Technology has paved its way into different industries, and among which education leads at the forefront. As the number of online courses is increasing rapidly, there are other sharing options available for information to spread freely. In Singapore, Education sector has been working through technology by providing aid on number of subjects using both public and private domains with latest scientific information.

With the blend of personal hardware and software applications, student can further benefit from technology by improving learning effectively and without any restriction of place, time or age. According to some high profile tech enthusiasts and innovators, there are other benefits we can reap from through technology in the field of education.

Open-Source education movement

Eliminating the difference from rich and poor will boost up the standard of education and trend in our society. According to Charlie Youakim from Sezzle, when passionate people are capable to educate themselves, everyone harvest the benefits. Open-source movement has inserted a greater change into the technology itself. This trend has already commenced through some amazing open-source platforms and options at our disposal through various distinguished universities and featured videos like Khan Academy. This trend is working and should be continued to follow.

Through this open-source education, people not only get quality education from it, but the brand which offer this type of service is greatly admired on global scale, since paid platforms often have lower number of students internationally.

Online Education platform

Simply defined education these days are the online platform which are accredited from renowned universities and providing state-of-the-art education to their visitors, among which the highly popular ones are Udacity, Coursera and Lynda and others. These platforms offer courses from university professors or experts from their respective field, thus making a notion of real education from the comfort of your home. These online platforms also offer online degree programs which have been obtained by many students worldwide. This degree as an authentic certification helps the individual to get noticed on their job hunt.

Online platform is working alongside of universities to foundation for instructors to give away lectures and education, thus making their university prominent globally. It’s very helpful for international individual to obtain education while staying to their native countries.

Provide healthy interaction among students and parents

While it’s important to focus on providing great education to kids through online classes, but at the same time, we need to get in confidence with their parents to regulate ourselves and improve the online education. Monitoring the student progress, the parents get convinced from online mode of education and help it to propagate further. The parents and guardians will provide their valuable feedback to the moderators to how to make better decisions which further improve interactions with children and have a more positive learning atmosphere.

Invite kids to teach others

The kids are torch bearers of future and they are now more comfortable to technology these days. Instead making kids to learn about a certain concept, it’s a good suggestion to help the kids teach themselves using tech. By doing this exercise, not only other kids will understand a concept more genuinely without any hesitation through making interactions, but instructors and parents will assert themselves by how much a concept has been delivered properly. The students can propagate teaching using the same tech and gadgets used by their teachers, thus add zero cost to this new medium by providing priceless insight for the betterment of education.

Use Tech where’s needed

Technology enables us to improve our lives, but replace the traditional method is still not preferred. Classrooms are essential part of our education where students get to know other students physically, thus improving their confidence on public speaking and so forth. The extension use of technology will result on more options as to increase the overall efficiency. to help us understand in more appropriate fashion, the classroom is effective for interactions among students and teacher, but using technology such as online classes for students living abroad or use of Virtual Reality to create Virtual classroom for kids, while assist the propagation of education as well as help to keep the old tradition alive.

Tablet learning adaptation

School are now beginning to adopt tablet learning into their medium of education, as tablet helps students to assist in their coursework for each level of pupil. It has been found out kids and adults both love using tablets for educational purposes due to convenience and as well provide visual reality showcase and connect us through the internet as well.

Technology in advance research

Research requires a lot of material reading and seeking suitable topic of study. The use of cloud storage has pretty much eliminated the tradition way of manually finding subjects from a pile of books in their research. Using technology, the department of research has made significant improvement throughout the years. The students are now at more flexible in choosing their subjects for research since searching the internet has made it possible to find all relevant information for it, thus making the research speed faster and effective. Not only that, student are capable to come up with multiple solutions for a prescribed theory which have been proposed around the world, enabling them to understand a research problem better.

Making learning fun

Learning by doing can make the education a fun thing. Many students are adopting this strategy to learn from visual aid, such as animations and graphical tools, to understand a more dry and hard to pick topics at greater speed and efficiency. Through the use of computers, phones and tablets, students are facilitating themselves to grasp on topics in a playful way. Also, using the help of online videos, education can now become a more visual oriented than it was ever before.


The use of technology and innovation in the education sector has started for some time, but there is also a huge room for improvements such as Virtual and Augmented Reality in classroom, virtual classes, graphics aid for explaining a topic, online university and school etc. are among such many great concepts that will assist on learning at a more better pace and effective mindset.

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