Digitalisation will be the key to business success in 2021 and the rest of the decade for businesses. In the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, many businesses were shut, especially industries that had to stop work and pay their overheads.

Digitalisation is part of digital transformation and perhaps one of the biggest areas of digital transformation. The digitalisation of businesses includes the change of business process with digital strategies so that it is more effective and efficient, pushing the numbers forward.

Nonetheless, the Singapore government did their part to cushion the negative impacts of the COVID-19. Digitalising the business and going online will allow companies to innovate, create new business models, go global and also cut costs. This is what digital transformation is all about.

Why do we need to digitalise?

Digitalising of business processes will allow innovation throughout the entire company. Businesses will be able to attain greater statistics, such as profit margins, the margin of errors, etc. It is important to keep up with the competition and follow the current consumer trends with these digital strategies.

For example, the consumer trends of COVID-19 has forced consumers to purchase more items online instead of from the retail stores directly. Should the retail store not have any digital strategies, they will not be able to sell anything to their consumers during the pandemic.

How do I start to digitalise my business?

The first things that you should find out are what problems you are facing in the current business. Are you doing too many manual tasks? Are there tasks that you wished could be automated? Selling in too few channels?

After you have come up with the problems and opportunities that you could have with digitalisation, you can come up with a plan. Digitalisation comes in many forms. It can be in a form of a mobile app, it can be in form of websites, it can also be in forms of social media. The key is to redesign the business process so that you can have more from the business.

SleekDigital will start writing more blogs about digitalisation in the following weeks. We will be specific industry-focused on digitalisation and proposing how each industry can benefit from digital transformation.

SleekDigital also focuses on digitalisation using mobile app development and web development as there is where our core is. Moreover, in our personal opinion, web development and app development cannot be left out in the digitalisation process of every business.

Therefore, if you are looking for a specific industry for digital transformation, shoot us a message and we will write for your industry! Else, look forward to the upcoming industries.

It is not an overnight process

Digitalising a business is a long process.

But here’s the good news. You can launch your product in trenches, and starting getting ROI immediately.

Then implement future iterations of the products along the way.

SleekDigital’s digitalisation roadmap might differ from other agencies. We adopt a lean mindset to allow clients to reap the returns of the investment quicker than normal. We also make sure we are solving the right problems with design thinking.

Not only that, we have agile development cycles which allow us to build as we learn from the feedback of the previous versions.

This will help companies push forward their digitalisation process quickly.

What tools can we use for digitalisation?

Web development

The first step for digitalisation will be web development. By developing a website for the company, there is better online prsesnce for the company. Web development allows you to tell customers what are your services or products.

You might be wondering…

Is web development really enough for my business to grow?

And you are right! Having a website itself might not be enough for a company to grow. You will need to extend marketing strategies for your website. Basically, to get more eyeballs on the business so that you will get more leads.

With more eyeballs in the business, you can get more sales or leads from it. Now, a simple corporate site can be helpful for a basic part of the business.

If you would like to take it a step further, we would definitely have to go for more features in the mobile app.

This includes E-commerce, ordering form, booking of appointment forms, or even linking to third-parties.

After you have built a website that is useful for you, you can move on to more interesting strategies.

Digital Marketing

In digital transformation, we should also transform the marketing channels too. From traditional marketing to taking advantage of content marketing and SEO like this article.

App development

App development can also be used to bring digitalisation to companies. Since smartphones are now widely adopted here, mobile app development can help companies automate processes, offer better service quality, and also act bring additional revenue to the company.

App development can be used either externally or internally.

In other words, the mobile app can be catered either to the public (customers) or the internal staff of the company.

Mostly if the app is customer-facing, the goal will be to increase the revenue of the businesses, gather valuable data and to offer better service quality.

But which idea should I go for?

Companies face the problem of not coming up with the right ideas. That’s where we, as digital consultants, will work together with the companies to come up with the most effective ideas.

Usually, this works by conducting interviews and surveys with the stakeholders of the app, e.g. customers, staff, management, finance, etc.

Following that, we come up with many ideas of mobile app development and only start with the ones that are most valuable to the business.

Here are the app development costs in Singapore.

Getting Started

Businesses who are looking to digitalise their business can opt for our digital transformation consultation where we do a deep dive into the business model of the business.

For companies who are already on the path on digitalisation and wish to find more ideas to improve, contact our web developer or app developer consultants to work out something that might be even more beneficial for the business.

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