Demonstrated initially in science fiction movies, Augmented Reality has shifted its track by introducing as a technology in modern times. As a component of digital transformation for business and enterprise, Augmented technology is paving it’s embed with various applications in our everyday life. Though the Augmented Reality (AR) came into being since couple of years, the future is extremely bright and optimum as people are thinking more and more virtually than ever before.

AR is a broad term to define virtual world coupled with Real world, but fundamentally, AR is defined as data, being combined with physical environment through the combination of a camera and device. Once we have necessary digital tools to work on, AR provides essential assistance to deal everyday problems using the help of computer-generated instructions to help us do a job more accurately. AR can provide numerous examples like you can experience a street with virtual navigation and checkpoints for route, or furniture being created virtually for your room to check how it would look before purchasing or the backyard scenery with your favorite cartoon characters being drawn virtually.

Difference between AR and VR

The role for both technologies is to provide virtual experience using 3D define objects harnessing through a device with audio and video functionality, but there is still a major difference between the two. VR is comprehensively subjected towards putting you in virtual environment, while AR is partially saturated. In AR, the user has the ability to precise its surround through the help of a AR powered device, by adding a supplementary layer over the actual environment, thus making it a fragmented approach. Basically in AR, it is the job of a computer program to identify a physical object using the help of sensors and markers, while calculating the position of virtual backdrop. Once the subsequent layers have been rendered successfully, a user will receive the picture through its camera with virtual objects coupled with real background.
On the other hand, VR  takes the input from similar algorithms but in return the environment it renders in front of a user virtually. The simulation is either a replication of actual world or creates completely new through the use of 3D models and high definition rendering tools. In VR, if an application prompts a user to move its position, the environment will act accordingly by creating world as the movement takes place.

AR Market growth

AR and VR are both the extension of future and it’s not by far an outreach destiny for digital era to become completely immerse with AR and VR in every departments. According to a report published by Digi-Capital in 2015, which states that the  market share for AR and VR will reach up to $150 billion by 2020. Additionally, the report also indicates that AR will be a leading technology in this digital transformation since it will absorb an enormous market share of 85% with a market valuation of $130 billion. According to a latest study report published by Juniper Research Fellow, indicates that business and industries will bite of around $2.4 billion worth of market share through AR in 2019, while it was at just $300 million in 2014, an amazing different so to speak. The digital transformation in shaping up with quite an amazing strength which will formulize additional ideas in which AR will play a vital role to bolster up the industrialization.

Juniper Research predicts that business will take keep interest on looking a practical opportunity in the department of AR due to the monumental devices capable in perceiving impressive software technology combined with sufficient wearables that has the ability to produce meaningful information in the AR realm. It is also anticipated that the growth for business will be gradual, but move in somewhat steady speed at the beginning of this 2019.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for business

In coming years, Augmented Reality for business will be the prime game changer in terms in commerce. This digital transformation will be carried out by storm, by the end of the decade. The reason for AR to be highly anticipated for business and industry in due to the fact that mobile and tablet has adequate technical breakthrough to use the power of AR and secondary modules to shape up the environment altogether. As the hardware is at our disposal, all remains in developing suitable software’s with easy to understand structure to quickly advances into practice by business.

It is only matter of few years when people will try out cloths without actually putting them on or check whether a furniture really suits their surroundings, without actually purchasing them in the first place, using with just a mobile phone or tablet at your disposal, with no additional hardware in between. All these extensions towards reality is modern usage of AR for business. Furthermore, once the technology starts to evolve with additional breakthroughs, there will be a chance when human can equipped with technology to conquer other senses such as smell, touch and feel.

New ideas are always given high praise as innovation helps the industry to adopt changes into the colossal market amid them are banking, education, health-care, manufacturing and retail. Its important to understand the current success stories that how current brands have used AR technology to counter a certain problem with applicability and has manage to receive approval from the public. We, as AR development company in Singapore has identify the most favorable applications being used in present times to give a taste of how business is getting assistance from AR using only the help from a mobile application.


Designing a product in retail has already begun with full swing for western brands such as Ikea has started to apply AR technology into their business model with much success. Augmented reality for Android and iOS has proven to become the next big thing in retails, which has an enormous opportunity for online shopping as well as offline shopping. Some good practice example for retails is to introduce virtual changing room. A clothing retail can use AR technology for displaying the cloths towards a screen with the option to change from a variety of selection panels, such as change color, length, design or add additional accessories into the dress. This method will decrease the extensive use of changing rooms and increase the customer sales as less time being used to search the shop physically.

Same concept can be applied for choosing color for a car or which furniture to select for your room. Besides replacing an existing problem through the use of AR, this technology can also be used as a marketing tool to provide additional AR material along with practice scenarios.


Since manufacturing primary deals with construction and processes, AR would be optimally used as facilitation for project managers and leads. At the factory, due to large area being covered for a specific plant, Using AR based pointer and marker can identify location in real time of the status of machines, the produce goods, the development status and others. For personnel responsible to repair or maintenance of machine, AR will greatly improve the efficiency for the workers to fit the component on the desired machine with step by step method of the replacement.


