Anything free, especially app development software is amazing, because of obvious reasons. And in a similar context, the world of software development ranges for either paid or free solutions which we must always try to find out.

Although, many people are in a strangle dilemma that anything free is not good especially if are about to design a premium quality app.

Before we go with this idea, let’s see all the major benefits of using free app development software for our work, because at the end of the day, no money is being spent and we will get a clear picture of the app development software worth seeing.

Below are all the top benefits of using free app development software for our work.

No cost during Development

Both companies and individuals to keep the cost to the minimum during app development. The main reason for this calamity is because in the IT business, usually the payment is cleared after a certain milestone has been achieved or for most cases after the work has been delivered.

Then there’s another unpopular element during the app development business, that sometimes, the mobile app development is not completed and in return, we are left with a negative balance, if we somehow invest in any form of app development software during our process.

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In-App Purchases

Let’s say we are successful in devising a plan to develop a mobile app for free of cost, and for most of the cases, the app which we develop without spending a single amount on will surely be a simple one for sure.

Now what we can go with for our mobile apps is to enable In-App purchases feature which ensures that our mobile app keeps on providing a lot of benefits even after the basic app has been published.

Both user and app developer loves the idea of getting more with paying less, so In-App purchases have been applied to the mobile app ecosystem with great result.

Freemium Model

The model of freemium is usually more famous with mobile games and apps, especially if its made from free app development software or any free resource for that matter.

Conceptually, a freemium model refers to the system in which monetizing from the app is possible through in-app purchases or subscriptions. These purchases can be for various reasons, such as enhancing app experience or getting new things through mobile app purchases.


With free mobile app software, advertising is the must-have element, which fits every type of app. Depending on the services an mobile app is providing to its users. Advertisement is used only for people to get a maximum number of impressions or for monetizing benefits to enable click-through rates so that the app developer also gets a share of the business.

The most important part of choosing a free app development software is to make sure that advertisement is placed in such a way that corresponds to the most number of users, and an increased amount of click-through rates.


For developers with a large portfolio of mobile apps, the feature of cross-marketing can also come under the radar especially if we are going with free app development software.

When we can create a lot of better mobile apps, we can enable a system that shows off or advertise our other mobile apps to people using the apps from the same publisher.

This way, not just we can ensure that more number of users try to install our apps, but if we can establish a business dealing with other app publishers, we can also cross-market their products at the same time.

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Video ads

The widely known as a result-oriented advertisement that usually a free app development software can manage is through video ads.

Video ads usually show a complete video that showcases some sort of mobile app for the user to choose the app and generate a monetizing system for the app publishers.

Since we are usually attributed to a free app development software system, its obvious enough that mobile apps with a lot of video ads could seem to work rather than an app with no secondary element to display.

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A mobile app is a great business for various reasons, such as developing apps to support a business or develop mobile apps to enhance the lives of people in the form of entertainment or enabling the utility to even better.

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