E-commerce and its importance in today’s time are imperative, many of us have been listening the same view over and over again. What this statement applies is that modern retailers, which are already engaged in selling their products through website e-commerce, must also, explore the mobile world by publishing their store in those pocket computers people call smartphones. A well organized, seamless user experience and beautiful design makes the e-commerce app existent and noticeable among the rest, which ask for substantial investment. The unshaken doubt still clouds the judgment for many retailers to actually create a mobile app for their shop, which already has coverage through the website. For those, who are not well internet literate, the first choice would be website shop always, but for our purpose, we are explaining the importance of mobile app for modern retail business.

Let’s learn some statistics from our usual friend Google. In 2016, a report is published by Google Storage apps suggested that over 58% of people were occupied through their mobile phones for e-commerce related activities such as compare products between different vendors, monitoring prices for goods, check new offers and discounts, read user reviews and eventually purchasing the product. Furthermore, the studies continue to unveil more information about the mobile phone users, which states that over 66% of mobile users have been engaged on purchasing a product through the mobile apps at least once a week or sometime more than one. Out of these statistics, there are remaining 36% of users what prefer shopping to the desktop, but Google has indefinitely proved the user behaviors before buying a product is that most users first visit their mobile phones and perform their research using it, afterward, they proceed with the desktop version for the final purchase.

the important concept behind these numbers for retail businesses is to utilize this window of people to use the mobile app for their e-commerce related activities. So what about creating a simple responsive and mobile friendly websites? The combo of HTML5 and CCS3 technology can cover all the requirements to make a website become mobile-screen friendly in a flash, which many times comes into the favor of vendors or retailers looking to go for alternative solutions regarding mobile phone coverage. Countless times, it has been suggested by experts who urge retail businesses to go for a mobile application if they want to get maximum benefits with a smartphone. Below are all necessary supporting points which supports and verify that why the mobile application is the way to go for covering all the e-commerce related services.

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Gain better Customer Loyalty

The main focus for any business is to gain customer loyalty. Once a customer is loyal to a brand, he will always buy it, no question asked. To help you gain the very trust, retailers go for their exclusive mobile apps. This statement is proven by a statistics report by Adobe, which states that about 66% users who are engaged in online shopping through their mobile apps are always in the lookout for products and purchase it using the mobile apps provided by their favorite company or brand. It has been observed that those brands which have a high density among online shoppers have a high definitive mobile with amazing user experience to achieve this very goal, immovable user loyalty. Hence, it’s important to encourage users to download the mobile app for your retail business by providing limited time discount or special products through their app purchase.

It is also important to understand a different kind of loyalty built by customers towards a certain business. There are two types of loyalty in general, Brand loyalty and Product loyalty. Product loyalty can only be built by providing stunning and quality products to your customers, which highlights your product name across the ocean of homogeneous products in the market. The second type of loyalty which is considered the most critical for a business to survive is brand loyalty. If a customer shops for the first time and buy any product, the positive result will make your brand prominent, through providing an excellent experience, uniqueness in your approach, real problem-solving attitude and customer-first tactics, all add up to provide a common goal, gain trust and loyalty for the brand.

Your mobile app provides all the necessary components which help to gain brand visibility. Once a user downloads an e-commerce mobile app into their mobile, 50% work has been completed. Now for other 50% of work involves in the user engagement. Simply the app icon also works as a marketing apparatus for your brand. The color combination, the logo, the music all these help built the brand recollection. Hence it is without a shredder of doubt, that mobile application for online retailers is really a loyalty builder strategy which must be utilized.

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Content load time is faster than the website

Customer hates slow websites. This is no longer a mysterious concept because online e-commerce existed because to provide convenience to the customers. And if a customer experience poor load speed time, high content load duration etc. the element of suitability diminishes and what’s left is the worst nightmare for the retail business, the loss of a customer. According to the report published by kissmetric, a renowned website statistics service, explains that the first 3 seconds is critical for a website to load, if a web page takes more time than 3 seconds to load, 40% of users will leave your website and go towards your competitors, this will increase your bounce rate which is considered through slow content loading speed. This is the reason; online retail stores are always to their toes to create a fast loading website which helps them to build user devotion and hardened user compliance which increases sales. The importance of the mobile application comes in when dealing with slow page speed. It is to understand that e-commerce website whether it’s in desktop or responsive, needs a continuous internet connection. The internet connectivity is the main cause for the content to face high load times or face other terrible issues such as the places where no internet is found, a website e-commerce is non-existent.

A mobile application is downloaded and installed into the mobile phone’s memory chip. All the data, component, screens are inside the device memory which means the app can be run whether a user is offline. The user activity such as price comparison, learn about the product, store in a cart, save product as a favorite, read user reviews are few of the actions a user can perform even without the internet is present. For content load speed, there is no better solution than a mobile app, because of the technological marvels, the fetch and display cycles are created in an astonishing manner, which only shows the product details with minimum among of data to be loaded, thus decreases the content load time and improve user engagement tenfold.

But it is also to take note that like user exercises no mercy for slow websites if an app is also slow inexperience, the user will show no hesitation to delete from their devices. The slow content load time must be a target for every online business whether it’s for desktop, laptops, tablets or mobiles.

