In the domain of mobile app development, Internet of Things (IoT) has gained immense popularity among the masses. Through IoT, people are connecting with each other which in result assist them in solving their everyday problems in great flexibility and without any trouble. Through the use of electronic gadgets, such as a laptop, camera, mobile, chip, device etc can reduce human intervention significantly and involve the support of a machine. So let’s go into details about how IoT will improve our lives in the world of mobile phones.

Defining IoT 

IoT is all around us and is being in action while you are reading this article. In fact, in today’s time, it’s quite difficult or nearly impossible to live without IoT being adopted into our lives. But this entire aside, what actually does IoT means? Internet of Things is a concept which refers to the inter-connectivity among different devices used to supply, and process information for the purpose of benefiting us, humans. The important thing to understand for IoT is that human intervention is disregard in the loop, thus making the machine to machine principle as the prime concept being the bearing force in this account. As we understand the theoretical explanation for IoT, how will the devices connect and communicate with each other? All this done through 2 ways only, either through wired or wireless. For example, you can either connect your device with a twisted pair, coaxial or Ethernet cable, while for wireless, use if Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular or NFC will be used for this purpose.

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Benefits of IoT

Anything can be better understood if actual figures are in consideration. For IoT and its popularity, the report from Statista suggests that by 2020, the World Wide investment for IoT will reach to over $6 Trillion with over 34 billion users being connected with each other. Businesses, in particular, can gain tremendous benefits from IoT as its integral to get as much information about your audience as you can, which can assist you greatly to provide the services as targeted as possible.

As per the statistics mentioned above, all the major investment will be targeted towards application development in the field of IoT. Businesses have realized the booming number of Mobile devices being used across the globe and after the induction of 4G technology, there is no better opportunity to invest in mobile app development than it is now. The industry requires a lot more of innovations which are only looking forward to more problem solving and assisting humans for living a more productive and well-resulted life. Below are some reasons which will help the businesses to get interested in investing in the IoT application.

Productivity and Efficiency

Applications which corporate the use of Internet of Things has embarked its way towards countless wonders in our daily lives. Above all of these features, the factor of increasing productivity and efficiency tops the list as IoT benefits. After the introduction of various devices, on-board with state-of-the-art sensors, have really made it possible to connect and propagate data across the border with ease. The automation is now possible through IoT when information and machine interconnect with each other in return provides a boost in regular activities that are being done by human intervention, is now easily completed through the help of technology.

Not only the efficiency has increased, but along it, the cost has further decreased because of the production that the automation provides through less human action in the process. To understand it through an example, IoT application and data interpolation can really benefit transportation and freight services using an integrated Supply Chain Management.

Benefit for employees

The employee is the greatest assets of any organization and to provide an incentive for them, meaning improving one’s business indirectly. Besides the advantages of IoT in quality control and system process, employees can also profit from the use of IoT in their lives. Below are some benefits for the hired personnel.

– Through IoT application, employees can get real-time updates and information

– Replying to any query as soon as possible

– Effectiveness and productivity is increased

– Managing tasks remotely and manages it in a more systematized manner.

The benefits for employees are uncountable which they received through IoT applications, but more importantly, employees can have a positive mindset while working on your tasks with reduced stress and minimum distractions.

Amazing possibilities for startups

IoT applications have a tremendous outlook for startups which are looking to provide services to customer and businesses alike. For those startups which are exclusively providing Business to Business (B2B) venture, should definitely develop apps that focus on IoT applications. The reason for these smart and innovative solutions for startups is mainly to attract large organizations and potential clients towards their services, as it is observed that IoT apps are more profitable for startups than developing standard apps which are published in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If a startup has successfully created an IoT based application, there is a huge opportunity in the mobile app market to get engaged with better monetization schemes or for the least acquire funding for your future developments.

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Continuous Feedback

Technology is all about fast-paced action, and IoT is aimed to set the bar even higher through a successful digital transformation model between businesses and customers. It is evident that businesses must improve their services according to the customer feedback, and if received it with any delay or miscommunication is present in their business model, it will prove to be devastation for everyone in result great losses have to be incurred by the organization. IoT has the tendency to improve the communication gap between the customers and the service providers, thus retaining client satisfaction, better feedback and real-time complain handing. It is quite imperative for a business to adopt IoT into their business model as the survival of every business is possible through a solid business-to-customer relationship.

Remote task handling 

Through IoT technologies, you can be everywhere without going anywhere, all thanks to the devices and their integration using sophisticated mobile applications. You can keep tracking your equipment, employees, your workspace all from the comfort of your home, in fact from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection and you are all set to go. IoT not only tracks and provide real-time information about a stationary site but even using an online tracking system and GPS, you can easily monitor your employees working outdoors.

Reduce uncertainty

Equipment and components of anything man-made depreciate from time, which needs replacement or repairs in an adequate manner. Its quite a challenge for a person to remember every item, machinery, equipment or components being used in his company and keep a record on his operating hours and depreciation status. Using IoT and through suitable technology, it can provide a complete report about equipment being used in your premises and also issue a comprehensive notification about when it’s going to depreciate its lifespan. This is a tremendous problem being faced by numerous owners, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders, especially in the manufacturing sector, where the use of equipment is far higher than the rest of industries. The IoT based application will provide you with continuous updates about any issue arises inside a machine that is equipped with an IoT powered hardware. The machine to machine interface will give a detail information about the component state and if required can notify concern vendor and raise an order purchase about the equipment without any human intervention.

