but releasing push notifications and recommendations about what’s new and improve waiting for them in their next visit. At the end, it’s all about customer support.

Makes smooth process for internal order

Through the use of technology, the most benefit F&B sector has gain is to eliminate the need of manual ordering during delivery of our food. With combinations of simple button pushes using food ordering app, it has absolutely eradicated the hassle for manual check in of orders between client and desk staff member.

Increase sale among young adults

Demographics helps us to understand how much popularity has a certain method has received, such as in-app purchases. It is found from study that millennial between the age of 18-34 years prefer to pay their bills using mobile phones. In Singapore, F&B tends to gather the large audience as a whole which helps them to counter every demographics in one shot, though there is always the missing link. Apps that provide smart payment methods such as mobile payment over other options bring about a possible service to mostly millennial. According to report from Restaurant Marketing Labs, millennial like to spend around $200 per month only on eating. in order to gain their interest, if proper mobile payment options are provided, you can exponentially increase your revenues.

Book a Seat on the go

Technology has given us means to accumulate all manual work into automation, which not only increase the productivity, but reduce the overhead cost of a business. Through an application, now it’s quite straightforward to book a table in advance without any inconvenience of calling directly to the restaurant. Globally, around 100,000 tables are booked every month using mobile app, which makes it evident about its need of the hour.

Improve your on-site catering

F&B in general comes in many shape and sizes, with their own set of needs and aspiration to deliver outstanding service. Creating a customized mobile app for their needs is imperative to visualize the issue on hand and eliminate it through impeccable customer experience. according to report published by GrubHub, order which are placed through phone call requires 2 minutes to complete, while orders taken from mobile app only requires 45 seconds to fulfill. This makes the ordering process to streamline in a much more spontaneous manner.

Sharing is caring

Reviews about a certain restaurants are always considered a top priority for any FB related business. In order to have create straightforward reviewing process for your customers, through the mobile app we can ask for their review (or what it’s now called star ratings) right after an order transaction takes place. Using social media integration and sharing to other platforms, it will only help us the business to boost their reviewing mechanism, thus attract more customers and build a strong affiliation towards the service.


F&B sector is diversify around restaurant both small and medium sized, delivery only service, or simply delivering goods to a super market, which is in dire need of digital transformation. Using mobile app technology, not only the business model will become automated, but F&B will experience tremendous change of increase productivity and revenue generation.

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