Reshuffle’s goal is to help eliminate some of the most time-consuming pain points of developing applications. The idea is to let developers create full end-to-end React applications almost instantly using live templates. Reshuffle handles frontend, backend, and data, ostensibly leaving developers free to rapidly test and iterate on things like user interfaces.

Based on Create React App, it’s launching in beta today. Several live templates are already posted on Reshuffle’s website, including for a poll, dashboard, shopping cart, and a “blank” one set up so you can tinker more or less from scratch. When you click one of the templates from the site, Reshuffle automatically creates a sandboxed app — “This is a real working app!” the site proclaims — and you can click “Remix” at the top of the page to log in to GitHub so you can start changing the code on your own.

A key part of what Reshuffle offers is scalability. When you’ve — ideally, rapidly — finished modifying a live template into the precise app that you need and are ready to deploy, Reshuffle has a scalable cloud infrastructure available. The cloud tier that devs can use today is presently free of charge. It’s limited to 1,000 requests per second, one-second request timeout, and 1GB of data and file storage, but Reshuffle says that an unlimited premium tier is in the offing.

There’s a strong community aspect to Reshuffle. It’s designed to all be open source, so developers are free to do what they want with the templates, and the company encourages sharing, with the idea that devs can offer their apps as templates for others. There’s a Discord group where like-minded reshufflers can gather to swap ideas and ask questions, too.

“Live templates are only the beginning,” reads a Reshuffle press release. “In the near future, we will enable developers to share any open source software as templates or services. We envision a future where apps are built out of live services. Such apps would be faster and more fun to build.”

For now, despite its broader goals, Reshuffle works only with React. Currently even that is limited to live templates, but the company said that it’s working toward live components, as well.

The push to speed up app development and to remove tedium and pain points is evident in the number of companies hammering away at various aspects of the problem. Gatsby is similar to Reshuffle in some ways; it’s built on React and offers a cloud service to simplify and speed up website and app development. GoMeta, like Reshuffle, is in beta and takes a template-and-share approach to one-click app creation. Mesmer, which emerged from stealth this summer, uses RPA to rapidly perform mobile app user testing, and AppOnBoard and Buildbox go the no-code route to enable easier mobile game development.

Reshuffle has raised $9.6 million in seed funding to date, led by Lightspeed Ventures.

Some amazing tools to help speed app developers

Do you know what is better than a mobile app developer? An app developer who can develop apps fast.

Although it sounds too good to be true since with people possessing even the basics understanding of mobile apps, the development process is a lengthy one, comprising of various steps and parts throughout the lifecycle that includes coding, planning, executing, and debugging.

But do not fret, as there are various amazing tools to help speed up the app developers no matter which project we need to complete.

Platform as a Services

No one can beat the Platform as a Service tool to speed up the development of mobile apps.

The main reason for PaaS will always lead the race of devising top-notch tools for the speedy development is that, through Platform as a Service, simply by few clicks, we can open up a complete list of function to use from and load it within predefined libraries, frameworks, elements, and tools.

Fast Deployment

Let say we an app developers happened to develop mobile apps through custom platforms, because of the level of details that mobile app needs to show.

But what about the deployment phase which is a part of every mobile app development lifecycle? For that, is we rely on the old deployment which is done through Command Line Interface and extracting the jar files manually into the server, we are talking about hours of work or even days.

The best solution to speed up this process is nothing short than a fast deployment tool, provided by an amazing and easy to use UI through which we can not just deploy mobile apps, but test it before the actual launch.


Templates are the best, most used resource to speed up the app developers. The template can be through boilerplate code, or just using another developer’s code from the repository.

The idea behind using a template also boosts the best practices in the world of clean code, since using the single template will help clean up all the clutter, created through writing a lot of designs and coding from scratch.

Hence its suffice to say that using templates support the notion of not recreating the wheel in the ecosystem of app development.

Code with UI components

It’s proven that coding with the help of display reduces time and effort than if an app developer relies on nothing but keystrokes all day long.

Many tools support drag and drop coding format, saving not just precious app developer’s time but also makes the entire coding experience fun and exciting.