App Development is on the verge of a quantum leap as time passes on. According to the statistics from Play store and App store, there is a total of 5 million apps currently being deployed so far. If we talk about future predictions and the graph for more app being developed, so there is no stopping to it. By the year 2020, the number of apps would reach 8 million, with a growth rate of 30% each year. Besides this number of mobile app in the market, there is app developer statistics as well, as compared to revenue generated. Without a doubt, the app makes revenues through various channels, which helps the developer to make more amazing apps and businesses to grow further. The graph for the developer’s revenue also shows a prominent upward response in the coming years. Hence from all these reduced statistics reports, there is plenty of opportunity for app developers, businesses, startups and customers that will take advantage of these mobile apps.

Now what’s left is to find an idea about the mobile app, although it sounds simple experience has realized that it’s the hardest part of a mobile app development life cycle. There are many possibilities for people to make a head start when visualizing about the app idea, either you make an out of the box fresh idea, which has never been done before, or goes with an existing app idea and makes it more awesome. The competition out there is intense and people are fully prepared to give you a hard time if you make any sort of mistake by choosing a usual set of mobile app ideas. It is to understand the mechanics of app idea selection, that mobile app development takes time to reach to its final form, so while deciding about the app idea, it’s important to think about some time into the future and answer yourself, would this app idea still work? It’s just one consideration among many others, which is a secondary topic to be discussed.

Many businesses and startup often utilize most of their resources into building a team, managing environment, choosing and train their developers and other more technically based exercises. Most of the specialized and technologically based consultation has been explained many times, though, technology is a topic which continuously needs review and updates as it inevitable for technology to become better and faster. What most people lack is concrete homework in order to select an app idea which would possess must have properties such as functionality, reality, acceptance, helpful, achievable and based on existing technology.

We have gathered some amazing mobile app ideas that will go to be trendy in the year 2019. All these apps idea are not new and have been in works or have been working for quite some time, but that the beauty of technology, it gets better and faster. Here is some good mobile apps idea for 2019 that would take your next business or startup to the next heights.

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VR based Interior design app

This mobile idea has been around the app stores for some time, which have shown a positive response from the masses. The apps provide an Augmented Reality environment based on your room design. Some apps have followed the design on their apps and tablets is to prompt the user to take a picture of his room, then with just no time, the app will handle all the interior decoration related work for you. Some companies and app developers have VR and AR into the mix, by helping the customers to decide which furniture to choose from, through AR and VR. Through this technology, people are really relieved and elated towards this app. For new business or startups finding a better app idea, they can vouch to go with AR/VR interior design app through the collaboration with furniture manufacturers or interior design studios.

Book Reviews and recommendation app

This idea has not been done before, so it may have good potential to be the next big thing. For all those book readers visiting book fairs or libraries, they often take out a new book and skim a few pages and understand the basic synopsis of the book. What would be best if there would a feature which gives those reviews stats or rating it received from the online community around the world? It will not only speed up the process of selecting a book but would also help the book marketers to promote their book into the online store at their earliest to get reviews from the community. This mobile app idea proposes to take a snapshot of the book cover and in the result, the app provides all the reviews and recommendations to the user. The reviews can be fetched from 3rd party data sources such as GoodReads, Amazon or related sites.

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VR jewelry Try on the app

This app will go well with an e-commerce jewelry store that provides this service. The mobile app consists of a section which urges users to try on a virtual model of the jewelry through Augmented reality and decide whether it suits you or not. Using the help of a mobile camera, the AR can articulate the jewelry into its correct position using face recognition or, AR could also take your picture and then show a variety of jewelry over the picture, thus making the user experience more robust.

Application for Elderly 

The mobile app is getting smarter day by day through Artificial intelligence and internet connectivity. The app also plays a role of a virtual assistant to many users by providing simple tasks such as reminder app, notes check app, medical related apps etc. Besides these generic apps to help the users, there is a large part of our society which is highly depended on external support, either through individual help or technological assistance, is our elderly. Mobile apps ideas which cater some assistance requirements for the elderly will be highly praised and acknowledged by the society. These Apps could come with any concept which focused on providing relief to the elderly in any form, such as a reminder about their medicine, arranging their bills and date for expiry to remember, listing down groceries, or list down an emergency contact number for services.

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Goods Exchanging app

Mobile apps and e-commerce go side by side which have received a high amount of reception in the past decades. There are many forms of e-commerce available in the market, one of which is called a simple barter exchanging service. This type of app usually deals with C2C, so exchanging their unused things to other may sound like a next big thing. People often exchange their properties with others through social media or other chatting apps, but for a dedicated purpose, the mobile app idea may receive good respect among the users

Advanced Contact List

Users are connected through multiple social accounts and their primary contact number. Inside our mobile phones, we have a simple contact dialer that looks up the user’s phone number or WhatsApp number and dialed it up. To check their social media activity, he has to log in and see through manual labor. A mobile app idea combines all the contact endpoints of a user through multiple social media and links it with an app. Right next to the contact name; the app will incorporate its name, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This app idea will help the user to quickly remain connected with one another.

