Mobile apps evolved into such extends that people’s lives are almost depended into it. They make people lives more convenient, more manageable above all; most mobile apps are free, so trying them out without any reservation is top in our list. In today’s time, businesses and IT sector emphasize people to avail the wonder of mobile technology to improve one’s lives in many areas. One of the areas, where we will talk in details is related to event and conference mobile app, and how they are changing the perception of the event management sector upside down.

If you are little being aware of mobile app technology and the mechanics behind it, you can come up with any type of solution on your own. The main ingredient is the feature of the Internet with added benefit from social network integrations can ease up all the problems you are looking to fix through a mobile app. Event mobile apps come in different sizes and form. You can find an event app from managing Wedding ceremonies to setting up the large-scale election and goes down to organize your granny’s 100th birthday. Mobile apps with the help of internet connectivity, people are interconnected with each other, so calling them out for some event is not that hard a deal right? Well, of course, it’s not that simple as it sounds, but in this article, we are planning to give you in-depth insight about the technologies used in the event or conference organizing apps and how we can come up with a new set of development scheme using it. Before going further, it’s important to shed some light into the smartphones as a whole and how did the app development culture has paved ways into our modern society.

By investigating and discussing other event app businesses, they provide us with some statistics through their own mobile applications. Cumulatively, 91% have observed a successful return on investment after publishing any event or conference based mobile app into the market. Most of the event organizers are holding an event before the mobile app even existed, so according to the old school event managers, 60% of the organizers has seen an increasing amount of attendees through implementing mobile app.

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The above statistics is good information if you are an event organizer or business looking to invest in it. If you are a user, there are more report generated through surveys and feedback received directly from attendees. The user has acknowledged the use of Information Communication Technology in the event or conference department. On group has observed that over 60% of users are welcoming the event-based mobile app and they are continuously being connected throughout the event using their mobile apps. While around 80% of people have made event app as a greatly necessary component for every event organizers.

App store, in particular, has iterated their policy for publishing apps in their marketplace, that from now onwards, they will reject any template made an app which is equipped with pre-existing elements, all too identical from the existing apps already existing into the app store. To refrain and minimize the identical dilemma from the app stores, the Apple more specifically is suggesting the app developers create a tailor-made application out of components from iOS provided native components. This practice will firstly create more chance to get approval from the app store, also for event or conference related industries, it will feel more natural to the user to use the mobile applications and that benefits from it. Let’s take a look at all the important features that an event or conference app must provide to their customers.

Top Featured in Event or conference management app

Building any mobile app in general, a developer should keep one important view in mind, is to list down all the features which will be implemented into the app. As for event management app, the features are usually similar to one app to another app, and there is a reason for it. If you come up with an entirely new feature oriented app, that never been down before, you have a 90% chance that people will abandon your app due to complexity. Users who will be your customers are the one who has already used one of the event apps or in other words, your competitors. All those features that other apps show if are similar more or less will reduce the alienation towards the customer in order to understand the how does the app work. Let’s start with pointing out all the common features that are labelled as ‘must-have’ if you are going to develop an event management app.

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4 important questions to ask

For all those startup and businesses thinking about diversifying into an event organizing app, there are 4 important questions that the app could have the ability to answer to their customers, otherwise, your app would quickly lose its worth and will be considered as an incomplete mobile app. Those four questions are below:

– What the event is about?

– Where is it taking place?

– When the event is scheduled?

– Who will show up?

Of course, the question would not be as straightforward, but this is the main crux of the application. Any event management app must provide solutions to these queries in the most simplified, well-formed manner. In order to explain in a more practical form, an app has about 3 features to cover these questions and making your app more beneficial, they are scheduled, program info and a map. Let’s understand in details about how a mobile app for event organizing can use all these features and what benefits lies inside it for users.


This feature is the most advanced among all the rest, but also single most important for an event or conference app. Every app developer must include schedule function otherwise; we don’t like customers coming to the avenue a day after the event now do us? Have you ever observed an invitation card for any festival, especially when kids received from their school for any school-organized function? The schedule we are accustomed in invitation cards follows a standard format with time, name of activity and place. The app, on the other hand, uses a similar approach but with a little bit pinch of modernization. In order to list them out, there are 2 possibilities for scheduling in an event app.

– If the event has single activity with start/end timing, the schedule canvas must show details will remaining into a single page with no additional screen need.

– For events which have multiple activities while remaining in an event, the schedule must be displayed in a form of a list, separated by a margin and goes down from early to finish. The activity element block is clickable to show details in a separate page, thus making a more robust system out of a mobile app.

The schedule provided by your app is fixed with no change or edited made by any user, except the event organizer, so for the user, you must provide flexibility to add an external calendar system for users in order to save dates and time for the event, such as Google calendar or Facebook calendar. To add some cool UI features into the schedule function, you can add a countdown timer which shows how much time is remaining for the event to take place.

