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How SleekDigital's Digital Consultation Works


We will analyse the business activities, business processes and business model of your business through a consultation session with our consultants. This is COMPLETELY FREE!

Define Inefficiencies

We will spot and pinpoint any inefficiencies in the company where it can be improved with our digital strategies. This is through the sharing of a company manager.

Proposed Solution

We will propose a solution for each inefficiency with our digital strategies. This will give you an idea of how the whole solution will be like.


After the proposal of individual solutions is complete, we will have a presentation to showcase all the solutions, along with a proposed roadmap to adopt all technologies step by step.

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How SleekDigital Can Benefit Your Company

Reduce Costs

With our consultations, the costs of your business can be reduced and the resources can be put to better use, giving you better ROI.

Increase Profits

With the costs of business operation reduced, the profits will increase. Moreover, clients can explore NEW BUSINESS MODELS that can be brought with digital strategies.

Save Time

In business, time is money and if we can save time, it is beneficial for the business and time can be spent elsewhere that is more valuable. With mobile app, we can show you how time can be saved.

Beat your competition

With new business models, it is a real competitive advantage and you will be ahead of your competition. With the help of digital, you can do tasks quickly that other companies need more time to do.

We Are a Start-up

We will do all it takes for your success.


Consultation charges are COMPLETELY FREE.

Our development of systems starts at $20,000. The more complex the requirement, the higher the price will be. These include prototyping, design, development, testing, bugfix, and 3 months maintenance of the systems. We also will adopt agile methodology where we can roll out the app milestone by milestone, keeping your initial costs low, and clients can get the functionalities progressively.

It takes about a week for us to understand your business process and come up with the necessary proposals, including all the consultation deliverables.

For the development, it can vary from 2 months to 5 months depending on the complexity of the projects. We can even get a first version of the app in the matter of weeks.

Being in the industry for a couple of years, we can say that we have the ability to come up with innovative mobile apps or web ideas to help aid your company’s pain points. We are confident that the systems proposed will be able to help your company in one way or another in the long run.

We are confident that within 2 months of the integrations of the systems, you can tell the difference in your company’s processes, and you will be beginning to share the systems with your counterparts.

SleekDigital started running August of 2017. So far, SleekDigital has gotten about 20 projects to date, despite being a relatively new startup. SleekDigital hopes to be the leading app development and digital consulting firm in Singapore by always researching and adopting new technologies to help push businesses forward.

SleekDigital has helped my factory reduce costs by about 20%, and also reduce my manufacturing rejection rate by almost 30% by integrating the assembly systems in my factory. This system has helped my team monitor the progress of all the assemblies and narrow out any workers that are not productive, allowing us to provide them feedback and allowing them change. Moreover, SleekDigital has built a system where i can release payrolls to my employees quickly, saving time and paper.

Mr Teo
Owner of Factory in Malaysia

Lester and Joey has been very helpful and effective in building a system for the tracking of my projects. Lester specifically understands the construction industry and knows the pain points and needs of my company. All of my reporting and process is so seamless and convenient now in my company mobile app. I will definitely come back to him if there are any of my counterparts interested in bringing digital change to their company.

Mr Kenny
Owner of Construction Company in Singapore

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