App development has been going along in full swing for the past decade which has seen a tremendous increase in the number of apps published in the app store. The report published from statista points out the total number of app in December 2017 was around 3.5 million, and comparatively, the published app in January for the same year was 2.2 million. These numbers provide sufficient evidence that the mobile app is likely to stay indefinitely for a foreseeable future.

As the number of apps comprises of such intensity, the user has an enormous availability to choose various applications for them to work on. Any area covered by the app technology will only bring positive results into the lives of people. But with all the content available to use freely on app stores, some upsetting notion has been observed through various scenarios of app visibility and consequent downloads. Let’s have a quick overview of some statistics for disruptive consequences that mobile apps faced in these technologically advanced times.

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25% of the apps which are installed into the mobiles are not used at all.

51% of establishments take assistance from marketing agencies to include Return on Investment (ROI) and various engagements regarding marketing perspective.

– Over 90% of users are lost within first one month of the application installed in Android devices.

30% of users are intended to reuse an application if they are provided a discount, while 25% of users will return back to use an old mobile app for some bonus or exclusive content subjected upon.

Through the above statistics, it has been cleared that developing an application is not enough to make it successful, so it’s fair to say that the story just begins. The right amount of marketing is also important to make a certain app successful in the long run. Let’s understand how marketing has helped the app to get ahead of their competitors through the eyes of some successful app publishers and companies.


The marketing strategy used: Multi-channel Marketing redefined

Nature of app: UK based e-commerce store

Target to achieve

The use of Multi-channel marketing maneuver is targeted towards enterprises and connects them through customers using various direct and indirect communication routes. ARGOS has focused its direction on making their brand across the UK as the best online retail store. In order to achieve this objective, they have set various channels and mechanisms that will work in tandem to promote their manifest to the general public. This UK based enterprise uses about 14 different communication channels to promote their brand and were managed to successfully deliver a multi-channel marketing strategy. The end result brings a positive number in order fulfillment and subsequently increases their sales.

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About the marketing strategy adopted:

The multi-channel marketing is a name for user experience. Technically, this strategy is composed of a number of mobile-optimized websites or mobile applications for both Android and iOS. These apps work as pieces for the entire cake, meaning the user will shift to different app throughout the user experience from start to finish. The channeling between one app to another is called multi-channel strategy.

Final Outcome:

ARGOS was successfully managed to register over 440m visitors over a period of one year. Their multi-channel strategy provides with over 50% increases in sales. Among their total number of channels, the most popular one was check and reserve channel, through where the customer can check out a product and temporary reserve their products to the local store. The total sales from the internet using app and web were calculated for about 42%. Specifically for mobile app technology, the variants of iPad, iPhone and Android have managed to encounter 450,000, 2.5 million and 650,000 downloads in just one year.


The marketing strategy used: A user-friendly application that manages to exceed user expectations

Nature of app: the UK second largest supermarket with over 500 stores

Target to achieve

ASDA, an extremely known brand name in grocery shopping wanted to come in spades through their mobile app. They were looking to increase their sales and profits through a seamless app focused on home-based delivery, especially for home delivery groceries.

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About the marketing strategy adopted:

Through an in-depth survey and user feedback, ASDA has learned that customer are looking for a friendly, hassle free and quick way to buy groceries using the mobile app. To cater to this objective, ASDA has incorporated a bar-code scanner, receipt reader, store locator, and budget setter features into the app for increasing the benefits for a household user.

Final Outcome:

Their mobile app has topped every initial expectation of ASDA. Over 90% of shopping was encountered through mobile app delivery. In comparing from the desktop website, the mobile app has seen around 1.9 times increase. Many app users become repeated users and thus increased their loyalty and longevity for their marketing campaign.


The marketing strategy used: Use of Instagram the correct way

Nature of app: Considered a top grossing mobile game developed by PopCap games.

Target to achieve

It is considered one of the best marketing case studies which used the correct way of using social media. The only objective for their brand is to create a campaign, particularly with Instagram using #shinyplace hashtag. The real cause of this strategy is to help increase the user base, brand identity, positive engagement, and direct users to download their game.

About the marketing strategy adopted:

The strategy used by a game development company to promote their product is to get famous Instagram celebrity on-board, known as Instagrammers. These celebrities posted their pictures in their Instagram profile playing their game and writing good reviews about it with hashtag #shinyplace.

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Final Outcome:

Once the campaign peeked its course, the after the game was launched, Bejeweled ranked on US top gaming charts in iOS App Store with over 502 places, i.e. from 702 positions to 182 positions. It also increases its position in US top grossing app in the iOS category to 135 ranks from 454 positions.

Cumberland Farms

The marketing strategy used: Saying goodbye to paperwork

Nature of app: A giant retail company which comprises over 500 stores and gas station worldwide.

Target to achieve

The company had a total number of employees of over 6,000 worldwide. Managing the paperwork and having a timely record was almost impossible to oversee. Not just management restraints but the extra cost for up keeping and operational expenditures to procure paper needs to be cut off as well.

About the marketing strategy adopted:

A company-wide mobile app was launched with the title of Cumberland farms aimed to eradicate the use of paper from their day to day work. The app consists of many forms like Part requests form, form for Inventory Parts, Guest experience form and a lot more.

Final Outcome:

The company made huge savings from cutting down paper cost, of over $11,000 per year. The app manages to provide around 145,000 digital reports in a timely manner, which is well organized and easily manageable.  The company was successful in getting a full return on investment in just 6 months after publishing their mobile app to their solution team. The productivity has reached over $400,000 after the ROI was achieved, thus making a successful product specifically for employees.

