When people are looking to hire a mobile app developer, there are only two options a client can opt for, either to hire a mobile app development company or freelance app developer in Singapore.

When going with the later, we need to understand it without any reservation that a freelance application developer in Singapore is the cheapest solution we can go with. The main reason for its low cost is because a freelance developer in Singapore works alone, and without any security of like a backup plan.

This article is directed towards the question, of whether a freelance developer in Singapore develops large projects for large companies.

How a freelance app developer in Singapore works?

With the most important question we can ask clients who are looking to hire a mobile app developer for their projects, how does a freelance app developer in Singapore works.

Generally speaking, the purpose of this article to help people understand what we are getting from our amount and what to expect without any surprises coming to our ways.

Below are some of the things we can expect in a freelance gig, more importantly with the mobile app development as the required project.

  • Tentative project timeline

It’s a good practice and in some cases quite necessary to understand the project timeline. Usually nothing too fancy, but the important thing to consider is the time required for the project and how the project breakdown has been executed.

This piece of information can be obtained through a normal Gantt chart or a simple spreadsheet with necessary columns. A freelance mobile app developer in Singapore can too make this document upon request, but depending on the complexity, its quite evident that the entire development process as per the project timeline is tentatively provided, which means we can’t completely trust the document as its usually designed based on developer’s initial understanding of the project.

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  • No security

Security in mobile app development is sometimes considered an important feature which many clients are hoping to have but not looking to avail.

The security means, based on the unavailability of a mobile app developer, or any disruptions at the midway of the project, the mobile app company will ensure that the project is completed, despite the increased amount of development time, but it will be complete nonetheless.

For freelance app developer in Singapore, this feature cannot be obtained, since the single resource if become unavailable for any reason, the client has to find a new resource all from the start, which only adds up more frustrations.

  • No warranty

A mobile app development once completed from the hands of a freelance mobile app developer in Singapore has no warranty, through which the client can claim and make more changes based on its requirement.

This heavy commitment can only be followed through a sound mobile app development company, which is responsible for providing solid app development features throughout its timeline.

  • Development time might rise

Since a freelance mobile app developer in Singapore provides development services single-handedly, its quite rare if a mobile app is completed on time. Practically speaking, the mobile app development can incur countless roadblocks and all of these disruptions will only add more time into the total development basket.

When we say exactly for a mobile app development company, the time is better handled through a sound project manager, managing everything, from small updates to large ones.

The goal here is to ensure that mobile app developers and clients are always on one page, and no assumptions are being made in any way possible.

  • Bugs fix dangers

The bugs fixes do take a lot of time to get perfected, especially during the project testing phase. Often it’s observed that a freelance developer in Singapore gets unmotivated as the project time increases and by the time the testing period starts, handling all the issues promptly gets really in the way of an optimum development and mobile app development solution as a whole.

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When to hire a freelance app developer in Singapore?

The real reason in writing this article is not to undermine from the fact that freelance developer in Singapore is not a good option for our mobile app development projects.

In the second part, we will explain in detail why it’s quite important to understand the benefits of hiring a freelance app developer in Singapore and who can take the most benefits out of it.

  • Small companies

For companies with minimum budgets as well as the low expectation from a mobile app, hiring a freelance developer in Singapore is the best solution one can opt for.

  • Startups

Do you want to try out your new idea and create a start-up from the foundation of it? Hiring a freelance developer in Singapore is the best bet since it cost low and not a lot of risks involved. Plus you can go right in the development phase without any wait.

  • Low-cost projects

Generally speaking, mobile app developments are usually more directed towards a freelance app developer in Singapore when the budget is low. It can be for any reason, even a big company with low-cost projects could try out a freelance for a change.

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