“Commerce changes fate and genius of nations”, said by a British historian long time ago. This implies that if a society is engaged in more commerce, the better reward we will receive. As the modernization came into being, we have seen a tremendous advancement in the commerce industry which is getting better every day. The use of technology has propagated online shopping to its climax and continues to follow this trend. Many buyers are enjoying this mode of commerce since it provides a vast variety of deals and options to choose from, meanwhile, the sellers are happy to widen up their horizon by applying to new platforms to increase their sales. Somehow, it’s accurate to consider E-commerce a success in our modern times, but there is always room for improvement. Today, we will discuss E-commerce UI/UX and how to make the online shopping experience for your user much better.

E-commerce is primarily used for business activity through online channels either in the form of service, goods or other trade. The use of technology and the internet has made it possible to fully realize the potential for Commerce through this approach. The full cycle of exchanging between the buyer and the seller is being covered in great fulfillment using technology which features operations such as payments, delivery, and refunds. E-commerce apps for mobile have opened up a new perception of commerce which is both reliable and secure.

E-commerce today has ingrained into our everyday lives that haven’t been done before. Not specific for just e-commerce for goods, this technological breakthrough has been covered in varied of areas of services for both business to business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C). The services presented today by E-commerce has been existed in booking of services, online banking, commercial or e-wallet services, an assorted form of e-marketing and another part of the business has been covered through the assistance of technology.

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Importance of Design in E-commerce

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos emphasis on good Designs, that it generates word of mouth marketing for your product. Although, the overall success of an e-commerce product depends on other factors as well such as:

– The quality of service or product being offered

– The content which used as a present for your products and services to offer

– The design quality for your platform, apps or web, through which your sales will be accompanied.

It is quite obvious to conclude that UI/UX play a significant role to make your product successful. The elements which are crucial for e-commerce platform where UX/UI is involved is logic and transition behind microtransactions, swift feedback system to provide information to the user, engaging product display and seamless payment process is among the top priorities for a successful UI/UX in an E-commerce platform. It’s entirely up to the development team to invest as much as possible in these areas to make it prominent among the competitors at the same time increase your business profits to greater lengths.

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Business overview: promotion and branding

Every business works on a concept and idea on which their product is based on, whether you are providing retail clothes for children or food that taste good, the idea is always there. A mobile application or a website, both should maintain the same level of concept through its content creation. So it’s important to understand the business identity before design any screen. Below are some important components which should be considered before the commencing designing phase:

– Product’s Unique Selling Point

Identifying your product main focus and underlying layout on which your product will depend upon should be of prime importance. This method will not only supply ample among of discrimination against your competitors but also help you to grow your branding performance.

– Identify your target audience

It goes without says that it is important to know who are your buyers are. This strategy will help you to customize your e-commerce designer while visualizing from the eyes of your target audience. You should learn about their country of origin, level of internet literacy, their age and gender, level of trust in online shopping, possible issues they are facing in the real world and their wishes etc are some of the aspects each buyer will be carrying with him or herself when they visit our e-commerce platform. Your designs will show them how accurately you have done your homework on analyzing your target audience which can become a major achievement for your buyers to ultimately create leads and purchases.

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– Articulation of your Brand

Brands, generally speaking, carry a particular tone and voice inside them, which is exposed through their design. A business or entrepreneur before developing an e-commerce platform need to ask them self how open will your brand be towards your buyers? What will be the prime focus and aspiration which it’s going to showcase? Is it going to be bold and brave or silent and sophisticated? Whether it’s for entitled to everyone, or to a specific group of people? Does it have any adversary behavior or just a plain looking fanciness? Indeed, all these questions are somewhat far away from business-related discussions like profit and sales, reports and assignment, but it does help the business to further strengthening the branding prowess too much extent. Your designs will true exerts your branding voice and tone into actual content, which will be a definitive factor for your brands overall logic.

– Evaluation of marketing strategies

Its impossible to completely cover up every sales channel and marketing platform at your disposal before the final launch, but planning ahead in time is indispensable. It is essential for a brand to first and foremost understand the marketing channels where your designer can play a part in the promotion and strengthening your brand. The comprehensive strategy should be placed to cater all the requirements for promoting and marketing your e-commerce platform with suitable schemes such as landing page, intro videos, banners, newsletter, poster and other attracting components which would generate substantial lead towards your brand.

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– Nature of Business affinity

A business relationship among their buyers can be categorized into 3 types: It can lead to B2B, B2C or C2C. Your e-commerce platform content creation and design should follow the correct relationship and association among your fellow buyers or sellers accordingly.

– The business aesthetics

It’s important to understand the environment under which your users will be subjected to use your app. It may be inside a gym working out or comfortably relaxing outside hotel balcony during their vacation, analyzing the nature of surrounding of your target audience will assist them to get quickly accustomed with your e-commerce app. It’s the job of your designer to choose correct color pallets, typography, images, borderlines and animation designated for the correct location in the correct moment of time, in order to increase the preference of your desired customers.

Through understanding all the above points, it’s come into the realization that why it’s so important to gather ideas along with your designer and marketing team present during discussion sessions? For times when you are outsourcing your project, it’s important to ask as much time as possible about all these aspects to fully understand the basis of your brand exposure. Most of the time, when the idea is just floating in thin air and its develop commences, the number of revisions during the project life cycle increase and sequentially creates troubles into the series of developments.

