When the technology is continuing to advance towards hybrid and cross-platform, there might still be queries regarding the good old native programming. This leads to the biggest question of them all, are the iOS app developer in Singapore still in demand?

Let’s look at this question in more detail and understand from a different perspective about does an iOS app developer in Singapore still has the same demand that it used to have a decade ago.

Cost of the iOS app developer in Singapore

Finding how much an iOS app developer in Singapore costs is a good starting point for understanding the demand factor for this factor.

In general cost, the experience holds the driving factor about how much an app developer costs.

A starting iOS app developer in Singapore’s starting salary is around S$56,700 and when it goes up towards a mid-range expert with 5-9 years, the cost goes around S$78,000.

iOS developers in future

People that are looking about the term demand with an iOS app developer in Singapore need to see future aspects and how well will this technology go in the future as getting committed now means after 2-3 years you’ll be in an expert position.

The iOS developers will be always in demand as apps are more designed in security, nothing beats the native iOS technology in security than its architecture.

It would be evidence enough that along with Android developers, iOS will too have a large demand but more towards large companies who can afford Android and iOS developer both, and not start ups who prefer hybrid apps.

How to get a professional mobile app developer in Singapore for your project?

Looking marketing trend

Trends helps people to understand what marketers are looking for in future perspective about anything in particular. The same can be said for an iOS app developer in Singapore.

Talking about the latest trends which have been in the market in recent times, people are more included towards High tech solutions such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With some high processing required by the mobile app, having a native application helps in gaining better performance along with improved security.

Salary range

Finding the salary range for anything is now possible within few clicks. From websites like Payscale and Indeed, the average salary range is around S$60,000 to S$80,000.

Based on the salary range, people can also understand various factors which affect the salary of an iOS app developer in Singapore.

When working as self-employed, the iOS app developer can charge per the project depending on the features that the app will use. The work done by the developer is also something to consider in the cost element.

Easier to learn

The things which are easier as a to learn skills will always have more supply than demand, so where does this leave iOS app developer in Singapore.

As far as the learning period for iOS development work is considered, it’s not easy. It starts with grasping the concept of programming then syntax in objective C or Swift.

Then to master the app development, plenty of years of experience are needed which increases the confidence of the developer.

iOS vs Android

In almost every scenario, iOS and Android is always compared. Whether its market share or cost of the project, these goes side by side since these two are the only platform where an app can host.

iOS comparatively has a lower starting cost for salary when compared to Android but when the developer has around a decade worth of experience, the salary range is similar with both, iOS and Android.

Web Development Singapore

Excellent community

iOS platform has an excellent community that helps any new developer to jump into a new skill set.

With the help of the community, a developer can find help simply by searching about the error within few minutes. All they have to do is keep investing time in development so that the quality becomes even better in the long run.

Do you need to hire a professional iOS app developer in Singapore for your project?

There are two options when going with app development in the iOS platform, either learn iOS development skills on your own or hire a professional iOS app developer in Singapore.

If you are going with the latter, simply contact Sleek Digital, a professional app development company in Singapore offering a wide range of services such as app development for enterprises, blockchain, or even Artificial Intelligence.