According to Statista, mobile eCommerce has a market share of 72.6% in 2021. This indicates that the usual eCommerce website in Singapore will not reach its height of success without an app as an extension.

Some people might think an app eCommerce and normal website eCommerce two separate entities, but it’s the same thing in terms of objective but adopting different methods.

Below we have tried to explain the importance of the app as an extension for an eCommerce website in Singapore and how it helps your business which is the main goal for every business.

Enhance brand recognition

There’s a defined method that explains how a customer-first learns about any new business when enough time is spent on its branding.

Because of the overwhelming competition, it might be a 99% chance that whatever you are providing, someone is already offering it as well.

The only edge you can get from your competition is through having a more dedicated branding solution, more than an Ecommerce website in Singapore in the form of a custom mobile app.

Benefits of digital transformation in Singapore for businesses

Better marketing communication

Most businesses set up their eCommerce website in Singapore firstly as it takes less time and cost when compared to a mobile app.

But when you have a website and want to communicate with the customer, you will face immense trouble to remain online using a browser.

On the other hand, Instant messaging is possible through using an eCommerce app as your mobile will be with you all the time and it will instantly provide notification when a customer drops a message through your Ecommerce website in Singapore.

Improved customer experience

Every business should work to offer the best experience for the customer who is looking to purchase a product through your Ecommerce website in Singapore.

There’s a certain limitation with the website in terms of experience, as most of the people will be browsing your eCommerce store through their mobile phones.

On the other hand, a dedicated mobile app is more natural to use by the customer using smartphone and helps them to increase the customer experience.

High chance of visitor engagement

Let’s face it, not every customer that comes into your Ecommerce website in Singapore will purchase products and convert.

Every brand tries their best to offer an excellent experience to the customer that is interested about a certain product and keep them engaged with best options.

With the help of an app, you can offer better engagement to your visitor, in a fast and responsive manner. Offer related products and also product details that are of interest to the customer. AI also comes in great assistance through using app eCommerce.

What are salient points for Singapore digital economy strategy?

Better conversion rates

Businesses are always on the lookout for making ordinary leads into conversion. Most of the marketing is also aimed to achieve this feat as well.

With an eCommerce website in Singapore, providing conversion is quite limited for business since the customer can only open shop when visiting the browser.

The mobile app is stored inside the mobile and you can also provide an offline feature for the customer if there’s no internet connectivity. This improves the conversion rates in an overall manner.

Increase order number

An increase in conversion rates means more business, which comes through an increase in order numbers.

An app and eCommerce website in Singapore both are connected to a single database, so it’s quite obvious that having two stores working simultaneously will increase the number of your order.

Decrease cart abandonment

When the user visits an eCommerce website in Singapore and chooses a product and adds it to the cart, but inside the cart page most of the people that bounce from the eCommerce store from the cart page, this is known as cart abandonment.

People try different methods to fix this issue either through providing an effective experience as well as providing products which are of low cost.

Interested to find more about how the app improves the eCommerce website in Singapore?

For businesses that are looking to improve their sales and help their brand to skyrocket towards success, you need to invest in a mobile app that works as an extension to your existing ecommerce website in Singapore.

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