There is a various startup with an excellent idea about their business but not enough budget to carry out like the big companies. If you need assistance from a software design company in Singapore, here’s s list that helps startups to have their software at the most competitive prices.

Our list provides 9 companies’ information as well as what services are provided by them so that a startup could contact any one of them for their software build works.

Sleek Digital

Sleek Digital is an app development company that focuses on next-gen solutions such as enterprise apps aimed to transform their business model.

If a startup has an idea that needs to be translated into an app or web, Sleek Digital is the right company for the job.

Their cost is most competitive which is what many startup companies prefer as having an app development team for your product means you need to retain their services for several years.


The technology is going in an extremely fast pace, and to catch up with it, the company which aims to provide digital solution should readily offer services to back up technological revolutions instead pace.

One X Tech is a software design company in Singapore that has a vast amount of experience producing software for a company belonging to a different sector.

Some services include custom apps and web development while using the most popular technology like React JS, Graph QL, Node JS, and such.

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Agile Lab

A startup might have an idea that requires out-of-the-box thinking. To ensure that the idea is converted into physical technology, you need experienced individuals for the job.

One such software design company in Singapore which offers an excellent resource for technology is Agile Lab.

As you can expect, Agile Lab offer solutions from App, and web development along with startup solution, API development, blockchain, and payment integration.

To get the most out of the information age, a business has to move fast and effectively to have a definite place in the world. Agile Lab is a good partner of technology that help you go there with great success.

TechTiq Solutions

Many startups need a digital transformation from start, that’s why they increase their sales quickly when compared to someone with outdated features.

If you are looking for consultation for improving digital transformation along with app and web custom development solutions, a software design company in Singapore that’s right for the job is TechTiq Solutions.

Another service that TechTiq Solutions offers for businesses that prove fruitful in managing terms is IT staffing if a company needs in-house development experts.

SuhaSoft Pte Ltd

When finding a professional software design company in Singapore, one thing any startup should see is how good are their past work.

Depending on this feature, we could understand the nature of their excellence and have eased on minds about choosing the right company.

One such software design company in Singapore is SuhaSoft Pte Ltd which offers services in the domain of Mobile, App, and eCommerce development.


There are times when startups need the service of 3D modeling. As the technology going forward with heaps and bounds, the world of 3D printing design offers a variety of different business opportunity which could be capitalized.

The software design company in Singapore that aims to offer 3D printing and solutions is ECSS. A solution like 3D printing, 3D scanner, 3D software design according to the needs of the industry is something people could go for.

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What does any startup business needs the moment they have decided to open themselves into the world. A website.

Not just website, but along with it, we need marketing, both in social and searching along with email marketing towards large organizations.

With a dedicated app for a startup, it ultimately compliments the website and improves the customer retaining chance in a better way. If you need such a solution all within a single window, VVCares seems to be the right option.

Hipster Inc

Software is as good as the developer who develops it. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right software design company in Singapore for your startup in the long run. Something like Hipster Inc who knows about app development, custom software works, and various IT services in great detail.


Interested in a dedicated app development team company in Singapore? Applify has been offering its services for several years with an excellent track record. With a great portfolio and immerse work experience, they are regarded as gurus of app development in Singapore.