Not only for industries, but IoT application can also be used in households to provide information about any faulty appliance and or malfunctioning equipment. The market will definitely show their interest in referring this piece of technological advancement through expanding market potential and welcomes buyers towards your idea.

Next level production growth

Through IoT, it is evident to increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction, which are vital for any business or service. Additionally, its traits for being the next level technological advancement in the face of the Earth has provided more benefits to all the businesses which use IoT as a primary process mechanism in their business model. This way, not only you will experience an abrupt growth in production, but it will be fruitful for an economic, social, environmental and technologically improved technique for every business. With more advancements coming into our lives through technology, IoT is considered to be at the forefront which will boundlessly be aimed to change how we think, act and do business around us which will not only improve our lives for the better but also improve people around us through the positive use of digital transformation.

Practical use of IoT

After understanding the silent features and benefits of the Internet of Things and how will it improves our business standards, it’s time to investigate those industries where IoT is being already implemented and provided them amazing outputs. Through these fast-paced era, where competing for your business rival has turned its toll in short of a challenge, IoT provides positive results by improving their standard of managing businesses, increasing productivity, increasing revenue and reducing costs. Let’s review some of the top industries and how IoT is being implemented by them.

Automotive industry

IoT has defined a new paradigm to the automotive industry that spans from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) to handling intense deadlines and reach their customer’s expectations. The pressure that automotive industry experience is in the extremity so making sure every department cohesively works parallel with each other and in tandem with the automotive process a manufacturer maps out for them.

In another perspective, IoT has greater benefits on the actual roads where vehicle operates. The use of technology has not only provided a spectacular concept of digital networking, which helps to develop the autonomous vehicle, but also reduced traffic density and increased the quality of lives of the people. All of the processes is possible through IoT with accompanying devices and sensors that work together to form an artificial mesh of sophisticated Machine to Machine communication.

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Retail industry

The prospect of retail industry with IoT has no bounds whatsoever when coupled them together. To begin with, retail starts with inventory management and tracking the delivery of salesmen and products on time. IoT through inter-connected mobile apps, with a central database, provides information such as out-of-stock products directly to the salesperson and their respective departments for the procurement of goods. Not only that, the retail owner can identify the sale record of the item based on their trend, cross-sell, external referencing or based on the promotional scenario, all of the data can be received in a readable format to stakeholders and concern parties. For a complete turnaround in customer satisfaction, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) paired with Virtual Reality (VR), can provide a unique method in selling and showcasing all the goods like it’s some sort of an e-Commerce platform. All this is possible when IoT comes into play with the necessary equipment with a sound mobile application interface.

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Home automation

Devices interfacing with software and its success have been dated back from the 1980s, which has opened a new horizon into consideration, among which Home automation is one of them. A technological era comes with its own perks like being remotely controlling your home with just touch of a button, like turning a TV on or off, but a universal remote for your all house. After the introduction of IoT, home automation has diversified into some else, a living and breathing home, which can think on itself and feel (talking about AI here). There is absolutely no doubt that all the power goes to the user how can detach, deactivate any or all equipment based on their choice, but the option provided by IoT is commendable. As the home automation is still on the process of fine-tuning, all the equipment with the mobile application must be flexible, scalable and more importantly secure from any external intervention. After the advent of voice recognition software such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, home automation can be inter-connected through your voice commands which can add another dimension to the digitization of your home and your way of life.

Manufacturing sector

The manufacturing industry has seen a tremendous re-evaluation after the Internet of Things has paved its way into our daily lives. To prove this statement, according to US Business Insider, the manufacturing industry alone has seen the biggest investment for IoT based services which are over $140 billion since the last five years. These numbers alone provide a strong confirmation that manufacturing industrialist and service providers are further looking ahead to use IoT as a smart method to increase their production and decrease their cost. The IoT is aimed in assisting manufacturer on providing data flow to their devices, analytics about their manufacturing target meet and also report access and look after the site using camera devices at the vicinity here the work in being done. This smart use of technology will provide an edge on their rivalry manufacturing sites by gaining a sound profit in the long run.

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Transportation Industry

The urbanization since 2011 has seen a tremendous growth in migration overload as over half of Earth’s population is living in cities, while the other 2.6 billion people will be going to join them by 2025. With just densely populated places, transportation is facing real challenge throughout the World which demands an intelligent solution to solve this urbanization excess by providing people with safe traveling without disturbing the existing mode of transportation and logistics. Through IoT, the information technology and proper use of hardware to software integration can provide some solid solutions which can reduce traffic density on the roads and also saves hundreds of lives of people, such as autonomous vehicle, GPS tracking and networking, taxi-hailing services, and other unique ideas which aims to reduce the number of cars on the road or help to manage and accommodate a concrete planning of traffic flow during rush hours.

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Health sector

After the abrupt flow of hazard diseases being introduced every now and then, it’s necessary for medical science to rely on the fast-paced assistance of technology and its computation prowess. Using sophisticated AI systems, data analytics, and machine learning, scientist and doctors can provide substantial information about epidemics and airborne diseases and work on the affected people to properly isolate by using adequate methodologies for identification and quarantine the affectees. Besides disease prevention, IoT can also assist users in providing them information about medicine using their mobile apps, about illness, and their remedies through VR, Mobile app and conference call.

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IoT enabled applications is envisioned to provide countless benefits to many users and businesses alike. As the number of mobile users increases by every moment, there is only a matter of time, when our society will be interlocked with high speed, well-crafted use of technology coupled with our everyday devices.

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