Apps for entertainment industry are so obviously prominent among the masses these days and if someone says otherwise living among Stone Age. When someone asks about mobile apps, the first thing comes into our mind is mobile games, which is considered to be a multi-billion dollar market globally. Not only has that, the mobile apps has always established a stand out position in media and entertainment industry as a whole. The accelerated digital transformation in the domain of entertainment is being carried out through storm.

These times, where we live nowadays is called information age, in which mobile apps have become a necessity for many businesses and individuals. According to recent study made by Google I/O conference, at over 800,000 apps has been development by over 150,000 developers as of 2017. So its right to say the demand has paved the way for new technology in mobile app to shape our lives as integrated to technology as possible.

In terms of entertainment and media sector, there are apps from sports and news to gossip and music apps. The main reason for people to divert their entertainment needs towards their smartphone is due to the increasing number of followers are available online through their mobile phones and want to keep themselves updated with latest information. Below are some apps category generally used as entertainment and leisure fashion.

Music App

With the introduction of music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud, downloading music manually into your device is now turning old school method these days. These types of music streaming apps have two modes of services for their users, free package and premium package. Most people are so obsessed with these music apps that they comply with subscription on their premium service rather than actually downloading music from CDs or other traditional method.

These music apps like spotify, earn revenues from mobile advertisements, or for ad-free, you can get a monthly subscription which won’t exceed from $9-10 a month. However there are certain individuals who still prefer downloading music into their iTunes library, either from streaming apps or YouTube. The biggest reasons for this approach is due to the mobile data usage cost or lack of Wi-Fi.

Gaming app

It’s no mystery that mobile gaming is considered to be a multi-billion dollar industry today. Using the help of amazing Android and iPhone marketplace there no absolutely shortfall for population, who prefers to play games using mobile devices. The developers have always taken keen interest in producing gaming apps for wider audiences to reach as much downloads as they can.

There are numerous benefits for producing gaming apps which has enabled to gain enormous popularity acceptance in the entertainment sector. The user can play mobile games from the pool of category, like sports, action, puzzle etc. to mobile games that focus on online multiplayer. There are some companies who are invested onto the idea of producing online casinos mobile games to attract people from different taste.

The biggest reason for mobile games to have such a large following in the market is due to the convenience provided by it. All it needs is a mobile and internet for one time download, and then you are all set without any third party environment needed. Not only the accessibility factor, but many mobile games are free to play which earn using mobile advertisement and in-app purchases.

Live streaming apps

Television has now considered obsolete when there are ample amount of live streaming apps ready to show you quality content anytime. Live streaming apps offers services such as TV shows, your favorite series episodes, sports and news. There are many popular apps that are transforming our entertainment needs such as Periscope, Facebook live, Instagram, and YouTube. These types of live-streaming apps can provide huge benefits to small businesses as well. The people are always interest to share moments with each other whether they are family, friends, audiences or fans.

Keeping your audience engaged while promoting your products through the help of live streaming will keep you updated about your users feedback and how well is your idea being conveyed to the market.

There are many other apps which are helping to expand the horizon of entertainment industry, such as sports apps, to give you all the latest scores related to soccer, basketball, cricket etc. also there is news app for local as well as global news at your fingertips. Many startups are emerging into the market to convert innovative app ideas into reality, but this requires both expertise and skills, which is attainable in SleekDigital. We, as Singapore based app development firm are equipped with all the necessary skillset and dedicated team to produce quality and cheap mobile application for your businesses either small, or medium. SleekDigital has improvised greatly on branding and marketing for B2B and enterprises to gain maximum coverage and results. Keeping the same goal in mind, entertainment sector has to offer abundance of growth to your brand and your business perceptions.

Entertainment Apps can help increase your brand focus

According to the report published by Statistica, there are total of 4.7 billion and by 2019, the number will exceed 5 billion. And out of this number of people, the biggest number of users spends their time using entertainment apps. There is absolutely no doubt that mobile apps will help to boost your business visibility to the wider audience. The more the quality of the app, the increase in market penetration and business branding will be achieved.

The most fundamental reason for people using entertainment apps is due to the need of relaxation from their busy schedule. People enjoy listening to music and watching online streaming videos to find relief from their hectic routines. There are huge chances that through quality of app and service provided, the user would incline towards the brand and above all become your brand’s loyal customer. All of this service could accelerate the market penetration of your business and improve the user growth to tenfold.

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