Janssen (Psoriasis 360)

The marketing strategy used: Improving patients through digitization

Nature of app: Developed by Belgium origin Pharmaceutical Company

Target to achieve

This app is published with the intention to provide information about psoriasis and what affects does it have over your body. The app is very precisely and user-friendly manner all implication about the psoriasis condition. Also, the mobile app provides a clear line between home-based caring and when to seek professional help regarding psoriasis.

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About the marketing strategy adopted:

The company launched the mobile app to deliver all information and educated people about psoriasis in detail. Janssen (Psoriasis 360) was equipped with an index feedback from users, which help doctors to properly diagnose Psoriasis patient. The company also created a Facebook page to create an additional awareness about Psoriasis and their mobile app assistance for this regards. A sharing system through the mobile app and Facebook was formed for users to upload and share stories about their Psoriasis’s recovery journey.

Final Outcome:

The Facebook page saw over 30,000 numbers of comments and posts from their patients. Also, the mobile app over-achieved the ROI made on it. The company states that the patient felt relieved using the app as recovery from Psoriasis is considered to be a daunting period which requires a lot of positive attitudes and external help from the community. The app made it possible to provide assistance to patients at the right time with positive results; hence the company was pleased with the mobile app performance.


The marketing strategy used: App that provides more than just Food

Nature of app: Five-star hotel with over 4000 properties across 80 countries.

Target to achieve

Marriott was looking to promote their newly created steakhouse restaurant called Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar. They explore various feasibilities and adequate actions carried out through their mobile app.

About the marketing strategy adopted:

The five-star extravagant published their mobile app which features all information there is regarding steak and gin to their users. Through the app, the user can access information, book a table in advance and communicate with the restaurant’s staff for any concerns. The app also provides special discounted rates and exclusive specialties to their user which updates in real time within the mobile application.

Final Outcome:

The result was very positive for Marriott establishment, that was able to see over 1500 downloads in over 60 countries. The app statistics also reveals that user had over 27,000 screen views in total. A staggering 60% of user returned to the app and stayed for over 11 screens on average while navigating the mobile app, which shows a good response rate for this digital transformation.


The marketing strategy used:  Late-night restaurant locator

Nature of app: Internationally acclaimed Fast Food chain

Target to achieve

This app helps the users to find late opened McDonald’s stores using a store locator app.

About the marketing strategy adopted:

Targeting the customers in the right time and to the right direction, McDonald’s manage to provide a sophisticated location-based location finder which provides accurate navigation feature to find nearest McDonald joint without any hassle. The app is featured with an in-app instant messaging system that assists and reassures the late-nighters to easily join their last bite of the day at nearest McDonald.

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Final Outcome:

This campaign of late night visit increase ROI for 2:1 and created a new market for people that like to hike during late hours for the final bite and drink.

Providence Anesthesiology Associates (PAA)

The marketing strategy used:  Intuitive App for Anesthesiologist 

Nature of app: A group of 60 US origin anesthesiologist at 19 different location with one objective in mind, to help patients.

Target to achieve

These US-based 60 anesthesiologist located at 16 locations looking to assist 100,000 patients yearly with gradually increase in numbers.

About the marketing strategy adopted:

Through the app, medical professionals can operate the mobile app using a comprehensive dashboard, which laid out all the available additional resource inside clinics and dispensaries across the established location. By simply creating a request for items and hardware for any clinics, it can be delivered on the respective location, thus increases the level of collaboration among different teams and locations through technology.

Final Outcome:

The app encompassed detailed information about suggested patient’s history and other related documents. The procurement of documents through the app can be published to the cloud storage for internet accessibility across other end-points, but for local database, the app was capable to store private and confidential information locally. This app was such a huge success as it increases the product and ready availability of information through the app. This app is now being used across all FAA physicians.


Before exploring the marketing strategies adopted by StarBucks, it is to understand that Starbucks had created a real landmark of how an app can be used to promote your brand successfully. We will learn in detail about all the method adopted by Starbucks which can also assist other brands with similar results.

– Providing Special offer

The company acknowledged the importance of free stuff and other special incentives for their users like discount rates, birthday presents, coupons for repeated users etc. To provide the benefit to the users, Starbucks had reformed their structure by providing complimentary drinks if obtained by mobile app.

– Loyalty programs

The data gathered by the mobile app has the ability to store the purchase history for a user. The user gathers enough stars on each visit to the beverage shop. Once sufficient amount of stars were collected, the user can redeem them for additional prize or incentive. This creates huge favor for repeated buyers and receives an increase of loyalty in return.

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– Importance of Messaging

In-app messaging can go a long way if integrated into a mobile app. The user can participate in various survey reports and feedback campaigns in order to gain stars and other incentives.

– Online Payment flexibility

Using the technology of mobile order and pay helps the user to provide an advance payment for their beverages which can save them some time during morning rush hours. It has been observed that Mobile Order and Pay is seen an increase in usage which can provide more benefits for other services and business if used this service with their mobile app.

– Personalization

Starbucks has integrated various features in their mobile app to further benefit the end users and prompt them to use Starbucks repeatedly. Using the same concept, the app has added an additional feature for an integrated playlist within the app. Through this playlist, the user can store the songs being played inside the restaurant, for later use.


The case studies from the different business are considered a great way to understand the industry approved methodologies for any advancement, more especially in digital transformation. To have an amazing digital consultancy about how to proceed with your groundbreaking idea and future implications before investing it, there are always great possibilities a mobile app can handle.


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