The times that we live in today is conquered by information technology in the form of internet, social media, mobile apps, and similar technical breakthroughs. Especially the use of mobile phones have subjected to a tremendous change for the betterment into our lives, whether to make our lives easier through providing basic information on a daily basis or filling our needs for entertainment to a greater degree.

According to a report published by Ofcom which states that over 55% of people uses mobile on daily basis by visiting either an app or social media. The app has generated such a wide acceptance among the mobile users that it has been observed that users are using mobile apps in the greater extent that a browser since apps do all the work more vigilantly and provide much more natural visuals. According to the same study, over 44% of mobile users use app stores to download the app into their mobile phones and out of which 23% uses that app on a repeated basis.

As the number of mobile phone increases and more people is getting familiar with the app technology, the advance metropolis like Singapore has begun to provide exclusive mobile apps to perform a specific-oriented task such as food ordering, taxi booking, health tracking app etc. Based on the same principle, Event industry is also taken keen interest by using mobile phones to their advantage. Event-based apps have successfully provided a positive feedback from the users by providing a convenience and simplicity on holding event into your vicinity, by placing your delegates to a prominent role for your event and accessing a huge marketing through online outreach. The technology for mobile event app has existed for quite sometimes and developers are now pretty much mastered its concept by producing an error-free method and highly systematic design structure for the event app.

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The concept behind event and conference app 

The prime focus for every event and conference organizer is to have a successful event, based on a healthy number of attendees to attendant the conference as well as provide a positive feedback to the speaker and clients. An Event app can integrate all these necessary components into your mobile phones. In short, an event app has three fundamental categories in which it can be divided into, as per the client’s preference outcome. An app can assist the delegates and users into these specific areas.

– Engagement

– Interaction

– Improvement

Although its challenge to concisely define the standards of event app as the technology keeps on upgrading as the technology improves and advancements in providing into this domain. But for summarizing up, Event app provides an advanced method to have a more engaging, fun, and digital-oriented experience for event organizers as well as users. There are indeed several functionalities integrated into an event app which accumulates itself to enhance the overall experience for attendees such as event agenda highlights, messaging feature, delegate profile, and a lot more.

In order to remove such ambiguity for terms selection in this article, event and conference both carry the same meaning for our purposes. The only difference between these two keywords is a generalization, for which event is a more standard word capable to be used for a much broader scope. Furthermore, a networking app is somewhat different from the event and conference concept, due to the fact that networking app completely focuses on event networking, which includes event marketing and user to user communication platform. Nevertheless, these types of app provide an important role in the event industry and for the same reason, event networking functionalities are now being used in tandem with conference app to speed up the digital process of your event and have a more successful organization as possible.

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Anyone who is working in an event organization firm could agree to the fact that engagement is the most crucial aspect of a conference. If your speakers are unable to deliver a successful engagement with his audience, the event has lost a key position as being a prominent one. A mobile app can assist you in a number of ways to provide a much-enhanced way for engaging between delegates and audience in the most correct manner.

In these technologically advanced times, the user has the power to personalize their apps according to their will, how they want it and whenever they want it. From booking a train seat to watching a live broadcast of their favorite channels, getting to learn a hotel deal to learn about weather, everything is being delivered by keeping user preference in mind. A user likes it when the content is personalized according to their taste same concept goes to the event app. In order to increase the engagement with users, the first concept which has to utilize properly is to provide a platform within your app which helps your user to personalize his entire event according to his liking. The user must have the ability to plan out their event proceedings, and time allocation of their day when they are attending any conference.

This strategy is best applied for those attendees who are highly time-pressured and wants to keep a close check to their schedule. The attention to details in this department will help the event organizers to provide efficiency and time control into their event structure, thus increasing the engagement of users from all walks of life. To cater this feasibility, event app should provide all information before the event such as which delegate is presenting to the event, what is the topic of focus, location of the event and who is organizing this event and their objectives. Along with all these necessary inflows of information, live feeds of the session could also lead you to great heights in proper usage of technology for event app. An availability of map pointer for the destination would help the attendee to find out the whereabouts for the event to take place, not only that, but the floor plan of the building should also be laid out as to which room the event is proceeding.

Event app should also provide an enhanced update if any change of plans has to be taken into account at final notice. To enable this mechanism, an event app should be equipped with live notification feeds which can assist in providing some last minute calls such as change of conference time or location.

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Best Event apps For Engagement


This app is designed primarily for trade shows and conferences. The app is focused greatly on user engagement and it asserts to provide extensive analytics for the event within the app boost the experience of the users and provide lead creation for future events to take place. xFocus app provides a real-time tracking system which provides analysis of pin-point positioning of anyone within the event vicinity. This helps the user to understand the attendee behavior during the event and help the organizers to find out which area the users enjoy during the entire proceedings. The app also layout entire map for venue including floor map and track your behavior history such as where you spend the most time in, who you encountered during the event and which businesses you made deals with.

