A client when going after mobile application development companies might have a few questions that they would like them to answer.

If you are interested to have a mobile app made based on your requirements, follow this easy guide which helps you to ask the question as well as what to expect from these mobile application development companies.

Can you show me apps that you already build?

This is one of the important questions which helps clients to understand what is the skill set of any mobile application development company.

Seeing their past work in the form of mobile apps, they could see the quality of the app, the features applied which might be effective for your new app.

Another reason to see apps built by the mobile application development companies is to see which sector does a reputable company has expertise in, such as gaming, eCommerce, be-spoken apps to name a few.

How much does iOS app hosting cost in Singapore?

What is your app development process like?

The mobile app will take time to build. To better understand the work involved in the app development, the client would need to know that development process from the mobile application development companies.

The development process is divided into various phases. Such as Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance.

Then there is the software development process which helps developers to draw out the phase planning and how the client will get updates.

Some of the best development processes are Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, V-Shape, and Spiral.

How much the app will cost?

Everyone looking to build their app through outsourcing it to some professional mobile application development company, how much the app cost would usually be the most important question that comes in first.

To understand the cost of the app, we need to first answer a few follow-up questions, such as how complicated is your app? Does it have features that need to be purchased? Platform options, ongoing development cost, continuous improvement plan, and payment milestone to follow.

Does time require to build the app?

In mobile application development, every phase is divided into its timeline for completion. Usually, it is planned and the date provided is usually in range or tentative.

For a basic understanding, the first step is writing a project requirement, which takes one to two weeks. Secondly, the app news to be properly researched in terms of its integration features to include which takes four to five weeks.

The design and development are done separately which takes six to twelve for both phases. Implementation to live service would take two weeks and continuous improvement of the app would be any length of time, based on better quality assurance.

It is important to get a developer for both iOS and Android?

There are two ways to build apps for both iOS and Android. One is more conventional and more known to people, that is to hire a separate developer for both iOS and Android.

This will be costlier and requires more time for the app to be completed. The other solution, which is both fast and cost-effective is to hire a single developer with cross-platform mobile application development expertise.

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What is the roadmap for the project to be managed?

It’s the role of mobile application development companies to chalk out a road map for projects. This is possible when app companies explore the ideas and time required to build those features into the app.

Once the road map has been created and approved by the client, it needs to be strictly followed by the project manager.

What is the frequency to update the app?

A mobile app once released will have bugs that need to be fixed by the developer. The time required to fix bugs is not a lot, but when the client is looking to add future updates releases, it would require a lot more time and money to do that.

For an app, it’s important to avail of the services of mobile application development companies to ensure that its maintenance is properly managed. As the app becomes more famous, more features and more bug fixes are needed, which will be handled by the same developer who made it in the first place.

Are you interested to hire a professional mobile application development company in Singapore?

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