Apple offers the security of the highest level, that’s why it’s regarded as the most successful brand. The same can be said for accessing the apple app store for the various region. For the same reason, we find it a bit necessary to discuss methods how can people access the apple app store for the Singapore region.

Things to do before changing Apple App Store for Singapore region

Changing region is like creating a completely new account, although you might have an account but pointing to a different region.

This new region might show different currency symbols and rates, along with some features that are only region-specific and the app could not install as it’s detecting the account being installed on another region than Singapore.

But before moving along and actually changing your apple app store for Singapore region, here are a checklist that needs to be observed.

Spend remaining balance to Apple ID

You need to check your Apple wallet and if there’s any remaining balance to spend it all before changing the region.

Apple ID even after you have changed your region, will remain the same, hence your currency will be lost on the old region.

Apple wallet on the other hand is region-specific and transferring to your Apple ID is quite imperative if you are not looking to lose your money.

Cancel subscriptions

Apple offer paid subscription known as “Apple paid subscription” which offer various benefits, such as it offers premium content, services, and features for your app.

In your current region, your subscription need to be canceled otherwise Apple will auto charge from your Apple wallet or your saved credit card.

Apple subscriptions are not only limited to iOS but it’s extended towards iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Cancel pre-order

Like the subscription element, which you need to cancel or wait for the subscription to end, the same goes with membership, pre-orders, rentals, or passes that you have purchased through your Apple account pointed to another region than Singapore.

The same concept goes with membership and pre-orders as well, either wait and use it completely or cancel it. If you are canceling it, you need to wait until the funds are transferred to your account back so that you can spend on your Apple ID of a different region.

Make sure you have a payment method in your new region

Another thing of importance is that before changing the apple app store for the Singapore region, it’s equally important to see all payment methods that you can choose from.

There might be some payment methods that are region-specific, or there might be some in which a current region is not supported. Hence it’s always to find the right one before changing the region in the first place.

Redownload your apps

As we have mentioned before, there are some apps that are region-specific and not available in some regions, you need to re-download them all again.

Simply do that by visiting the app store and those that you have already purchased and located inside your library, you need to redownload it again into your device so that it doesn’t get disappear from the store when the region is changed.

How to change the region for the Apple app store for Singapore?

Once you have taken care of the checklist before changing the region, its’ high time to go ahead and perform few setting changes which will ensure that the apple app store for Singapore region is successful.

We have listed various devices through where you can change the region.

Using mobile phone

– First, you need to navigate to the settings app.

– Tap your name after then select Media & Purchases.

– Tap on Account. Re-enter log-in details.

– Tap on country/region

– Select change country or region

– Select Singapore and agree on terms and conditions.

– Tap on the upper right corner, then tap Agree again to continue

– You might need to enter your new payment methods, billing information, and new payment information.

Using iMac desktop

– Open Music app or iTunes.

– In the menu at top of the iTunes, click Account, then view my Account.

– Sign in your Apple ID

– On the account page, click change Country or Region.

– Select Singapore

– Review and agree on terms and Condition

– Enter new payment information and billing details, then click continue.

Using browser

– Sign in to your Apple ID using a browser

– Scroll to the Account section, and click edit

– With the country region, select a new country Singapore.

– Follow the instruction, enter a new valid payment method for your country or region.

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