Laymon Mobile

This sophisticated event mobile app provides a live streaming of all the happenings inside the event, such as talks synopsis, attendee mood, behavior and their level of engagement with the delegate. This app also provides a sharing feature through which you can post your content inside the app and see other people content at the same time, thus personalizing the experience and increasing the level of engagement among the participants.

Double Dutch

This event app is equipped with a user personalized pattern of content creation, such as user can create own agenda for the event based on the schedule provided. The user can also apply on various surveys and users polls which helps the organizers to get positive feedback and generate live statistics for the event. The app allows communicating with every visitor during the event to understand inputs of one another. Double Dutch app also provides the feasibility for sponsorship and branding options which enables the organizers to established future events to a more better from the previous ones.

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This app helps the event organizers and planners to save details images for the venue into the app, which helps them to organize each aspect of the venue based on their event objective and to maximize the location where the event is taking place.


The mobile apps are considered to be an amazing technology to feature interaction with one another, whether it’s a form of instant messaging, commenting or video conference. Event apps have successfully utilized the realm of interaction into its scope, which is an important element for event apps. Providing real-time communication between the attendees, event organizers or speaker helps to provide a strong sense of networking between every individual attending the conference. The basic advantage of interaction for an event in to enhance the overall experience of users to gain maximum insight from the conference. All recognition to the event apps, people can now easily interact with each other whether through a collective polling system during sessions or questions asked by the attendee from the speaker in advance.

Although social media and other networking apps are into the assistance for establishing contacts among professionals and organizers, in-app networking feasibility has a huge benefit for the industry. Through the set of networking features like in-app messaging, connecting with other professionals like Linkedin, and revisiting them in the future for more discussion is an amazing feature for any event app. Tracking your favorite speakers in the future and keeping a close interaction with them helps you to gain more insight about forthcoming events and other motives.

The huge advantage from event app is it completely removes the element of boredom through a constant flow of questions and answer via their apps. This engagement of live session with the speaker is only possible using Instant messages and recorded questions between the events is on-going. Normally, many of us observed that people are someone reluctant to come near the microphone to ask the question directly to the speaker whether due to lack of confidence or not getting chance due to time limitation. This is a real problem which can only be resolved through mobile technology. The audience can now interact using real-time with the speakers without interrupting the speaker’s momentum of presentation. the questions between the session can directly reach to the speaker using submit action, which will stack up into the question list inside the speaker’s end in order to comply with no disturbance during the speech and finally, he can answer the questions more generally in the question and answer section of the presentation. Another method to fine-tuned this question submission feature is to make question submission public so that other’s may see each other mind process and rate each one of them based on the question they have asked to the representative, and based on the rating numbers, the speaker can answer the most rated question at first and then onward down the list.

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This method will reduce two important roadblocks during the question and answer sessions for the event. First one is the use of microphone with awkward pauses in between the questions, which disturbs the flow of the event, secondly, the assistant or event organizers responsible to run around to people handling the microphone is also an unnecessary addition to this blockage, which could be replaced by the app as a whole.

Event Apps can extend their functionality beyond the event hall where it’s being held, using the integration of social media. Through this extension, the attendee can snapshot photos of the event or record videos and share across to the world. Social media can also encourage other people to join in for the event in the future sessions as people may post favorable remarks about the event in the form of feedback or their comments.

Best Event apps For Interaction

The app provides a brilliant feature for delegates to initiate a polling event between the conference, in order to receive feedback from the live audience in the form of statistics or their views about the point of discussion. This app can also provide a feature to submit questions anonymously to the question section which can further be moderated and passed on to the speaker by the event manager and their team. The event manager can also provide substantial input against the query from the audience which can form a healthy and active session altogether.

– Crowdmics

This app is available for both iOS and Android, whose prime feature is to turn their mobile phones into microphones, thus eliminating the additional microphones during the session. This app also provides the feature of question submission and live polling mechanism for their attendee.

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Event Apps can also feature statistical surveys and analytical data to the event organizers. The purpose of this data is to analyses and improves their future events to a greater extent. The influx of data from attendee and audiences could also be sent to event mangers and delegates to keep tracking the environment of the event and to control the crowd through the constant feedback process. The data is also in great importance to the potential clients and stakeholders for event organization firms.

Apps can interpret the behavior of your audience through many sources. Since your app will be equipped with question submission feature, live polling, and feedback system, your app using sophisticated algorithms can propose the overall conduct of the event and which area the room of improvement exists. Also, the app can ask for additional review form at the end of the session to clearly read their views on the conference and ask how they can further improve to a greater extent. This data received from the app can be used as a statistical record to show in their future events.

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Best Event apps For Improvement

– Statisfy

This app is basically a survey based application which is made of yes or no question. Although not specifically used for events but it gathers a good source of data directly from the attendee in the form of statistical details about pertaining question asked.


This is an app which provides substantial report generating about surveys embedded within its feasibility as well as manage customer feedback by highlighting data generation.


This app is adjoined with the wearable device to gather live reports about the audience behavior and their interaction. It uses a heat map scheme to understand which group of audience is more engaging with the event and what the reasons behind its engagements. In the end, Loopd provides a consensus report to the user in nice formatted UI into their mobile phones.

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