Construction is a traditional business here in Singapore. Many companies are still using traditional methods of operation. Thus, this allows companies like SleekDigital to come in and provide digital services like app development, web development, digital marketing and digital consultation. There are endless ways how the construction industry can be transformed with a mobile app. As most players in the industry are still primitive, we will provide some suggestions of how digital, mainly app development, will be able to improve the overall process of construction industries.

Since mobile is on the rise in recent years, we will be focusing on app development and how mobile apps can help a construction business. We will also be throwing in some tips that we would have provided in our digital consultations.

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Easier tracking of progress

We can build project management mobile apps to improve how contractors track their progress. With that mobile app, we can even allow users to invite other users of different roles into the mobile app. Here is an idea that we have come up with, there can be different roles:

  1. Workers
  2. Foremen
  3. Project manager
  4. Clients
  5. Management

Workers can upload images into projects created by Project managers in the mobile app. From here, foremen can then approve each job task that is completed by the workers. Project managers can then check the projects, and clients will be able to also see the progress of the project from the mobile app. Management will be able to oversee the timeline, the progress and also the tasks needed to be done in the mobile app. These are some ways that app developer can help improve the overall quality of work.

project management mobile app

Faster generation of claims

Since most construction firms are getting paid by progressive claims, doing a claim document is a hassle in most cases as you have to manually generate with a document software. We can create a mobile app where claim documents can be generated quickly as per requirement. This will ease the process of generating the claim document, and the content of the document can be populated in many ways. One way is to be able to add the expenses along the way of the project, and during the claim, select the items to be claimed from the mobile app. This way, the users do not have to wreck their brains to figure out what are the expenses to be claimed. When populated along the way, it becomes easier for the users to track the expenses of the project and do up a claim for it.

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Better communication at all levels

With a construction related mobile app, there will be better communication within each party involved in the project. For example, supervisors will be able to key in defects to be rectified, and workers or foreman will then be able to indicate completion of the rectification. This will allow a more structured project process with the mobile app. Since we do custom app development, we can customise each requirement that is needed, such as allowing a specific party to be able to upload images. This will ease the communication between all parties, as information gathered by traditionally calling will be ready and also instant.

In addition, the mobile app will be able to track and identify where are the slow points of the project and where to speed up. This also brings us to our next point which is the more effective generation of the reports.

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Effective generation of the reports

Following up from the previous points, since the workers and supervisors will be updating the status of the projects and other things like defect rectification, reports can be instantly generated with the data that was already provided by them. It is easy as the required information of the report mostly is already keyed in, such as timestamp, image, details, completion status, etc.


Better maintenance systems

Having a mobile app will enable to provide better maintenance systems or support to the clients as value-added service to them. For example, when there is an issue with the project, clients will be able to upload a ticket into the mobile app and indicate that there is an issue and they can also have the ability to upload images to show the issue. From there, the contractors will be able to receive information from the clients through the mobile app quickly.

Also with the mobile app, those who are related to the project will be able to receive the notification and can handle the issue by the client promptly.

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These are just some ways that we have found that would be able to help companies in the construction industry with a mobile app and also digital consultation. To be able to specifically help companies with their needs, we need to go through a digital consultation process with the company. Where we will analyse the entire process of the company, find any pain points, and also propose solutions for each pain point. Next, we will propose in a presentation format the functionalities in the mobile app that will be beneficial for the business, including some forecasted numbers that we can generate from our research.

From there, we will let the client choose which are the features that they want to be implemented along with the cost estimations of the mobile apps, systems, digital consultations, etc. Upon implementation, we will continue to monitor to ensure all systems are continuously running and up with our maintenance packages.

We hope that this article benefits players in the construction industry, and for companies interested in a free digital consultation, please arrange an appointment with us HERE and we share more about how our company can do the digital consultation, and how app development in Singapore will be able to further help your business.