The mobile app development business is very large and tends to grow by each moment. In the year 2017, Apple managed to circulate around $10 billion devices while Android managed to deliver $1 billion worth of devices. According to a report, it is evaluated that the mobile app industry is anticipated to grow over $70 billion by 2018. Just like the dot-com boom which occurred in the last 90s, app development era is in its top swing and those people who managed to adopt the mobile app development in the early stages are living a reasonable life.

For those people, who were unable to manage their grip in the mobile app industry, are looking to enter to this domain by making a shift in their careers or by self-learning the mobile app development in order to become a skilled app developer. People who are thinking to enter into the market has a great opportunity to learn this highly lucrative app development market as the industry has yet to give a lot of amazing mobile apps and ideas to solve basic problems.

There is always the option at your disposal to head back to college and learn Computer Science degree, still, it is the most expensive option and requires a lot of time and patience. Since you are looking to develop mobile apps, it suffices to gain the necessary skills used to make mobile apps such as programming languages, mobile app development frameworks, and tools to develop these mobile apps.

Brush up your basics

If you are an absolute beginner and wanted to dive into the app development industry, it’s preferred to take some short courses that will help you to understand the basics of how a computer works and elementary Object-Oriented concepts. There are many materials available around the internet such as YouTube videos and short explanatory blogs, but out of all, the best way to get a suitable knowledge is to register you in MOOC(Massive Online Open Courses) websites like edX, Coursera, Lynda or Udemy(our personal favourite).

After getting a taste of some programming concepts, it’s acceptable to start your adventure of learning mobile app development right away. The key point to remember is to practice what you learn. This is the only way to gain practical knowledge of the app development since programming language is all about practicality.

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Begin your app development skills

It’s always a good practice to understand the market before selecting your desired course to learn. In the market, there are two types of OS(operating systems) that run on mobile devices, iOS and Android. Both of these OS has different domains such as different device, different programming language, different mobile app market etc. So you can select any one of them and start your app development journey, although there no stopping you to gain both OS knowledge together and develop for both OS, though it is something not common in app development world.


Developing mobile apps for iOS requires gaining an understanding of Objective-C or Swift. Still Swift is generally new than Objective-C, which was released in 2014, so the next question that comes into your mind is to learn Objective-C or Swift. To have a broad understanding, Objective-C is the primitive language for iOS apps and while swift improved the design limitations of Objective-C. So in order to answer the question as to whether go with Objective-C or Swift, if you are looking for developing a personal project in order just to publish it to the app store, it’s better to learn Swift. For people who are interested in working for an app development company it’s preferred to learn Objective-C then learn swift C. Reason behind this concept work on some dedicated problems which uses all your skills to solve, so it may be possible to use Objective-C as well.

Some good material for learning iOS thought online courses are below:
– Code School
– Udemy
– Treehouse

Do understand that for developing iOS mobile apps, you need a Mac to test the apps, therefore, an apple device is necessary. It is pretty straightforward that iOS app development requires expensive hardware to start working on, but it’s comforting to know that iOS app are generally tends to earn more in the market than other OS.

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Those people who show interest on making mobile apps using Android OS, there is a hard fact that need to be considered before starting Android journey, that there are a lot of Android devices out there in the market which makes things complicated a little. But if you are included in making apps for a wide variety of Android devices and take this opportunity as a chance, you will easily overcome this difficulty.

Android OS uses Java programming language. To understand concepts of Java, it’s important to learn some before jumping into Android. Below are some content which will help you understand Java language:

Once you are all set with the Java programming language, it’s safe to learn Android OS. The good thing about android is that there is a lot of learning material available free of cost. Below are some content to start your Android learning.
– Udacity
– Coursera


Once you gain the necessary concepts and knowledge on making mobile apps, you can start your exploration as the app development ninja. But do understand that mobile app development isn’t everything about programming. Learning how to code is the stepping stone for developing mobile apps. Your next step is to learn the best coding practices, improving your code and write it clean. Also marketing and monetising from your mobile app is another part of app development which needs to be taken into consideration.

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