The big question that naturally comes to one person’s mind when every android developer in Singapore comes is how much does it cost?

Since the role of a professional android developer is to create apps in the Android platform which is considered the most popular app platform with 89% of the market share.

Let’s understand in-depth about certain elements which helps us decipher how much a professional Android developer in Singapore costs?

Standard rates of professional android developer in Singapore

Their no straightforward answer which helps us to answer how much an expert Android developer in Singapore costs.

Although there are rates in both per hour as well as per project. With a range of $10 to $250 per hour, you can find an Android developer in Singapore for your project.

For a better projection, we have distinguished the cost as per 3 levels, namely, basic, intermediate, and advanced.


In the basic format, two things matter, one is the experience of the developer and the second type of app features. The basic apps usually contain simple features without the use of extensive API.

A basic app developed by an expert Android developer in Singapore will charge more when compared to an amateur app developer. In terms of cost, a basic app can be developed for under $15000.


Most of the clients are looking for an intermediate app since it has all the details needed along with nominal use of API.

The cost of the app is also within the budget limit of people. In general terms, the cost of a professional app developed with around 20 pages and a primary database along with Web services cost around $20,000 to $50,000.

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The advanced apps contain only highly detailed features which are usually based on large enterprises.

This app takes a lot of development time, around 1-2 years as well as a large team to develop.

The cost of the Advanced app could lead toward $100,000 and onwards depending on the company rates as well as features to include.

The large app also needs extra protection and an effective server to handle traffic, which is an additional cost done every month.

UI/UX designer + Developer

After learning about some basic understanding how much an app cost, we find it important to help our readers see those factors which increase or decrease the total cost of an app.

With the basic cost of an Android developer in Singapore, the app takes a lot of work on the designer end to make it look astonishing among the rest.

Especially if the app is directed towards the entertainment sector, the role of UI and UX is a lot which is added cost. The design work alone might charge around $60,000 – $100,000 for an enterprise app.

Things that increase mobile app cost

The main reason for an app to increase needs further clarification since everything the app provides is based on features.

We have listed some of the important element which adds or subtract the cost of an app and ultimately dictates the cost for Android developer in Singapore.

Project timeline

There will be a time when the client explicitly requests to deploy an Android app in a rush manner. The project timeline will be reduced while the hours will not.

This means an Android developer in Singapore has to put in extra hours to complete the project on time. This rushing f the project will also cost extra for the client since the project will be produced in record time.

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Android Developer experience

We have already explained an important factor which raises the cost of Android developer in Singapore and that’s experience.

Everyone prefers an expert app developer since they have more years of hands-on experience and understand the latest technologies about the platform.

On the other hand, an average Android developer in Singapore will find a lot of difficulties navigating itself to find problems during development time and might lead to reducing the quality of the mobile app.

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