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Increases user experience 

Due to the likelihood of mobile apps being installed into a device, the content load speed is bound to be reduced, which opens up various doors for app developers to reap benefits from. The mobile app is highly intuitive and generally more exclusively tuned based on the branding focus and experience it targets. As a retail e-commerce, the awe feel should be the main strength incorporating to your apps. Using captivating animations and app design which does require internet connectivity every time a customer uses the app will help the business to show their true potential and advancements in digital transformation. The mobile app flow and amazing navigation grips the user attention towards their e-commerce application.

Business can also include a strategy to further improve their market penetration regarding e-commerce mobile app, by integrating gamification. Many businesses are using the technique of gamification to promote their brand, educate the user for their products and eventually increase your sales. The important concept to remember is to make an app as much interactive and engaging for your users as you can, which helps to capitalize the proper attention of the customer using your e-commerce mobile app.

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User Engagement to the rise

Mobile apps live and breathe through your loyal customers. In fact, mobile apps are initially come into being in order to build loyalty towards your brand, which in return helps you to increase your market penetration through the same medium. So how does it work; User Engagement. The technology is blessed us with sharing mechanism to other platforms where there is more number of users waiting for any good offer just to come knocking. Through big social networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, the user can gain positive outreach if your business provides products which are more directed towards a specific group. Here, you loyal customer comes into action. Through utilizing your loyal clients, you can specifically point your target market through the proper channels.

Enabling sharing feature to your products, integrate social media linking, review and rating mechanisms are all part of user engagement, which will attract more users towards your app and improve the sales. For further capitalizing your loyal customers, you can provide some sweet benefits and discounts for them, once they share the app with their social circle.

Widen Future scope for Mobile development 

The future of online shopping is bright and vivid. Now it’s possible for people to purchase a product from another part of the world while sitting on their drawing rooms. This information exchanging through technology has accelerated in the past decades and there is only more of this online e-commerce in the future with better products categories and user experience. This e-commerce industry has already become a proven success for many businesses which were previously relying on the offline business or through desktop websites. With all these happenings, there is not a better time to develop a mobile application for your business than today.

Huge Market penetration for e-commerce 

To understand how e-commerce has changed the face of our shopping experience, statista has provided statistics report for all transactions made through e-commerce from the year 2010 – 2017 in the US alone. It was observed that in 2010, the total number of an online transaction executed in any form of e-commerce proceedings, about 1.8% was recorded in the US through mobile and desktop. In 2017, the number has reached 22.6% of transactions made through online using mobile apps alone. The desktop number is half of the mobile app transaction, which too has a mobile app in parallel operated to maximize their horizon more broaden. The growth rate for 2010 to 2017 has been steady with a multiplier of x2 or x3, which shows more promise into the future.

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Mobile apps preferred than the website

Mobile apps are the next technological breakthrough which is bound to increase. According to a statistics report by Flurry, suggests that over 90% of people who own a mobile device using apps. These apps could be of anything related to news, mobile games, social media or entertainment. For e-commerce exclusively, the same report states that over 79% of mobile user have at least one online retailer app installed into their device, out of these numbers, 10% of user have around 6 e-commerce apps installed.

Better marketing strategy 

An app especially builds for a retailer helps the business to properly monitor all the activity in much greater depth than websites. The high analytics performance helps the stakeholders to create a more targeted user experience, including features that drive conversions and also a customer to gain more brand trust in return. The main benefit for mobile apps is to have a more precise and personalized environment for the users to gain rewards such as increase recommendations for other users and a higher number of conversions.

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Access for Mobile-oriented components 

Any modern mobile device is consists of multiple onboard modules which has their benefits both natively and secondary applications. The e-commerce app is all about showcasing your products to your friends and family. Through the mobile camera, you can send the actual product and how does it feel like, if it’s a wearable. This feature would not be possible for websites so it’s fair to say that the mobile app has an upper hand when technology enthusiasts are using the app. Similarly, the mobile app can also record your voice into its system for various operations, such as voice recognition for navigation around the mobile application, save messages for businesses, or similarly chat with Google Assistant. If businesses have multiple stores across the city, the mobile app can assist the customers to navigate the nearest offline shop based on their current location through GPS geo-location tracking.

Push Notification

Push notification and the mobile app go in conjunction, so its fair to say that a mobile application’s true potential is only possible through a cohesive flow of push notification. Unlike an SMS message, push notification is cheaper. It’s stored inside the mobile app, so it’s very hard to ignore. Also, push notification doesn’t require an external database, such as store mobile numbers or other details. If an app is installed, the push notification will be subjected to that very mobile application whom it’s suggesting the entire message. As the technology broadens, push notification can also be used to provide a reply feature to the businesses, like, if you need to send a notification informing, to rate your mobile e-commerce, so the notification can assist you in this regard. Push notification is also better than email in such a way that there is no separate folder for spams when a push notification is concerned.

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Websites are important for modern retailers for their first time going live. It provides the information of how well do their products have gain receptions through an online community and what feedback has it gained. Website cost less and makes takes your businesses online, But that is not enough.

Developing a mobile application for e-commerce business provide more chances to increase your overall sales, revenues,  branding, marketing, customer loyalty, better bounce rate, effective user engagement, and a lot of other benefits. This is one domain of having mobile apps in terms of business growth. The other, which is more important is the business existence in the foreseeable future. Many experts have forecasts that increasingly acceptance rate for mobile apps shows the power of how mobile devices are engrossing into the lives of people, which on the other hand, makes the website a second class object. Mobile app for e-commerce should be considered indefinitely for old, new and upcoming business to encounter significance in their market share for both locally and internationally markets.


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