There are two types of cost every app has, one is development cost and another one is app hosting cost. That’s what prompts us to discuss more about how much does iOS app hosting cost in Singapore?

Since we are going into platform-specific information, iOS will be our prime focus but as far as hosting goes, Android also needs one which comes with added cost.

Cost for Apple developer account

If you are going with iOS app development, you need to host the iOS app in the iOS marketplace, known as the Apple app store.

There is one type of cost to create an account in-app store known as an individual developer account, which costs $99.

Once you can create the account, it will be with you forever and you don’t have to pay anything else.

Although if you have a paid app, Apple takes a percentage from your total revenue. The same goes for in-app purchases. All Apple requires to host your iOS app into its store is by following the App Review guidelines.

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Requirement of a Server for iOS app

Let’s talk about the real iOS app hosting cost which every big app has. Any app which has a database linked to a remote server needs hosting.

In usual terms, iOS app hosting cost depends on various factors out of which storage capacity holds more points for obvious reasons.

Then there are the security parameters that users avail with extra iOS app hosting cost, especially if your app stores sensitive user data such as credit card information.

Let’s go through the factors which decide on the total iOS app hosting cost and the reasoning behind it.

Type of data stored

There are different types of app out there, which data types are differently stored in their servers. If you are looking for developing an app, you have to understand how types of data impact final iOS app hosting cost.

Some apps take on data which is only images, such as Snapchat or pixabay. There will be apps with videos which is considered as largest file type and requires a lot of space.

Some of the most basic apps regarded with the lowest margin of iOS app hosting cost are an app that hosts static data or data being populated by admin through dashboard while app simply fetches the data out. Most of the apps function around this type of data and can be hosted at quite a low cost.

How much data?

Many simple hosting platforms for iOS app has a limit, usually in GB which let the app owner owners know about the number of users and data that can be stored in the server.

Most of the time, the total iOS app hosting cost increase as you scale your mobile app over time, based on how many users are being added.

For example, Facebook, when they started, might have only a few users stored in their database. The infrastructure that they had at that time was quite small. But now with over 3 billion users, they have 100 acres worth of data centers scattered around the world with Trillion worth of GB being upload every day.

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Projected active users

Similarly, when more users come in to use your app, your hosting will experience a lot of traffic, and in effect from it will become slower in responding.

The introduction of Load Balancer into the server will improve the response time but add extra iOS app hosting cost.

Other variables work in providing better performance and quality when it comes to fast load speed through app and server communication.

Want to hire a professional iOS app developer in Singapore?

There’s no secret that mobile app development is an investment, with quite a high ROI. The iOS app hosting cost along with development cost will all be returned by multiplier towards the stack holders when enough users are using the app.

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