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Game Development

Mobile game development presents a strong opportunity for startups as well as individuals to tap into a multi-billion dollar industry. Games like Angry Birds and Clash of Titans have changed the entertainment industry as we know it. It is because of these success stories that everyone with a vision wants to take a pie of a very large pie.


SleekDigital provides a dynamic and highly professional Game Development service to our customer who is looking to have a game made which is not just enjoyable to play but also make their business thrive like nothing else.

Our professional team will undergo your idea into reality in game development from conception to design and development, which includes testing, improving, building, and publishing. As time passes on, we will also ensure to provide up-gradation and version as the game progress, as you’ll have a long-time technology partner to take on with the Mobile app game development world.

Develop for Android

As mobile game development requires working on platforms, we would offer an excellent solution to game development for the Android platform for our customers.

The thing about Android is that it has over 71% market share with more users downloading games every day.

There are two apps where the user spends a lot of their time, known as social media and video games. Games such as PUBG and Subway Surfers have opened a new dimension on how much advance a can game develop for Android, and for that, we at SleekDigital will make the idea into reality for you.

Game engine

Everything that you want with game development lies in the power of the game engine. Through our seasoned game developers, SleekDigital works on the most advanced gaming engine which has features most up to date and follows trends of today’s time.

Our professional develops games on Unity, which has over 47% market share on mobile game development has a great level of details and performance over the games.

With games like Last Day on Earth and Call on Duty Mobile all build on Unity, through the professional game development service from SleekDigital, you can have your very own Indie games made on the most advanced engine to date.

Cross-platform app development

At SleekDigital, we aimed to offer services for cross-platform app development. The reason to have your game works for both platforms is to get more business and market penetration.

With mobile phones running on different versions of OS, we always build games that run on more than 98% of people using a particular platform.

Another major benefit of cross-platform app development for games is that you can open up more choices based on the technology offered by the mobile OS in particular and supported peripherals in general.

Game developers

If you are looking to build your very own mobile game either for business to open a new monetary source, you need dedicated game developers to work beside you.

We at SleekDigital provide the customer with top-notch game developers which the necessary experience in working with tools, particularly developing 2D games.

A game developer assigned by SleekDigital to our customers will work tirelessly in producing a game as per the requirement of the client, as the mobile game industry is thriving as they come.

iOS game development

Similarly, like working on the Android platform, it’s quite important to get engaged in iOS game development feat as well.

Although it’s no surprise that working on both Android and iOS platforms will cost you a lot. To help you produce the game as well as reduce the cost, we work on the cross-platform game engine.

The role of cross-platform development is that while working on a single code, we can produce a product for both platforms such as iOS game development as well as Android game development at a single time.

Best 2d game engine

There are different genres of games that SleekDigital can work on, including platformer, shooting game, Role Playing, VR/AR, Sports to name a few.

Out of the genre, platformer seems to be most popular in the mobile app game industry because of its addictive nature and low operating specs requirements.

We at SleekDigital only focus on working in the best 2D game engine for the sake of producing quality games for our clients that are interested in deploying the games under their account.

Benefits of Game development

There’s no better time than today to invest in mobile game development for your business. Most people don’t realize what potential a mobile game has over your business, and how far they reach of a game in the digital world.

Let’s see some of the major benefits of game development and how it helps you to achieve prominence through the increasing business indifferent prospect.

Having a dedicated game development means you get a customized solution, from design, UI, User Experience, and gameplay, everything will be bespoken.

SleekDigital believes in originality and works tirelessly in producing trend-setting software.

Through our storyboard and brainstorming process, we sit with our clients and further build over the game idea assigned us towards customers, so that the final product is new and enjoyable by users.

The game industry is a billion-dollar market with tremendous opportunity to tap under its ever-evolving prospect. In2020, it has been noted that PC gaming is estimated with over $37 billion of market share while mobile gaming is estimated to over $77billion.

It indicates the shift of users towards mobile devices and spends time playing games. Not only playing but also spending money on in-game purchases is also a common sight.

People who are interested to tap into this highly lucrative industry need only to consult SleekDigital for a consultation as we provide comprehensive game development solutions in Singapore.

The times are changing and so is technology. With 2d and 3d game development success, it’s time to promote AR/VR game development which greatly boosts technical achievements.

The thing about AR/VR games is that it’s a new experience whatsoever, so people that have experience playing 2d or 3d games will have a completely new experience in even the basic AR games.

As this industry is still nourishing, the opportunities in producing a product on AR/VR platform has great monetary value.

There are times when you need a user to keep using your app, and games seem to be just the right option.

If you have access to your user mobile devices, you are continuously available and produce different promotions for your business.

SleekDigital will assist our customers in providing all the details about how game development can improve brand connectivity through mobile devices.

If you want to advertise your brand, you should not be limited to just social media and Google.

With the help of customized game development, your first step is to make it viral among users, as the game can manage with a download of more than 100+ million.

The second step is to work on the advertisement part through your game as different advertisements will pop up in between games, which have a lot of chance for better retention among users.

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