Mobile apps are the trendiest technology as it gets of modern times. People both young and old are more interested towards new apps ideas with sleek user interface. App development can comes in all shape and screen sizes, not to mention for different Operating Systems as well, among them, 3 are most prominent in the market, namely Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. User understands the idea that which apps are conveying through their screen design and usability, but as for developing the app, developers have many options lying around on the table.

In this article, I want to look in the app technologies used as per app development in particular and select which on is best for the business model. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of app development technologies, native, hybrid and web apps. Let’s make a basic understanding of all these and have a brief inspection of the technology behind it.


Native apps

Native apps A native app or native application refers to the program that has been developed using host device native components and features. A native app is built on host devices’ natural language which consists of a certain programming language. This method in app development process was firstly introduced after the mobile device was launch. Since the native app is entirely developed on host platform’s programming language, it has the ability to use, the device hardware and software components directly. A native mobile app can take benefit from latest technologies and embedded electronics components with the device such as GPS and camera.

iPhone and android app development can also be made through native programming, as Android uses Java language and iOS understand Objective-C. A mobile developer can easily distinguish while seeing the code. Supposedly, if the code is written in java, the app is for Android or if the code is written in objective-C, the app is for iOS.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps Like native apps is build using host platform’s OS programming language and made for single OS for a same time, hybrid apps uses web development technologies. A hybrid app are primarily composed of web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript which is wrapped inside a thin layer of native container to use the mobile platform’s native features within like accessing camera, GPS etc. The best part of hybrid app development is that it can be used for cross-platform, meaning, the HTML, JavaScript and CSS are considered to be web development languages from which an app is being made.

All the devices can understand web apps and though using layer of container as a View controller, the hybrid apps can have all the benefits of a native app without compromising design and aesthetic artwork. Android and iPhone apps development if combined can increase up the total cost of the development, but using a hybrid technology, we can create application one time for all devices thus saving money and time. It’s the best option for enterprises who want to release app for both the app stores for maximum benefit.

Web apps

Web apps Web apps works only in website, but their looks and feel are like a native application when developed for a mobile phone. Web apps must be executed in browsers since; the technologies can be understood by a browser for web apps like HTML5. Web apps can’t be installed in the mobile device’s memory, instead, they are stored in server, where they are hosting and user can only bookmark the web apps through their browsers. A web apps has all the functions for making visually perfect, and mostly a user can never believe that it’s made for a browser rather than a native mobile app. In case of data handling and management, web apps have a mixed methods to perform, which all are far from perfect. Since web apps dated long back since 1999, many web app developers can use this technology to get to the next level of mobile app development using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


Conclusion If you are an enthusiast and wanted to create an app that works like you’ve planned without any hiccups, native is your best bet. But if you are an enterprise that is looking to capture more app penetration market as possible with spending less time and money, then hybrid or web apps can be certainly work out for you.

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