With various rising AR and VR technology trends in 2020, more people are hopping on the bandwagon to become app developers

The mobile app development industry, in particular, is exponentially becoming a highly challenging and competitive space to be in. 

Unlike other tech industries, where companies can easily differentiate their unique value proposition and claim the throne to their niche with relative ease, mobile app development companies in Singapore find it tough to stand out from the crowd. After all, the backend of any app development process is very similar.

Now here comes the question: If this industry is so challenging, what is it that makes SleekDigital the top mobile app developer in Singapore?

Read on to find out how we create apps differently from our competitors.

The Goal Of An App Development Company

Before we dive into the reasons, we have to understand how app development companies provide value.

The goal of app consultants and developers is to search for innovative ways in which mobile apps can provide a solution for startups and enterprise.

True value lies in whether these app developers are able to help companies increase profits or reduce business cost through the mobile app solutions offer.

How Does SleekDigital Differentiate From The Rest?

In the midst of the red sea, here are 7 reasons that create SleekDigital’s unique advantage that makes us a better app development company than our competitors.

  1. Strong Technological Expertise
  2. Business ROI-Driven
  3. UI/UX Design Expertise
  4. Quick “Time to Market” (Speed of Development)
  5. Seamless Project Management Processes (Quality)
  6. Post-Development Support
  7. Competitive Prices

Strong Technological Expertise

Developers must be able to code in different programming languages for mobile app development. At Sleekdigital, we believe in continuously nurturing our software engineers to keep up with the latest technology stack. We invest time and resources to create training programmes for our team. This is so that they are readily equipped with the right tools when our clients request for them.

We also continuously optimize our app development process by exploring new app technologies and make internal evaluations as to whether these technologies should be utilised in our processes. For instance, when a new app development framework is released, our team will conduct tests to determine whether it can do a better job of creating value for our clients.

By adopting an enterprising approach in our research and integration of new app technologies, SleekDigital guarantees clients with the highest level of technology.

For example, we were the early adopters of Flutter, Google’s cross-platform mobile app development framework released in 2017. Although it was not widely adopted in the beginning, we predicted that it would be a popular framework and started experimenting with it. As we were early to adopt such technology, we are able to offer this technology to our clients to help them build apps seamlessly.

Business ROI-Driven

Mobile apps are like any other business investments. They should provide a return of investment

Unlike the other developers, SleekDigital approaches app development with great business acumen. In addition, proven mobile app development strategies to prepare businesses for future growth.

Most app developers in Singapore are just order-takers who tunnel their vision on developing the mobile app for clients. You will rarely find them creating a winning-strategy for clients. 

While you need app developers to help you with the technical aspects of building the app, you also need their expertise on why and what to build on the app itself.

Besides building the app, SleekDigital focuses on the results and returns clients can get on their investment with us.

We do a deep dive with our clients and provide app consultations to help spark new ideas and position the app project for success.

By employing different methodologies and drawing on our past experiences, we can extrapolate the results of the app campaign. 

To increase the chances of success, we add additional functionalities and engaging marketing campaigns to promote the app for greater outreach.

We also design a tech and app roadmap to plot the future technological advancement a company can explore.

UI/UX Design Expertise

Great app design captures the eyes of app users. 

Strategic and polished UI/UX designs are crucial in making the app user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Without a proper design, users will not be inclined to use or even download the app. 

We believe that great design is one of the core elements that makes a successful app. As the top mobile app developer in Singapore, we are well-versed on various design methodologies like Material Design for Android, and Cupertino Design for iOS.

Quick “Time to Market” (Speed of Development)

The “time to market” for mobile apps is another important success factor. We get your app to the market quickly so that you can experience the first-mover advantage. This brings you ahead of any potential competitors in the future.

An experienced app developer like SleekDigital can get your app to the market as quickly as possible before competitors beat you to market.

Seamless Project Management Process

Proper app project management is crucial in setting reasonable timelines and providing deliverables on time.

SleekDigital has come up with a project management system that gives clients real-time access to the status of their app development project.

This allows a smooth transition during the UAT of the app. Bug reporting and fixing process will be smooth-sailing as well.

If the app developer that you are working with is not experienced in project management, the whole project timeline and expectation setting will be affected. This is detrimental to the operations of businesses and startups looking to grow quickly.

Post-Development Support

We customise maintenance packages for companies as per their requirements. As SleekDigital aims to uphold the status of being the best mobile app development company in Singapore for years to come, we are here to stay and handle all maintenance issues that our clients may face.

In addition, our local app developer support team is on standby to answer any queries that might occur after the development has been completed.

We hold our clients by the hand so that they would not feel lost regarding ensuring the uptime of the mobile app. 

Competitive Prices

SleekDigital is able to offer competitive pricing to clients by implementing high-impact app development strategies. Simply put, we use proven methodologies that help us spend less time building the mobile app so that the manpower costs can be reduced to the lowest. This is done by understanding our clients’ needs thoroughly. Next, developing a custom plan, getting the right systems in place and choosing the most efficient mobile app development frameworks. 

In addition, we are a lean team that focuses on investing quality into our team rather than expanding our team too quickly that might cause drop the quality of our apps.


SleekDigital is an app developer company in Singapore that aims to bring you the highest ROI and digital transformation development needs for your business. By standing out with the aforementioned points, we hope that we continue to serve the top prestigious clients in Singapore in the year 2020.