Whenever mobile app development comes into discussion, the next important question comes to mind is its cost, in other words, the app developer salary.

Although, there are various aspects of app developer salary and total costing of the mobile app development as a project, what we are more focused in today’s article is to understand the notion about different types of mobile development framework and some correlation between app developer salary.

IOS vs Android app developer salary?

For most people, the real battle of cost always revolves around two formats of the app itself, which is considered to be a different market as a whole.

Meaning, iOS, and Android are the two platforms for which all mobile apps are focused on their core.

The cost of the app also emerges by answering the very question among its peers, which platform does an app has to target.

In most cases and based on existing studies, iOS app developer salary is usually at a higher side than the Android app developer salary. The reason for that if clearly of supply and demand ratio, since Android has comparatively more developers available than iOS.

To discuss more in the costing regards of the mobile app, there are other variables which needed equal attention to further increase the understanding of why do there are different types of app developer salary in the world.

Experience Level 

Experience level is the first variable that decided which app developer’s salary is going to be higher and which is lower. Experience whats makes a mobile app developer good than others.

Through developing a reasonable number of mobile apps from top to bottom, an experienced mobile app developer can manage the app developer completely without wasting any precious development time.

Whereas an entry-level mobile app developer is just starting, with minimum app developer salary and a lot of mistakes being made along the way.

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  • Entry-level Salary

Since everyone needs to start one time or another, the one that is relatively a fresher and just about to start their app development journey, the entry-level position is generally waiting for these types of people.

Since they are the most inexperienced ones, many companies still need entry-level app developers because they charge less, and handle repetitive tasks without utilizing a lot of experienced hands.

Plus, if a company invests more in the entry-level, the skills that a mobile app developer gains are more targeted towards the requirement of a company.

  • Junior Level Salary

A mobile app developer with around 2-3 years of experience comes under the dimension of the junior level zone, with app developer salary into the medium level.

Since we are discussing various types of experience being considered here, there is also something called effective experience, and not an ineffective one.

The effective experience as the name suggests is the learning and skills obtained while working on the core functionalities. These are more efficient for a developer to have, than spending years on doing nothing but repetitive work.

The level of effective experience can find out through a series of asking a technical question and seeing past work.

  • Senior-level Salary

With the most high level of experience with sufficient skills that related to development from the ground up, a senior level expert has the capability and capacity of doing something that you can only expect from an experienced individual.

The mobile app salary for a senior-level person is usually around the topmost level in the salary ladder, but the most important prerequisite for reaching this level is only years of experience which is usually only effective skills obtained through this timeline.

What does an app developer salary depend on?

Since we have managed to look into one criterion of app developer salary, in reality, there are other forms of things which have equally more importance as a deciding factor in the cost department of the mobile app development zone.

Below are some of the factors which are of the highest importance.

  • Functionality

When we are dealing with projects only, and to hire a developer depending on the projects and complexity of a mobile app, there is something we need to look at the app design itself.

The mobile app’s functionality greatly decides how much cost is going to increase or decrease for an app to develop. No matter if we are going with an app developer salary or a retainer, the cost is equally divided as the mobile app requires months of development time.

  • Platform

Like we have discussed before, the platform for which a mobile app is being developed is only regarding the two biggest OS for a mobile phone out there, namely, iOS and Android.

For another technical aspect, such as framework which makes it evident for an app developer to select and opt to design a mobile app, no matter which type of technology we choose, the final driving factor will always going to be the platform for which the app is being developed for.

How much does mobile app development cost in Singapore?

  • Developer

A developer’s experience and skillsets ultimately tend to turn the tides with regards to mobile app development.

Dealing with app developer salary as a whole, the cost of the application with skills being equipped by the developer itself will surely happen to create an environment inductive for the shareholders to further attribute the basics of the app development purpose.

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