Mobile phones are within everyone’s reach, whether you are young, old, employee or a student, housewife or businessmen, smartphone have become a necessity in these modern times. The mobile phones have brought great marvels throughout its outset, in the form of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile apps. The industry touched by mobile apps is countless and still, we have only dipped our finger into the surface of the sea. There is always more room to explore and more area untapped by technology which is begging to be looked into. As for kids, mobile apps are transforming their lives in the number of ways, one of which is in the department of education.

Education is no doubt, is the central focus of any society, most importantly the primary education received by children. Most of the use millennial knows how education used to be when teachers and students were entirely depended on textbooks, lecture classes, the teacher provided materials and that’s it. If you missed a class, it’s irretrievable, there was no such thing as a class outline. Teachers were the mind hive for all the studies and lectures children received back in the early 2000s. After the inception of technology, PC and Mac made things efficient, but still missing something in general. Desktop computers back then were slow in speed and without internet for most schools, so they were characterized as a machine which runs Windows, or Mac.

After the mobile phones came into existence, the education industry and improvements it saw was out of the world. The lacking thing, which every teacher in the world faced back when things were historical is the biggest complaints from students that learning is boring. The exams were the big elephants and its learning was based on repetition basis, extra classes, detentions, special tutors and long hours of studies. With all the hard work by students and teachers, still, the fruit received was not as per the expectation. The entire fault which eventually points out to among teacher and students was the reality of studies and exams being dull, boring and dry. The mobile apps made it possible for teachers and students to make education interesting for everyone whether belonging to any grade. Not only the interesting part has been covered by the mobile app, but the education has become effective in learning. So it’s safe to say that mobile apps in education are a successful endeavor made by technology in general and digital transformation in particular.

Mobile developers are working in great zeal and assertions to create educational apps which restructure the teaching style which is both effective and attractive for students. The most important feature of any educational app is to be connected from the internet and which opens up great potential for students and teachers, such as students can learn anything from anywhere in the world, it can find a topic and learn about it from his preference of teachers and language. The educational mobile apps should be focused to provide all necessary features to the user which ultimately attracts more users. As mobile app works as an extension of their primary schooling, besides going to the school day or listening to lectures, mobile apps help students in a lot of way imaginable. The education industry has accepted the role of technology, especially mobile phones that they are an essential part of the learning mechanism. Each Schools, teachers, educational institutes, tutors, and homeschooling are gaining benefits through the use of mobile apps. To understand in details how a business or educational institute can benefit from an education app, we are going to explain some advantages which can pertain through mobile phone technology.

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Interactive education

Libraries made up institutions in the old ages, but in our modern age of today, the library is turning into a visual one, available anytime, anywhere just a click away. This is the one marvel provided to us through mobile apps. The interactive and fun way of learning has revolutionized education as we know it. Educational mobile apps provide features such as video tutorial, educational games, leveling learning, reward-based learning etc. are few of the amazing tactics used by educational apps. The learning these days have become a fun activity for people belong to any age group. The important thing is for providing interactive education is become a more visual education than imagination based one.

Learning available around the clock

24/7, 365 days can summaries up to the power of mobile apps which it provides to its users. For children, fixed time learning has shown little progress if a child is struggling for time management. The mobile apps are available anytime for a quick lecture recap or learning any new topic for today. Educational apps can ease up parents and students to take time for suggesting the best schedule for the students in which respective student can be more focused and concentrate on its students. Education being available round the clock can accommodate users to experiment themselves in suggesting a positive time for each.

Material available online

Books and learning materials if purchased from a shop or library have its disadvantages. As for maintaining, the books tend to get decayed, lost, takes up space and lost its importance if a newer edition hit the market. Not to mention, a physical book is made up of wooden, so environment-friendly is a concern. Mobile apps provide easy access, free of use and through a fast-paced eBook reader embedded into the app; the educational app can help the users to get learning materials in the form of books, booklets, or any other notes with a simple click of a button. No issue in terms of maintenance, space occupancy, high cost and most of all, environment-friendly. The education app can also replace the need for a library altogether since every book is available online and can be purchased through online stores.

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Through the help of mobile phones, education and learning are no more confined across classrooms, but available anywhere, anytime within the palm of our hands. There is seldom a moment when people go outside without their mobile phones since mobiles have become an integral part of our daily lives, we use it in the way of work, during lunch, when leaving office, after dinner and when we are ready to sleep. Mobile apps have become an undisputed companion for every tech-savvy user. For education-related attributes, mobile apps hold up as a highly convenient form of tool which can help the student to become an instant supporter whenever it required. A student can be engaged in challenging it selves to further improve into its concepts and test itself to grasp additional information with no earthly limitations.

Utilization of free time

Educational mobile app wins the innovative award of a lifetime (if there was such as award) as students can greatly benefit from the app by learning during their leisure time. In today times learning many skills in essential to move ahead and afar in the society, so it’s wise to prepare when the time is right. Unlike the traditional classroom education, books are your only companions during your free-time. But now, a digital teacher which resides into your pocket is available whenever you feel an urge to learn something. Wasting time is never a good practice, so if your mobile phones are being used as a learning medium, not only you as a student will benefit for all the well spend hours learning a new concept, but your parents will be proud your positive outlook into the world.

