Mobile app development has been creating convenience in our every day lives, whether we notice it or not.

Where we book a flight, a cab or even buying groceries, we tend to lean towards utilising mobile technologies. 

It has become a habit of our lives.

With this data in mind, businesses can exponentially benefit from this shift.

A mobile app can:

  1. Generate more revenue for your business by introducing a new stream for your business
  2. Improve customer satisfaction by communicating and engaging with the customer
  3. Automate business process among the company including data transfer and communication
  4. Improve branding for the business by providing an opportunity for mobile marketing

At some point in time, most people have wished for a similar thing, “I wished that there was an app that can…”.

However, many people get intimidated about building a mobile app for their business or startup.

They might also be unsure about the steps they need to take the bring the app to market.

Here, we will document the steps needed for a non-developer to get an app running in the market.

We have broken down the process of developing an app into 4 main steps:

  • Defining and Firming the idea
  • Approaching and Selecting an App Developer
  • Starting the Project and Making Sure You Are On Track
  • Going for Launch

Defining and Firming the Idea

After you have identified a problem that you are looking to solve, we can use design thinking to come up with ideas. Jot down as many ideas as possible that is able to solve the problem.

Come up with Many Solutions

This is up to your creativity to derive these solutions. 

THINK OUT OF THE BOX and jot down as many ideas as possible, no matter how ridiculous it might sound. This will help you spark some innovative yet practical solutions!

You would have ended up with a list of solutions that can solve your problem.

Choosing the Solution to Develop

Choosing which solution is the best for your company will be challenging. How do we define which solution to choose? 

There is no right or wrong answer in selecting the best solution for your company.

We just have to ask ourselves which solution will be the best to pursue considering practicality and the efforts needed.

Sketch Out Mobile App Idea

Upon selecting the solution that you are opting for, trying and sketch out how the mobile app flow will be.

If you have trouble doing this, feel free to contact one of our app developers, and we are happy to assist you with crafting your mobile app idea.

Competitor Research

Now is also a good time to see what the competitors are doing. Do a simple search on Google to see if there are any companies doing a similar thing as your solution to the problem.

If someone already has the same idea as you, not to worry, it is all about execution. 

From here, you can also tweak the mobile app development idea to better stand out from the competition if you wish.

Write Out All Features

After you have firmed up the concept and flow, feel free to write out all the features that you want in the mobile app. 

Do not miss out the admin panel functionalities! This is important as when creating an app, it is good to have adequate access to data in the mobile app.

Once everything about the app is clear and concrete, we can finally start to take an exciting step forward to bringing it closer to reality.

Approaching and Selecting an App Developer

The next step will be to bring your idea to a professional so that they can get the job done. There are many ways that we can do this.

Learn App Development

The most cost-effective way will be to develop the app yourselves. This is for companies who are bootstrapping and do not have priorities in other areas of the business.

You could sign up for an online app development course that can help you pick up the necessary skills for building an app.

There are also app builders out there like BuildFire that can help you build apps without programming skills. 

Of course, not many people are willing to take the big step to learn to develop a mobile app. 

Find Mobile App Development Companies

The next option will be to find a mobile app development company to take over the heavy lifting (the actual app development). A mobile app development company is a team of app developer who has the necessary skills to develop and launch a mobile app.

Simply do a Google search of the different app development companies in Singapore. There are many companies that focus on different areas of development.

Look for Freelance App Developers

You can also find freelancers that are available for work. This can help you to save costs. However, the quality of the work seldom compares to what a mobile app development team can produce.

Generally, freelance app developers can be found in platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Their prices are also incomparable to app development companies.

The reason for this is that they are offshore and developer costs are cheaper.

However, since freelance app developers work alone, you might not get the best quality of timeline that you are looking for.

Evaluating all the choices

Now, after you have selected which option you are going for, it is good to ask for the portfolio of the app developer.

Share with the app developers or app development companies what you have prepared beforehand. Whatever sketches or list of features that you have, send it over to them.

From there, app developers can give you an accurate quote.

If you are concerned about your idea being confidential, offer to sign an NDA so that the app developer is not allowed to use your idea for themselves.

If you found that the price is right, and the portfolio is something that you are impressed with, you have found the right developer!

Starting the Project and Making sure you are on track

Different companies and freelancers have different payment terms and processes. After you ave completed the required payments necessary to begin the project, you are now another step closer to your dream app.

Make sure to let the developers know about your expectations of updates and if they are comfortable with it.

For example, if you prefer an update every 2 to 3 weeks, voice it out so that the developer will understand your expectations.

Agile Development Companies

In current mobile app development trends, developers are well-trained in agile methodologies. 

In other words, developers are able to compile a demo app build that is testable rather than building everything at once before allowing the client to test the mobile app.

This is beneficial to your company as you can periodically get a mobile app update to understand the progress.

Remember to Ask For Updates

If your mobile app developer has not been updating the status regularly, feel free to drop them a message. They will be more than happy to provide you with an update.

At times, app developers might be facing some sort of bugs that is deterring the development time.

If there are delays, it is good if the app developer can inform you beforehand to also suit your marketing plans.

Going for Launch!

After a couple of months, the mobile app will be ready for launch.

This is the time to get your marketing plans on track.

Remember to gather feedback from your customers so that you can find out what can be improved in your app.

In most of our apps, we will have a feedback session to make sure that the client is satisfied with the app thus far.


This article was about how to build and launch a mobile app. Hopefully, after this, you will be clearer of the process of how an app is created.

Should you still feel confused about the process, feel free to contact our mobile app developers to share in greater details!