App developers in Singapore and other freelancers have been hit greatly by the virus. Due to the fact that there is a minor lockdown in Singapore, businesses start to pull back extra investment to safeguard their cashflow. Therefore, app developers are starting to get projects cancelled and pushed back to a later date.

Hence, here are some ways that app developers can adapt to the current pandemic.

Set up workstation from home

Many app developers are used to working at different places, such as their office, co-working spaces, or at a nearby cafe. We are at a time where app developers have to set up their workstations at home. Although working from home might be distracting and not the most productive, it is a good way to avoid the virus.

Use Tools for App Developers

There are many tools that app developers can utilise to make working from home productive. For example, we can use communication tools like Slack to ensure good and concise communication amongst the app developer teams.

We can also use project management tools like Microsoft Projects to keep track of tasks in a project and track what is remaining of the development.

In addition, tools such as Github can enable team of app developers to work together without much code hiccups. With proper development standards, the codes can be merged without any issues.

Communicate via E-Calls

As there is limited face to face meetings now, we should adopt online calls to minimise human interactions. Apps such as Skype, Zoom and Skype can help to facilitate online calls.

There are actually surprising advantages to online meetings as compared to face to face meetings. For example, the travelling time is reduced significantly for app developers.

Take a Break

If you have been a workaholic app developer over the years, you can also use this opportunity to have a more relaxed working environment. Take the time to clear your mind and relax, and do work at your own pace.

Especially when you are a lead app developer, the amount of stress you are going through is tremendous and this is only helpful for you to wind off.


We hope that this blog can be beneficial for app developers to adapt to the COVID-19 situation in Singapore and around the world. We hope that the virus dies down very soon and we can all resume to our normal working environments.

Take care, to our clients and all app developers out there!