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Program info

In order to promote your event and display showmanship about the organization, there’s a feature which plays a vital role to make up users mind to participate in the event. The feature we are going to talk about is called Program info. This section is what it called, detail screen for an event. All the essential information about the event, like something interesting, that will educate the user about the event, about the host, organizers, cool interesting content, images, videos etc. This section fills up the need for what the event is about? If you are thinking that the detail page must show every possible detail to the user and fill up as much of mobile space as you can, well you are in the wrong. The mobile app is already a compressed form if the detail is bombardment to the user; he may not have the strength, either the will to physically reach the event. You’re the event details with few sentences may be sufficient to provide information that will help the customer to remember about the event or about its dynamics will help the user to fully get accustomed with the event organization app quickly.


This feature is self-explanatory, and comprises of a Google Map, use to pinpoint the location of the event or conference being held. This feature uses the technology of geo-location and GPS to track down a location for you and your destination. Here are a few ways you can implement the Geo-location capabilities into the event management app.

– For large avenues, the map can show multiple markers with details about the activity and scheduled time, making it a one-stop shop to check your location, the event activity and time.

– The map can use a live tracking system and help you to show the number of attendees based on their location to count as a unique presence.

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It is necessary for any event organizing mobile app to provide two things to their users; be educational and be interesting. Every feature should be used that fulfill these two properties throughout the event management app. The newsfeed is an amazing feature which not only provides information to the users but gets them entertained by providing them about all the latest happenings in the world of event organizers. Newsfeed feature is also used for announcements by the event handlers for any latest changes in the event schedule.

Event organizers can post videos, interviews, articles and other such materials about the event or nature of the program in order to create hype among the potential visitors. To making things more interesting, an option must be integrated into the app through which user is able to upload their own content and has the ability to share among the community as per enclosed groups of the event, making a stronger connection between the participants and event organizers.

Match Making

The event is about interaction, so if your app is missing a strong element about inter-connection between attendees, organizers, guests or audience, the event app has lost its importance. In order to support the similar concept, event matchmaking works like a similar speed dating app, which finds a user based on your preferences, but for the event-related purpose, the app will be used to search for attendees, and through the app, the user can have a chat and make the connection.

The similarity between the user helps the event to gain popularity, more audience and in the end, a satisfying event organized a best. The user can be engaged with voice calls, chats through Instant Messaging (IM), sharing images or videos to one another and save the contact into their contact list. This feature will surely improve the success rate for the event and put love life into the audience relationship with each other, which is the real essence of any event or conference.

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Presenter List

For a conference app, this is an essential feature which app developer should include. Speaker or Presenter List is a navigational list which simply shows the speaker’s image, name, and social media contact info. Once clicked any list item, the speaker detail information opens up from where the user can learn about the education, background, experience, and interests of a speaker. The important thing to consider for speaker list is to design an attractive, pretty and appealing design for the list.

Ticket Booking  

Events or concerts, in general, require tickets, which is conventionally bought through an offline vendor of any sort. That being said, the event mobile app has all technical support to retain the feature for ticket booking function, which is more robust in nature and most importantly, greatly helps the customers as to become a convenience for their event booking needs. It’s the job of event organizers to create a different type of ticket types, especially for the concert, such as gold, silver, premium tickets, or for seat booking, they can book while for their home, the seat of their own choice. The app has the ability to register the booked seat and show as occupied for other users who are looking to book tickets all in real time.

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Customer support

Where there are people involved, some trouble will eventually rise, and as an event organizer and a promoter of digital transformation, it’s important to hear what the user have to say or ask. It’s a job for customer support team to hold responsible for queries generated by the users and it’s also important to solve them at the earliest. Long gone are the days when hotlines or call numbers used to be the next big thing, but as the app technology has provided with amazing pieces of support using SDKs, chatting with clients while remaining in the app would not only help user to get their query answered, but also promote your event to other visitors in a good name of customer support.

Push notification

Every successful app has one feature in common, push notification. There is absolutely no doubt about the importance of mobile app to be only possible through the effective use of push notification. In case of our event management, through notification user could get updates regarding his upcoming event schedule, latest news, and a recent message from in-app chat, custom reminders, and other event triggered features.

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Mobile app development has been into the mix for quite some time, apps of various nature are published every day, but the most important thing for every entrepreneur is to make his product a success, that’s why, it’s important to follow best practices and guidelines, than to make something out of the blue and add risk into the combination. To overview our recommendations about developing an event-based mobile app, consider 4 points at all cost to ensure a systematic and pleasant mobile app for your customers.

– Customize the app round the event on hand

–  Make suitable research

– Take importance to interactivity and user engagement

– Brainstorm persistently

The custom app development is the way to go for developing event or conference mobile app, more importantly, using the iOS platform, since its being more popular and well-tuned, Android OS could also be developed to increase your market share. To make things more economical for businesses, developing a hybrid app leads to more benefits than disadvantages, as it can be used for iOS and Android right of single code file with a minimum time frame for development and other additional cost involvements.

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