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Personalized education

Every student needs extra attention for their education and learning needs, and in our society, teachers are the only responsible actor which works hard to give their maximum concentration to each individual. But being practical, a teacher though as commendable they are doing their job, can never focus 100% on every student. It is understandable that the teacher is usually appointed to handle around 10-20 students during a session, which is almost impossible to entertain at a personal level. The individual-focused learning can only be achieved through technology, and what good example is there than an educational mobile app in the market? When a student uses a mobile app to its usage, only the mobile screen and student is engaged with the education session, so focused in ultimately achieved.

Parental education tracking 

Through the educational app, it is not the only student who gains advantages alone, but parents also benefit from it. Parents have the right to learn the progress of their children and track the progress for their schooling. This analysis will assist the parent to focus more on a certain topic and explore more options through technology to fill up the game. All this tracking can be achieved through the help of a mobile app, with user role as parent active.

Updates notification

Educational app is not just for learning, but they are also an extension for your extra activities, such as providing notification about school annual concert, sports event, upcoming sleeping bee, online booking for a field trip, online attendance, time lock for teachers and teacher to student chatting system.

Importance of teachers in educational apps  

In the App store and Play store, you will find many education mobile apps which feature all the elements for the self-based learning system. This has generally become a norm that educational apps are only focused for students, but forget about the most important aspect of the education system as a whole, an individual who understands student and speeds up the learning time for them, a Teacher. It is only fair to include such features into the app that helps and assist teachers from all around the world to participate and assist student in creating a real technological based era to emerge. Below are some important divisions which can be covered in an iterative educational mobile app when a teacher is included into the spectrum.

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Curriculum-based app

Educational apps should focus the latest curriculum followed by the educational institutions. This will assist students to learn the most updated course outline of their syllabus which will not only help them as a reviewing teaching material but assist teachers to understand in depth which concept a specific student is facing difficulty. It is the job of app development agency to keep the teachers in the loop during their development process so that proper curriculum may be included in the app.

Targeted learning

Objectives must be set by teachers for an educational app. The need for this concept is to include the experience of teachers and understand which part of the student is lacking in greater level, such as cognitive, motor skills, public speech etc. The teacher will point out the skillets and its the job of app developers to devise learning material that will eventually improve the targeted skills for the students.

Content provided by teachers

The teacher knows the balance of content, how student reacts by seeing a concept and which subject require additional emphasis to understand properly. It is the job of teachers to provide content for educational apps. This process will help students to learn the current information for which proper groundwork has been laid during the classroom session. The educational mobile app works more effectively as a supporting aid for the classroom, than a substitute to a school as a whole. The content provided by the teacher can be in the form of text, videos, audios, and other methods which are being used in the classrooms and not entirely out of the box examples which will only add up complication towards seamless education process.

Content as per student level

User personalization is best handled by mobile apps. This much has been understood, but there is another level of user-focused mechanism, which is currently out of technological influence. The external aid is the utmost necessity when a student of different cognitive ability is involved in education. Teacher understands each student in great detail due to their relevant experience cap, the content for each level of focus and concentration is different for people, which needs the specified content of that every student. As the teacher is responsible for providing content for the educational apps, app developers should include appropriate content which works in favor of various cognitive students.

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Variable Time for each subject

The only teacher is capable to distinguish between a hard and an easy subject or concept in a class, based on its experience. Since every student has their own speed of grasping proper knowledge about a specific topic, the time allocation for a certain topic to be completed should be variable. There shouldn’t be a fixed amount of time estimated for course completion. Although it a good business strategy to be as lucid as possible, but when dealing with students, it’s about their future education, which needs a second level of customization based on the teacher’s wisdom.

Proper Censorship for content

Teachers should be the one to decide the content for the app is further supported by the concern for regionalism for students. If the content provider is not properly educated about student believes, region, practices and norms, the content he provides may be used as hurtful and gets in negative perspective towards the masses. Being careful is teacher’s second nature, so it’s wise to let the teacher handle all the content insertion for the educational app for adequate censorship and respectable content published for everyone based on their region of existence.

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Types of educational apps

After understanding the benefits, and importance of teachers for an educational mobile app, let’s understand various types of educational apps which are currently being used and gained enormous popularity from the students and teachers alike.

– Training courses

– Apps for increasing level of knowledge for specific program

– Apps for learning a new language

– Specific learning apps such as vehicle driving test

– Educational apps for kids

– Skill-based apps for grownups

– Apps for reference such as dictionaries, encyclopedia

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Technology has already changed much of the world around us, and with mobile apps pouring out like a river; every industry is being benefited from it, while the education industry is no exception. The learning apps for tablets and mobile phones are gaining immersive popularity and helping students of various demographics to gain something from it.

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