Mobile apps are providing us with an abundance of support and assistance corresponding to any field of life, such as entertainment, music, online corporation, or connecting with people. In short, the mobile application is making our lives easier and more advanced at the same time. The technology has integrated with ourselves to such an extent that any real-life problem is presented in front of us, we first question ourselves, is there an app already made for its solution.

Booking app provides considerable benefits for the customers and business by creating an easier option to book or schedule something in advance. These booking apps deliver a lot of services which serve across a wide, diversify industries such as travel, food and beverage, medical, cinemas, transportation and accommodations. Basically, a booking app establishes an organized method for your booking process. Additionally, it will help you to come on board with your clients through comprehensive engagement, develop loyalty, produce more revenues for your business and enhance more possibility of reservations.

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Booking app provides convenience

According to a report published by Hospitalitynet, over 49% of the booking is now performed using a mobile phone. In the UK alone, over 45% of people manage all activities for their travel, such as researching, booking rooms and tickets all using mobile phones with ease. People are beginning to download apps which provide a restaurant booking service. According to a US survey, about 25% of people have at least one app installed on their mobile phones intended for restaurant booking. Out of which, millennials tend to download 2.3 apps related to restaurant booking service.

In today’s fast-moving era, people find difficulties in booking in advance using a phone call or by visiting the place before. At some places, the booking seats for movies are still done through manual ticket booths, which not only add up discomfort to the customers but increase the expenditures for unreliable waiting of customers and additional staff members.

A lot of business can reap benefits from providing service to book online in advance. For simplicity, the customer only needs to book using a mobile app and the end, just need to show up at the designation place on the ultimate schedule. The booking app for business is doubtlessly a necessity in today’s fast-moving times. There is some business which provides booking service in the form of a website, although it’s not a bad idea to do so, it has been observed in general perspective that customers when are in need to book something in advance are in the rush of getting things done. And if a website has too many checkpoints or hurdles in the way, the customer will subsequently drop their booking service from his preferential list. The mobile app, on the other hand, is fueled up and ready to ignite without any unnecessary complications, so the need for developing a booking app for mobile phones always bring about the right measures.

The best case study to understand how successful is booking app is in modern society is by analyzing Uber service. A simple app capable to produce a multi-billion dollar company by providing fast and reliable booking service for transportation has ignited a tendency for more advancement in this domain. Subsequently, more companies are joining hands in revolutionizing the taxi booking service in particular due to the impulse of a potential market for customers willing to invest in Apps like Uber and Grab Taxi.

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The current trend of mobile phones has enabled the businesses to press on in the mobile app development due to the increasing number of potential customers. It has been observed that although booking app for business is raised to a lot of numbers in recent years still many entrepreneurs have joined this digital transformation just yet. It is only practical to provide a convenience factor for your customers and get ahead of your competitors because making the process easy for your clients will take your business a long way. Not to mention the global market would also be in your reach which ultimately increases your revenues to a greater extent.

Features to include in a booking app

Before jumping down on features that a booking app must include to create a best possible experience for users, it is important to understand that developing mobile apps for booking is not as easy as it sounds. The automatic schedule management on paper creating quite a trouble for business, so its only fair to imagine that challenges will exist on making it for a mobile app. But these technical aspect is something of your tech team need to tackle, a business, on the other hand, has a task to make sure the UI/UX must be so skillfully set, that users would become used to it without any distress. To achieve the same goal, we will provide you with some must-have features for a booking app, to get noticed more quickly among your competitors. But it is also important to keep your users view in mind and their suggestions for the future recommendation, because as it has been proven again and again that customers are always right.

Facility to create a new account

In principle, your booking app must be equipped with user registration feature within the app in order for new customers to add login details and add itself to your database. This feature carries a sense of personalization for the users which further creates these advantages for your customers.

– After the user has successfully created an account for themselves, they can add appointments and save them inside their app as well as on the cloud, thus removing the need of any external to-do list to manage date and time for advance booking.

– Based on your customers booking history and what they usually prefer, your system could provide suggestions to your user as per their search history. This method is achieved by incorporating machine learning into your mobile application which will analyze the data from their history and suggest related services to the user to choose from, which will ultimately increase your sales.

– Judging by your customer’s frequent app use, you can provide special loyalty programs for your users. These programs will be generated automatically, based on your user’s usage frequency. This loyalty programs may include special discounted rates, or even providing a free service for your most loyal client. This method will not only provide some relief to your customers but also help your business to grow its user base conveyed by your customer’s recommendations.

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Keen, flawless and intuitive design

Successful Mobile apps have always emphasized greatly on their design aesthetics. The reason for this uniformity in strategy is the app, no matter how much functionality has and can make your life easier, if not presented well will go to waste. Users want to switch to a new technology only because it will make their life easier. Creating confusion and irritation through complicated design structure will only add up the difficulty to your customer and will entitle your app to be a failure.

The design basic requirement has always remained primitive for the start, which is to create a design that brings about convenience to people in any way possible. Keeping your objective in mind, for booking an appointment, your app should be focused to minimum hassle in between the final target. The app design should incorporate automation, and ask for as little information from the user as possible. Besides the design, you should apply a pleasing color pallet combination which allows users to blend easily in from of their eyes and remove any chance of displeasure. Also, the transition between app screens should be made smooth and natural to have the maximum impact of each page and the information inside it.