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Wish Shop

Many e-commerce apps provide the feature of a cart basket and additional function which helps the user to remember its product later when he is going to buy it, is called wish list. Although, the purpose of the wish list is simply saving the product as your favorites and nothing more. The mobile app idea extends the purposes of the wish list to a greater extent. A mobile app may contain a feature that could provide an incentive to the suppliers by understanding what a customer is asking to buy? Through a Wish Shop, the customer can write about a product, or upload a picture to it to give a clue to all the manufacturers and suppliers that website need a specific product on hand.

Hobby based Community app

Social media main purpose is to connect people, without any filter for like-minded people. There should be a place, where people can join in and communicate by sharing ideas and thoughts, gaining plenty of insight both through the experience of others and sharing once own. Such community app would be an amazing mobile app idea which focuses on interest-based keywords such as swimming, video games, businesses, art, and craft, where people would join in and correspond together under the same flag. These apps can also show off most trending interest based on a number of participants and also share images, videos and various posts from big social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Travel and Itineraries Apps

Learning about places through the lens of a traveler is always appreciated and fascinated because the content that has been uploaded by the first timer vs. an all-seasoned travel adviser has a bit of personal touch to it. The mobile app can really help to provide sufficient information about any place as it’s always with the traveler, and a user can keep a close track towards his itineraries and guide for a particular place. This mobile app idea has been lurking around the market but hasn’t been able to get enough development, so what it implies is that this department is lacking creativity. Your next future app could fill all the missing holes for a travel and itinerary app which offers amazing features such as filter based content about any location through various parameters. like distance traveled by foot, Budget limit, transportation etc.

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Board game app

Many people may be familiar with a board game of any kind, playing in their childhood. After the inception of technology, board games have become an ancient piece of entertainment, but haven’t been forgotten still. Now, after the mobile phone era, a board game app could really put a smile on people’s face; make them land back to the memory train of flashback when they were playing together with their friends and family. Using multiplayer mode or playing with an AI, board game app is bound to get recognize especially by new users and users that are already accustomed to playing it.

Time value estimator app

This idea is a good suggestion for people especially working on hour based projects. A mobile app, which calculates your hour rates based on your experience, workload, and country selected, it will propose a costing of your hour. The app also handles a calculator for counting total cost of the project based by your hourly rates, the time is taken to complete a task and for the more advanced part, it can track your work schedule, make priorities between different projects and evaluate your budgeting and expenses. This type of app is best suited for people who prefer to micromanage their work with complete documentation.

Christmas Wishlist

For children, Christmas means presents and gifts and if parents or their loved one buys something they love, it will make them even happier. An idea based on this concept would be appreciated by creating a wish list based app. User or children, in particular, add presents or products from various stores into their wish list throughout the year. The app would be connected with the family members and they can see the entire project list and make certain actions on it, such as book the present in advance, collect more gifts with a special discount etc. The app can also provide some limited time offers to users such as free gift wrapping paper, or discount cards.

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Find a product by the image

Google does it through image copy paste, but if an app has this ability, it could just snapshot an object with its camera and the app can bring out the search result. This app will help to find related products based on the image if the name was not clear or the user doesn’t have time to ask people for its name, a wonderful app idea for startups.

Friend rating app

Everyone is involved in using social media platforms through which they make friends, interact and get socialized. But what’s missing is the friend rating mechanism which would help rate his friends based on his traits such as appearance, behavior, character, humor etc. The rating provided by people would be hidden from the user, thus making it anonymous for everyone, a fun mobile app that would be really popular among girls and teenagers.

Recipe matching app

Mobile app capable to provide culinary recipes based on ingredients you add from a list. The items could be random or available stock in your fridge; the app would parse data from hundreds of culinary websites that matches similar item names and provide you recommendation recipes. You can also make restriction based on calorie limit. This mobile app idea would be suited for housewives who find troublesome to cook a different meal each day.

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AR Environment design app

Based on the AR/VR technology, similarly as mentioned above for apartments and rooms interior decoration, Mobile apps can also provide design layouts for landscape and outdoor environment. The possibilities for exterior design is limitless as you can provide basic design templates for parks, background play areas, wedding halls, swimming pools, barbecue parties, family days out etc.

Travel Guide App

There is an existing problem when people looking out for an in-depth guide for their home city. There are numerous apps in the market which provide preliminary guides for cities to get started, best for a foreigner or visitor going to the most popular places. For a city roamer, they are looking for more than that. You can provide this service by creating a mobile app with user feed input based on trademarks such as restaurants, local market, and best route to take in rush hours, short road tracks, mechanics, and small clinics nearby. Creating this app would be would a challenge but rest assured, it’s a million dollar idea.

Checklist based on templates

Any checklist app basic idea is to break down a task and tracks its completion by checking what’s been done. Almost all the apps provide a generic checklist template for every task. Wouldn’t be great if your app can offer a thematic checklist based on the tasks at hand, such as grocery shopping, project completion, daily routine, packing for a trip, picnic excursions or shopping spree. This type of mobile app would be proving beneficial for a lot of people.

A car as a Service app

Ever heard of car rentals? Well, a person can rent a car from car dealers, but if you want to rent a car from car owners directly without any middleman, you can Car as a Service model. This app idea is on the highlight for quite some time, and necessary actions are being taken into place but still, it hasn’t been implemented so far. As a startup, this type of service would really benefit people to rent a car as per hours or days and provided necessary features into it, which could safeguard the interest of car owner as well as provide better and cheap service to the user.

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