With technology getting more complex and their uses in numbers, it’s important to keep a close tap on app development cost every year. For the same reason, we have created a guide about how much the app development cost in 2021?

Some factors play in defining what’s the cost of anything, including app development. But before delving into the element of app development cost, let’s first see some insight about the app as a technology in general.

What does a popular survey say about app development cost?

People as a whole uses mobile apps based on their interests. What type of app people use helps caries weigh on a new idea and subsequently in the app development cost.

In 2021, around 90% of the time is spent on using mobile apps while 10% of the time is invested using a browser.

Out of that 90% of the app, the leading app type is Entertainment apps followed by gaming, messaging, social media, utility apps, productivity apps, and lastly YouTube.

Factors to determine final app development cost

The app development cost is usually governed by the category of the app. In layman terms, an app can be labeled as a basic, medium, and large app. The leading elements which differentiate on cost for mobile apps are the complexity of the app along with the number of platforms.

Not just cost but time also increases when the app complexity increase. Then there’s app backend and frontend work which is treated separately.

It’s up to the client’s budget which determines how complex should an app should be in basic terms because, at the end of the day, the app is an investment that requires a lot of time and patience on the client end while the development teamwork on the project.

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Vendor type and location

Let’s start with the factors which decide app development cost. If we talk about the starting cost of the basic app, it determines the developer’s experience as well.

An expert developer developing a basic app with authentication and one platform might cost around $60,000 to $120,000 while a large app could cost over $300,000+.

Talking about the experience of the developer another thing which cost depends on is the location from where the developer hails from. Such as developers from the United States will cost more when compared to developers from Vietnam of the same caliber.

The complexity of the app features

An app takes in features that have complexity to make it work. There are a lot of challenges when making an app more complex with features.

Some features are completely new and have to build from scratch. This takes a lot of time and money.

Then some features are easily integrated with any platform, so it’s something only an app developer can understand what feature is complex or which can take less time to implement.

Back-end infrastructure and connected APIs

As we have mentioned before that there’s complexity within features implemented on a mobile app. That extends to the backend as well.

Besides the complexity, there’s a third-party API involved inside the backend which either takes subscription cost or a one-time cost model.

Then there’s the infrastructure of the backend, which includes the hosting environment for development and live server separation. There might be additional infrastructure included based on the security element of the app such as firewall, load balancing, and such.

What is the cost of enterprise mobile app development in Singapore?

The complexity of UI/UX

There’s no app without the designing element which includes UI and UX. The app designer is required to design the design element along with UX as per the best practice.

Another element of design in apps is animation which is regarded as an advanced form of designing work and requires extra effort from the developer’s point of view, hence increases the overall app development cost.

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