Your user’s feedback will help to play a pivotal role in improving the design and user experience of your app. So make sure you should keep on asking the recommendations from your clients and formulate your app design accordingly.

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Capability to provide review feature

There will be scenarios where people looking out for new booking apps to try it out for the first time. When they actually do it, the first find out the design and presentation of the app, which is always secondary. For booking app, the attribute which holds the most points among user’s aptitude to make it a primary booking app for future use is the ability to read and post reviews. The booking app with this feature is of no use to customers.

We usually found in actual restaurants or service center to leave our reviews or feedback to the management. This is something related to the organization to deal with. The user review open to the world, readable to the public provide a second layer of aptitude among your potential clients who are about to use your mobile app, as well as competitors. A good review is far greater than a million spend on app design. If you manage to provide as little on another aspect of the app, but provide a fast and natural functionality to set up a user review and star rating mechanism, it will increase your sales drastically. Make sure the review system is integrated through Facebook and Google to give you some insight if a user finds your service through the Google search engine or Facebook platform.

The review also helps to gain trust between clients and service provider. It creates a sense of originality among the masses that the service which your business provides is flawless. Sometimes, your user will be unhappy with your service, so negative reviews will also help you to gain the insight on what’s missing from your business model and possibilities to improve it further.

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Plan out straightforward booking action

The mobile app must follow a simple and candid approach to display the intended objective for this user, which is to book a service in advance, either it’s for a restaurant, transport or any particular service. User appreciates Call to Action buttons which are easy to find, prominently colorized and provide a sense of achievement in the end.  Your businesses should cover up all unnecessary requirements from the user which could use up their time and energy, instead, app design must be formulated to reassure the customers to go towards a call to action as soon as the app starts.

To achieve this straightforwardness for your call to action button placement, you need to spend some time understanding the nature of your business by what primary information does your client has to provide before actually proceed with the booking process. Once the design has been evaluated properly, the button placement should be located at the prime location without any scrolling response. The button which does all the heavy lifting must be large in size, prominent and fires up a fancy animation after it has been pressed to provide a feeling of accomplishment to the user.

Social media integration

This feature is a must-have for every mobile app in general and booking app in particular. The biggest reason for its importance is to fast forward the marketing activity for your business. You will always have a limited number of people using your app if social media integration is not provided. The sharing of the app has a powerful effect in the social media domain. People who are happy with your product, want to share with their friends and family thus increasing your clients. Specifically, a social media sharing functionality provides 2 benefits to the business.

– Users in Social media will notice your booking app

– Users will understand the nature of service your business is offering.

Along with the social media sharing functionality, adding a review along increase the overall effective of people to people marketing strategy, besides, your loyal clients will always be your biggest assets.

An assortment of payment gateways

A different mode of payment options increases the chance for your user to book your app in greater frequency. It is a general perspective among app users that reliable payment options add the authenticity to the app, such as the availability of PayPal, credit card or even bitcoin, creates an environment for your users to easily pay up using their preferred mode of the option. Hence it is the responsibility of business to integrate mixed payment options to cover as many users as possible.

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User support system

Your booking app is directed to work as a middleman between clients and your service. Although the app provides huge convenience to your users but practically speaking, there may be times when your client need a personal touch for support related queries. To cater to this rare dispute, your app must have a customer support system ready to solve the issue for your customers. The system may include calling the customer representative, or engaging in an online chatting session, both of these methods will assist your customer to solve their queries, but the important concept to understand for business is to make customer support system rapid and smart in order to provide a solution to your clients.

Recommended features

The above-mentioned features for your mobile app should be considered as primary or must have during developing a booking app for your business. When we talk about additional features to make your customers have an amazing user experience and increase the interest to the user the app in greater frequency, the sky is the limit. Here, we would like to provide some good-to-have features for your booking app to include to grab an edge over your competitors.

Currency changer

Your app must have an option to switch between different currencies for customers. This method will help your customer to quickly find out the rates in term of international standards otherwise, the only option left is to manually type the rates in Google exchange rates to find the market value, which adds up frustration towards your users.


As booking app primary deals with advance booking system ahead of time, it is possible that people may forget the scheduled time. Though the alert system is a necessary feature in a booking app, but not still not wise to clutter up your application with a number of alerts. Have a median approach in this regards, show up the up-coming appointment as alert or some good discounts offered by a booking service in the form of push notification.

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Store data in the cloud

There are times when you will repeatedly booking a same restaurant or hotel, so adding information, again and again, is not a good strategy. Saving your history and information on the cloud saves time and also safeguard from any unprecedented circumstances, like if your app is deleted from your system etc. Simply signing up to your account will pull all the data from the cloud into your app goes a long way to provide a solid user experience.

Start developing a booking app for your business

Interested in developing a booking app for your service? We at SleekDigital provide all the necessary service for B2B mobile development and marketing that will not only increase your business sale to a greater extent but also improve your productivity with the help of digital transformation. It is important for every service provider to have his very own booking app to increase the market presence and provide maximum convenience to your customers.


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