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Digital Transformation Consultation

Evolving Businesses with Tech, with SleekDigital Digital Consultancy

In SleekDigital, Digital Transformation Consultation is when our digital consultants assess a company or an organisation of their processes, then propose revolutionary solutions to the business, followed by a non-obligation development work to integrate the proposals.

What are the deliverables?

The deliverables of our Digital Transformation Consultation are a report fully stating all the current processes and systems and also the pain points that are discovered in the company. Also in the report is a solution for each pain point faced and in return we will deliver a whole digital consultation proposal of all an integrated technology that can be implemented into the business, along with the proposed cost from us.

Depending on the client’s decision to proceed with the proposal with us is up to the client and is not obliged to carry on with the digital consultation suggestions.

What do we consult on?

These are the main facets of a business that we look at while doing our digital transformation consultation.

Business Activities or Business Functions

Firstly, business activities or business functions. These include marketing, operations, human resources, administration, customer service, etc. These are internal processes that can be improved to fully utilise or put resources to the best use using the help of digital like mobile apps, web apps, cloud computing, etc. Some of these mobile apps or web-based solutions are built off-the-shelves, some of these are custom made. Depending on what the client requires, we have the solutions!


Business Processes

Next, we look at the business processes of a company. These are the main functions of a company which is what the company mainly does to get revenue. In this segment comes automation of processes, optimisation of business processes, and also a mix of customer-facing interactions that can be improved. These are just some ways that digital consultation and digital transformation can aid with businesses in moving forward in the 21st century. Digital transformation can be able to bring companies to new levels, open up new paradigms in the management, and push innovation in these corporations.

Business Model

We also look at the business model of a business. With the help of our digital consultation, we can also propose some new business models that can be implemented with the technology that we provide. Companies would be able to offer new services or value-added services as new forms of revenue streams which might improve the revenue of the company in the long run. Digital Consultation is not just about mobile apps, but also a whole integrated system to be implemented into the business. We are most happy to be able to share our ideas of how different sets of technologies can help create new products and new strategies of how companies generate revenue.

We helped a factory to develop a QR code mobile app inventory management system where the staffs of the company can scan a QR code on an inventory and get more details on it (stock left, data of stock in, etc.). We also helped them build a factory management system where they can track each projects that they are in progress and also to log every process in-outs from each department. This is to enhance productivity and to get better data of the company to see which part of the company is lacking out and falling behind. Supervisors will also get notified if any department is falling behind, and supervisors will then manage the factory more effectively.

We also helped a construction company to build reporting systems to better manage the project. During our digital consultation, we analysed the business process flow of the company and how they are getting the status of the projects that the construction company has on hand. Since construction companies mainly gain profits with progressive claims, we helped to effectively generate reports for claims and allow their customers to better understand the status of the projects remotely. This is done through our digital consultation, and after we have proposed mobile app solutions for the company. After implementation of the app, companies need not constantly be physically present and the site anymore.

Let’s get started

Digital consulting for companies has become a buzzword. Be ahead of your competitors and sign up for a digital transformation consultation today! Let our digital consultants assess your company and bring it to new heights. SleekDigital aims to be the leading digital consultancy in Singapore and we are constantly growing our clientele to help bring businesses forward. Digital consulting is our passion and we are not stopping at “good enough”, we are always here to deliver quality ideas to our clients. Schedule a digital consultation today!

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