Learning the language of a computer always will be an amazing thing to comprehend. It will give us the ability to perform tasks that we were unable to do before learning how to code. Some of the things we can do after learning a programming language like building our own website from scratch, be a career driven programmer or even build a tech startup business. Above all of these reasons, the important thing to visualize will always be to understand the technology that is superimposing our way of life.

Visionaries and tech enthusiast often advices people to code at least once in our lives. What advantages does the programming have? Well it’s a topic which plenty of space to debate, but one thing is for certain, that learning a programming language and how to code will make you understand the science of  breaking things down from complicated into simpler form, in the form  of baby steps. It’s always a good analogy to consider a computer to be high speed idiot, and you being its master. It’s within the power of a developer/coder to layout all steps in front of a computer to go through it from start to finish, computer can’t think of itself, but best performs task in high speed.

Below are few benefits you can reap out by learning programming language.

Build your personal website

After the birth of internet and more specifically the World Wide Web since 1991, it’s impossible to understand from where have we really came so far and where does the road of technology will take us even to. It is suffice to say there is no hint of stopping or halting anytime soon. Website is where it all started after the birth of the internet and it’s still considered an important part of our lives. As long as there is internet, website will be available. So it’s unimaginable to think that after learning a programming language and code, we will then have the ability to develop our very own website, which is an important to have these days. A personal website creates your footprint in the world of internet and through which you can gather as many visitors as you can by broadcasting your idea into the world.

Likewise, if you are a businessman and have your own company, you need a website to tell about your brand to the world. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you should possess a personal blog or profiler site to discuss about your work to the potential employers. Since website is built on computer, it’s important to understand the language upon which it is developed which is basically HTML and CSS, and a website only runs on a browser.

Become a Career developer

There is a bursting demand for good developers and absolutely no shortage of jobs out in the market. So if you are looking to learn programming in order to have a career excelling mindset, you are all good to move forward. According to data statistics the growth rates of jobs in IT will be increased to 30% by 2020, which is by far demand from any other field.

The next question one may ask after making up his mind to learn coding is what programming language should I learn? The question to this is well, not that simpler and straightforward. There are countless languages out there with many more out into the market or old ones evolving continuously, so the best solution for this complexity is to go towards the field you need to pursue instead of a specific programming language. For example, if you are looking to build website, the programming language of your choice should be HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other web technologies. If you are an app loving fellow, you should opt for Objective-C or Java.

Start a business

Do you have a revolutionary idea which would improve the lives of people using technology, but don’t have enough capital to invest for hiring developers to work for you. The solution for that problem is simply take matter into your own hands by learning how to code on your own. Many new entrepreneurs are moving forward with similar plan. They have no previous knowledge of coding but went into the commitment for building a product on their own which enabled them to establish their own small tech business.

You can start a business that deals in selling software, e-commerce, selling mobile apps, educating others by teaching how to code, blog post and a lot others.

Learning the language of a computer

Either you are a student or already a member of society, the most amazing benefit of learning a computer language is to understand how a computer works. No matter what type of language you learn, the basics are all the same. We use mobiles, internet, computer, and software daily into our lives so it’s also a good option to understand the coding practice in order to gain the wisdom of how a computer thinks.

Learning the language for your choice for either Web or App will define the true difference of how well you managed to make your mark into the world of Information technology and the internet.

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