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UX Overview

Stakeholders and entrepreneurs are more interested when users become a loyal buyer for their business. The experience while visiting the mobile app makes the difference for people to show how well your e-commerce platform formed truly is. This recurrence is the only criteria for your business to grow its profits and increase its market share. The domain of UX always remains a stimulating area for the designer as there is always room for innovation and modernization to adopt. Despite all the complexity contained in this area, the concept remains simple and clear; is to enable people to use your e-commerce app and purchase the products displayed on it.

Without a doubt, UX is the single most critical element for user retention. Basically, there are 4 aspects if UX which needs to be fulfilled to create an amazing e-commerce experience.

– Utility

It is the essence of your product or service, its type, and nature, which always plays an integral part for overall user retention.

– Usability

Your e-commerce app should incorporate all necessary precautions to reduce your user’s time spent on your app while successfully able to make a purchase. Make sure there are few checks towards the product final checkout page and avoid those practices which would add frustration towards users. Your system must be user-friendly and equipped with a feedback mechanism which will further help you to mold up your e-commerce platform more error free.


Your mobile app should provide readability and convenience to the people of all age, culture, and nationality. There should be the selection of those color pallets which are considered to be visible by people with disorders. Your text must also be rearranged with adequate font and typography to become easily readable to the masses.

– Desirability

Your app experience must encompass user-friendly and brilliant UX which would attract people to use your app in numbers and allure your re-visitors to come back again.

After discussing fundamental components for UX, it’s also worth mentioning the heavy lifting of actual process that is essential for the ultimate UX experience. Below are some essential to-dos in the UX department.

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Flawless Navigation

Often it is observed that designers tend to focus much on creating beautiful designs and aesthetic content for your e-commerce app, which includes products images of high quality, truly colorful screen, and customization typography and headings. This all hard work will be of no value if a user hasn’t made a successful purchase, thus making your product a failure and putting your stakeholders in a loss. The most important thing is and will only remain user navigation towards the cart page. Every aspect of your application must be focused to carry this objective, create an as intuitive design which assists and tempt the user to just hit that checkout button as soon as possible, this is the true essence of a successful UX for the e-commerce platform. Below are few concepts which should be cleared for the user, thus assisting him to make his mind more firms for the final purchase?

– What type of company is the user interacting with?

– What is the current page user is navigating in?

– Where is the menu located?

– How to navigate back to the homepage or product catalog?

– How to search a product and is there a result filter?

– How much time does page take to load?

– How a detail item page is designed and accessed?

– How to select variation for the same item (color, size)

– How to make a purchase for the product?

– How they can save the item to get back to it later?

– How to contact the seller?

– How to check the review section of former buyers?

The user is now more brutal in choosing the correct e-commerce app for them. If an application is unsuccessful in providing any of the above features or had created some minor delay between two features, your user will look show no mercy. The only purpose for e-commerce to exist in the first place is to provide a convenience for your users against going to the actual store, so your app should always consider the main criteria in mind on devising strategies for UX.

Sales channeling

Also known as purchase funneling which is considered as a technique used to navigate your user by showing different content, pages, and keep him involved throughout from the moment he selected a product. This method is all about persuading to the user to ultimately make a purchase. The in-line process which is presented between start to finish holds a greater impact to make up the users mind. Following are the processes that many sales funneling follow systematically:

– Intro

The user learns about a product, its title, and initial description, how does it look and what is its cost. Simply, this step is only to let the user know that product is available in the e-commerce platform.

–  Education

Next, the user is delving into learning more about a product, through a detailed description of the products, such as the nature of the product, how it can benefit the user and importance in their lives.

– Analysis

The user can compare the product from other selling platforms to understand the highlighted properties for this product against other products that lie in the same category and are available into their competitor’s platform.

– Engagement

Once the user starts to make his/her mind about a purchase but lacks the confidence to make his way towards the cart, a certain amount of push is required to help your user gain trust level on your e-commerce app. Activities and engagement which layout the process of product purchase or a highlighted call to action functionalities are few of the strategy commonly used by various e-commerce platform.

– Purchase

Once the user is confident enough and made up his mind, he will proceed to the checkout screen and sale is completed. There should be a thank you screen at the end which provides a sense of accomplishment and positive vibe that purchase was a right choice to make.

– Repeat and retention

E-commerce app must provide a friendly reviewing system about the product and feedback system for the entire app, which would not only help the user to get in touch with the clients, sellers, and contacts but also help to regain trust and user loyalty, which is the essence of sales and profit in any industry.

Generally, sales funneling is all about awareness and educating end users of how things work in a particular e-commerce application. It is the job for website, app or a social media platform to keep a steady approach in properly guiding the user at every step and making things as clear as possible to increase the trust and regain confidence to use the e-commerce app.

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Efficient display of items

Overwhelming information on each screen confuses the user and would distract him from the intended objective about the e-commerce app, which is to make a sale. It is the job of a designer to investigate what does their target audience looks for in a peculiar product, the balance of information on each screen and easy transition from one screen to another can clear up ample about of clutter from the app. The information overload, though how much important it is for the user, should not be placed abruptly. There should be a leveling of information from most necessary to detailed information, buffered by a transitional overlapping element, to show or hide the information on human intervention.

Final verdict

E-commerce platform has enjoyed a lot of coverage in the recent decade and its popularity is bound to rise in the coming years. But, due to abundant of different e-commerce application in the market, it is mandatory for the designers, stakeholders, and entrepreneur to invest on initial data gathering about their target audience and create a service-centric application design which will compel the users to obtain great results and eventually make a healthy profit at the end.

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