Dating apps have been in use now for a decade and their popularity stays moderate and not too high in terms of their uniqueness and pleasing addition. That is also because the dating apps that exist in the present scenario are more or less the same. The people always get a very minimalistic difference in Dating Website Design.

This creates excitement in the minds of users to find some more advanced apps where they can get better dating provisions. A fine User Interface matters a lot in dating apps. Online Dating Portal Development thus comes into play then and we can assemble a listing of the features and essentials that would be sure short found in the future dating apps.

Bumble, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Grindr are currently dating apps that are mostly used by people. However, talking about Social media app development we in this article are going to dive deep into the choices we are likely to find in future dating applications. So, let us start:-

1. Connectivity through apps IRL (In Real Life)

The virtual dating space that has been created through the dating apps in today’s time has brought an avoidance of the risks of getting rejected and meeting someone in reality. Many teenagers have shown an inclination towards real-life interactions other than mere online connectivity.

If you are looking forward to coming up with a smart dating app then you should look for a social Networking App Development Company that also enhances the real-life interaction between people. This brings better transparency and connectivity as it used to be a mundane practice of dating in the past years. Some people might not find that essential even in the future but they are recommended by many even at present.

2. Fluidity

Gender and sexual fluidity have become enhanced and advanced in the recent past years and with that being said one can look forward to the creation of a more flexible dating app. Online Dating Portal Development can create better options in their app design in a way that people who are looking for a real dating experience rather than just a time pass. Future dating apps do not need to be really specific regarding gender and sex and rather would be inclusive and enriched in nature.

3. Intelligent Dating apps based on AI

The machine learning technology can be used in the dating apps to allow your device to detect and make better analyzation about your likes and dislikes. The social media app development based on artificial intelligence and machine learning can make better predictions. It will get information about your personality to find the right dating match from your behavioral analysis.

The amount of time you take in replying to a message or chat, the number of hours you spend on the app, the chats you stare at the most and many other factors. At present in the UK there are various apps who have come up with such ideas by adding matching learning techniques in their online dating app.

4. A Safer Dating Experience

It is important for the new dating Website Design to provide a smarter and safer user interface. People are often away from online dating apps because they want to avoid the risk of being trapped in some fake accounts and interactions.

One can only see the amount of information that the account chooses to present to us. In such cases, there always exists a great possibility that the crimes, catfishes misuse the data we share with them.

In countries like Russia, the LGBTQ+ community has been given an illegal status in society. In such cases, it becomes a point of concern for the app developers to maintain a security alert for those belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Online Dating Portal Development can provide options for securing such people from the discriminatory laws of a country. With the user alert notification, they can stop the app usage in that particular country where their gender identity is not acceptable.

Although this is an unfortunate situation and we wish that the countries where such laws are applicable, change them in the future.

5. More Inclusivity

There are many social media applications where people like or dislike a person instantly without learning much about them and this has brought many repercussions as well. Many people show their interest in others according to the number of followers they have. They simply swipe through a person’s profile by looking through their profile pictures in apps like Tinder. Racism, fatphobia, and misogyny are on a hike on certain dating apps.

A sense of type is emerging in the present online dating mechanism which needs to be replaced with a more matured view. The dating Website Design that you chose for your app should abandon such a shallow approach and practices.

Other Interesting and Helpful Additions with AI Cloud

  • With an AI cloud, the device can analyze how often you initiate your conversations through chats
  • How often you tend to swipe
  • Whether you are paying bills timely
  • Which websites you recently visit
  • The type of News articles you find most fascinating
  • The amount of time you spend exercising
  • Which web series and shows you binge-watch
  • What is there in your photos gallery.


People often get disappointed after recurrent relationship failures that were started through online dating apps. They also start finding the app features boring and exhausting. But with AI inbuilt technology things can work out in a much better way. You just need to allow your dating application to dig into some of your private details that will help it in analyzing your preferences better.

In the age of digitalization which has already been really evolved, we cannot imagine a complete offline dating surface for you. In fact, every Social Networking App Development Company in the future would try to adopt such a smart user interface that plays a beneficial role in your business. A Dating Design consisting of the features we have mentioned are likely to emerge in the Social media app development very soon.