You might be wondering, how app development can be applied to our lives? Today, we will be seeing how app development can be applied to our everyday lives, in businesses, and even some interesting technologies. The sky’s the limit to what we can build with app development. It is about ideation and execution of the concept. As years pass, we will be able to see new applications to app development which our benefit our lives even more.

Us as an app development agency, we have to keep up with the trends of app development and innovate to keep up with the competition. For many years to come, we will be here to innovate the technologies that can be applied to tech, and adopting new technologies as they start getting traction. The main purpose of us offering app development services is to create value in people’s lives. Therefore, with new advancement in app development technologies, we believe we can create greater values for our clients all over the world.

IoT (Internet-of-Things)

IoT is a new buzzword recently. There have been many new IoT applications that have appeared in the market, especially when the Singapore Government is pushing for a new smart nation. There has come smart home technologies which makes use of IoT technologies integrated with app development technologies.

IoT basically allows devices to be controlled by software like a mobile app. App development in IoT allows this smart technology to be closer and more personal to users. Instead of accessing with a separate device, a mobile app can ease the process of using this technology. IoT apps can have many applications apart from smart homes. Some examples of these are Industrial IoT where IoT mobile apps are applied to businesses to reduce maintenance costs, improve automation, or even increase revenue.

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Enterprise Productivity Systems

In enterprises, the previous trends were to use the cloud as a form of data storage. This has improved the access to data and information can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. Adding onto that, web-based enterprise systems have been implemented along with cloud storage. This implementation has improved the productivity of data storage.

Now, with app development, we are able to access information with a mobile app, which is much more convenient as compared to web-based systems. Mobile apps made for CRM, ERP. or even accounting systems has been created and is fully-customisable to each company’s needs. This gives simpler access to these data to those that need it. For example, the manager of the company would like to look at the daily revenue and financial ratios of a company. The app development agencies can design the app so that it sends daily notifications of the data for that day.

All in all, the purpose of these systems is to push enterprises forward. The key for this is to keep up with the development trends in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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M-Commerce, or Mobile Commerce, also known as E-Commerce mobile apps, are mobile apps that allow users to purchase products from a mobile app. The adoption for this app development is increasing in big brands such as Zara, H&M, LV. Allowing users to buy products from a mobile app is a new user experience and the users will only increase in the long run.

M-Commerce has certain advantages over E-Commerce. An example is the ability to send notifications to users. This is a very huge advantage as it increases conversion rates. E-Commerce websites are not able to directly send a notification to a user, apart from sending an email regarding a promotion. Check out our article on M-Commerce apps!

Mobile Payments

With the development of smartphone technologies, app development teams are able to build systems such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay. This replaces the need for physical credit or debit cards. With NFC built into each phone, we can use that to make payments. This is a huge and upcoming trend for app development agencies.

In addition to mobile payments, we even have payments for wearables such as smartwatches. App development teams in the respective payment companies have been working on these technologies for a long time. However, it is only recently that mobile phones started shipping with NFC built into the phones.

We predict that mobile payments will be increasing rapidly and the number of people using mobile payments instead of credit or debit cards will increase drastically.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality App Development

Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are being developed by companies who are interested in integrating these technologies into their business. A good example of augmented reality is Pokemon Go where they use augmented reality to enhance the gaming experience. Companies also use VR to sell products such as Samsung Gear VR. App development agencies have to be equipped with this app development expertise in order to match the demands of these apps.


Blockchain has shown its presence, especially in cryptocurrencies. However, contrary to popular belief, there is more than just cryptocurrencies in the blockchain. Technologies such as Smart contracts can be integrated with app development. App development can also be done with blockchain to improve the security of the apps. As this is still a rising piece of technology, the app development side of things is still not stable.

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On-Demand Apps App Development

On-demand apps are apps that leverage on instant buying of products or services. One great example of this app development in Singapore is Grab, our local ride-hailing service. Only with app development can we achieve this level of live data. In other words, only app development can achieve booking a cab instantly, and a driver accepts the job on the spot. In previous times, when other technologies are the main systems, we still cannot achieve this feat.

App development can achieve this as mobile apps are tied to a person’s most personal device, the smartphone. Functionalities like cloud data storage, notifications, GPS location tracking, allows users to be able to develop real-time data apps.

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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) joint with app development can create extremely powerful mobile apps. It can be applied to study user behaviour and recommending the appropriate products or services in a mobile app. This is a common way that is used in app development. Giants like Amazon and YouTube have integrated these machine learning technologies into their mobile apps to recommend the right things to their users.

Artificial Intelligence can also be an app development skill that can detect malware. Therefore, it is a cybersecurity tool. Algorithms can also be implemented to predict future trends, or even extrapolate data from past data.


These are some applications of app development, we hope that this can spark some new ideas in your journey in the app world. Of course, there are many more applications and new technologies are always being developed. Therefore, it is important if you are looking to run with the latest technology that you constantly read tech news to keep up to date. If you have an app idea that you wish to be developed, or if you need app development in Singapore, feel free to contact SleekDigital!