There are absolutely no end in sight about the potential that AR has to offer in the field of learning and education. The most incredible opportunity for education institute is to establish real-life classrooms with simulations and interactive methods in order to indulge learners to gain maximum benefits using AR technology. Other than interactive classrooms, AR can provide immense advantages when it comes to simulation and 3D modeling to understand any difficult concept in class. Either with the help of a tablet or through a monitor screen, AR can assert information with a much real-time experience for the students, thus helps to pick up hard to understand concepts with much ease. For a more dedicated approach, students belong to different walks of life can take benefit from AR, such as medical students can carry out procedures through the use of AR technology with damaging real life body, or astronauts can learn about space exploration through real-time AR application about their space missions ahead of time.


Business will find great opportunity in AR when application of tourism and travels is involved. GPS is an essential module in our mobile phones which can provide pin=point location coordinates about any particular sightseeing and also waypoints along the route of your destination. The sign boards with different language; AR can be used to translation and also give live information about a specific location. For museums and historic institutes, AR can be used to provide a presentation about with cultural heritage as well as a new dimension for experience.


Sketching has always been a first step for designing an artistic work, whether it’s extravagant or elementary. As the technology gets more mature, artists starts using it for them own benefits, such as drawing tools like Photoshop and illustrators. AR also holds an enormous ocean when art is concerned. AR apps can be used to modulate Sketching software in order to draw simple to advance sketches coupled with screen and paper. At this level, the artist can visualize the concept behind his creation in much clearer way. Business can also adopt AR for presenting characters behind scenery for children and youngsters alike, which could align themselves by providing entertainment along with learning and doing practical work. All these innovations will help boost the intellectual and productivity of artists and art-lovers altogether.


As explained earlier in the education section, that AR can be of great importance in the application of medical practice for practicing procedures on a simulation based AR application. Aside from medical practice, AR has a great scope for research purposes as well. According to a practical case study, a company called Psious Inc. has successfully developed an application for simulate the conditions for phobias such as height, airplane travel or fear of insects. These controlled phobias are accompanied by a specialized supervision which can be used to observe the stages for phobia and how to remedy its influx at a better rate.


The development options in the field of architecture, interior designing and real estate are numerous. One example is for interior designers to showcase a room with adequate styling props such as lighting, furniture, and other household properties before actually investing on the things. For an architecture specialist, analysis of the design for a building or construction site and discuss the stages of its completion will display a positive sense of convention for the stake holders.

Instructions based application

A next generation walkthroughs application will completely change the scheme of our thinking process. Using an AR app, user can now view real-time instruction on “how to” topics such as fixing an appliance, or get things done the most correct way. These days, how to videos and blogs are quite popular, but using technology and more importantly Augmented Reality will not only make the instruction more effective, but open up more doors for improvement using technology.

Dating business

It has been proven that augmented reality has successfully rattled the common and standardized view of technology and it has conveyed its benefits in more or less very industry. Based on same principle, an app called Flirtar is considered to be the first dating app which uses AR technology. This application takes all ordinary details from user initially, but instead of regular swipe left and right for your search results, you need to scan you environment to view the distance and where is the search result is located based on its geo-location coordinates.

Some benefits of Augmented Reality in Marketing

After explaining the industry and how AR can benefit the entrepreneur to provide better solutions for their customers. In terms of marketing perspective, AR holds a lot of potential as well. Below are some benefits a business can reap through an AR app.

Eye-catching and unique technology

Marketing is all about exposing your idea to your customers, and if the technology holds uniqueness and aptitude for being observable among the rest of means available, then a marketing agency would harvest huge benefit from it.

AR provide element of virality

In today’s fast paced world, new ideas come and goes in such a specular speed that holding back with outdates technology will be devastating for your strategy. Using AR, you will gain the factor of produce buzz into the market which can go long way, with better result and require less time to reach.

Having a more personalized approach

Social media are good for marketing due to ton of potential customers using it, but the aspect of personalization is lacking in this medium. Using a AR app not only provide exposure to your idea, but will develop a more customize speculation among your targeted audience.

Upgraded Content quality

Throw AR, users can now enhance the content for themselves which has not been done before. An exclusive content revelation will provide amazing marketing strength then your competitors.

More interaction

The greater a mobile app provides interactivity to their users, the more they re-visit the app again and again, thus increase your branding presence. AR is a definite tool to achieve the possibility of maximum interaction with your audience, so using it as your marketing tactics is surely provide great results.



It is evident that technology behind today’s Augmented Reality is still in its immaturity, but due to a large pool of mobile and tablet users with high speed internet and outstanding support for VR in latest OS such as Wikitude SDK, ARlabs SDK, Droid AR etc. have provide a waypoint for new AR apps that can create a great service through precise applications for our audience in general and business in particular.

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