A business that looks out for app development services is more concerned about app development service pricing.

There’s a method to calculate the cost which produces close to real pricing about the development work.

In this article, we aimed to offer the mechanism through a detailed explanation about how to calculate app development service pricing in Singapore.

Type of app

Type of app is basically what the app will do when it lands on people’s smartphones. Is it an app that helps the company’s employees or aimed towards b2c solutions like E-commerce?

Usually, the type of app also distinguishes between several pages an app uses like a large app has around 40 pages while a small app is around 5-10 pages.

E-commerce is considered the biggest app and the app development service pricing for it is also over $50,000 or more.

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Design and Mockups

App development needs design of an excellent quality, which requires its methods to formulate through design works, mockups, and wireframes.

As the design team gets busy with app work, the cost of the work increase. Now the element which depends on app development service pricing in the design element is the level of design and how improved quality it’s needed.

The client will provide their input in this regard to set a bar about the quality of the app either by providing some reference apps or give an idea about quality. The cost of design goes with per page. As the pages increase so does the cost of the app.

Desired level of quality

Quality is something that comes through refinement, and there’s no shortcut to quality. The only way to get the quality of the app is through investing hours into the work.

The company that offers app development work provides per hour cost when dealing with quality. For a developer with a basic app understanding, the cost is minimal. Although the same app when directed towards a developer with a decade worth of experience, the cost will increase exponentially.

Features in the app

The app is all about features. A feature like payment gateway, chat system, Google maps integration is something that puts life into the app.

Some basic features that every app has are a list, card view, button, animation, and forms. Based on the requirement of the client, the list of features will increase or decrease and so does its app development service pricing.

If the client wants features but has a restricted budget, the app development company could go with an open-source solution that charges lesser when compared to subscription-based solutions.


Every app usually starts with a splash screen followed by authentication. When we talk about how authentication works, it requires a database, API to talk between database and app, and a UI to enable a login system for users.

All of this is accompanied into two ways, either using an out-of-the-shelf solution or make entirely customized. The app development service pricing depends on the client’s requirement as far as authentication is concerned.

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3rd Party Integration

There might be the use of 3rd party integration inside the app. When 3rd party integration is done into the mobile application, the cost will go up depending on elements like how complicated the documentation is for 3rd party integration and does it takes extra cost for integration.

There is also some 3rd party integration that simply has to use, such as payment gateway, chatting system, or database solution for mobile apps.

When working on enterprise app development, there will be back-end development work as well which has its own set of 3rd party integration along with added app development service pricing.

Hardware integration

Hardware integration also comes under the category of features, such as if there’s a gallery option within the app, it will take permission for using the camera. Similarly using embedded GPS, Gyrometer or other peripherals also adds up the total app development service pricing.

Options for generating revenue

A client earns from the app through revenue generation. Whether using the ads revenue or through in-app purchases or both, the developer will integrate necessary features to ensure that revenue is generated for a client with complete support for anything related to a technical element.

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