Here in Singapore, there are countless app development agencies. The question for most clients is how does one choose the right app development company. It all boils down to what you are looking for, in terms of quality, price, service, etc. We will also be talking about the types of app development agencies that exists here in Singapore. Therefore, before starting the choose an app development company in Singapore, start off by asking what do you expect from an app development company.

Why Is It Important?

Choosing the right app development agency can have a crucial long-term effect on your mobile app. Without choosing the right app development firm, you can have negative impacts such as buggy apps, delayed launch, lack of maintenance, poor performance in apps, poor customer service, poor UI designs of the app, etc. Therefore, if you hope for your mobile app to be a success, it is very important to take in mind the quality that the app development company can put out. Below are some benefits you can reap if you evaluate your app development company properly before proceeding with the project.

Good Designs

In app development, designs play a huge role in giving an awesome user experience (UX) to the app users. Therefore, companies should not be just designing a good user interface (UI) but also great UX. The difference between these is that UI is designed to look good, while UX is designed to let the user feel good. In app development, users are the key target groups and we should always work to give them the best experience possible. Therefore, choosing a company who has good UI and UX design will be a crucial role in an app development success.

If you happen to choose an app development firm that does not provide good designs, your user might not be happy with the app and reduce usage, preventing you from getting better ROI.

Bug-Free Apps

Having bug-free apps is also very important as bugs will show the owner of the app’s professionalism. Having bugs is unforgivable after given enough time for testing. App development companies should be testing and testing and fixing all possible bugs for all the scenarios.

Bugs will allow users to leave negative reviews which is not beneficial for the apps. Bad reviews will stop new users from downloading and utilising apps.

On-Time Launch

If an app development company does not have proper project management in place, you will run into the risk of delaying projects. In app development projects, delays are very normal. Delays that range from 1 week to 2 weeks are very normal and acceptable. However, if you run into a poorly managed company, you will run the risk of delaying projects tremendously.

In addition, in order to keep within project timelines, ensure that you have all the requirements already ready before the development, as changes to the app will increase the project timeline by a significant amount.

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Maintenance Packages

Maintenance packages are important for mobile apps, especially for enterprise app development. The reasons are that when something goes wrong in the app while running, you need support from the app development team as soon as possible. Moreover, maintenance packages include new device optimisation, which is obligatory for all apps. Without the use of maintenance, mobile apps would not be able to run in new mobile devices that are released.

Generally, freelance app development companies do not offer maintenance packages for their apps. Therefore, it is better to go for an app development agency that offers the right maintenance packages for you.

Good App Performance

App performance consists of multiple feats including quick server loading, quick page transitions, and many more. App development companies should evaluate your requirements and suggest the most suitable app development technology for your company. For example, hybrid app development will suffice for some projects, while native is required for others. Generally, native apps will be faster than hybrid apps when it comes to 3D or high graphics rendering. Therefore proposing the right app development technology is important in getting the best performance for every app.

Moreover, the code structure and best practices will only be at the best level in more experienced project managers. This will affect app development performance and thus a more established app development firm will be able to provide good performance that roots from best code practices.

Good Customer Service

In every business, customer service is important and finding a company that can offer the best customer service is a defining element to your app development process. Let us paint you an example: When asking for a change in your app, you talk to the sales team, it escalates to the project management team and escalates to the development team. This is a long process and it is better to find an app development company that can do this quickly and efficiently.

At SleekDigital, we aim to provide the best customer service by being available at all times during office hours. By being a lean company structure, we run on a low chain of command, allowing our clients to potentially communicate with our developers directly. This is a form of customer service for our app development clients that we value greatly.

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These are some ways that you can do to evaluate if the app development agency is the right fit for your company.

Check Portfolio

One way to successfully choose an app developer is to check the portfolio that they have done in the past. This is one of the more important ways that you can find out the app development company’s abilities. By checking the portfolio, you can also get an idea of the designs that they can provide for you. Portfolio also shows that the company has done similar work in the past, and can deliver similar or better results for you with the experience that they have. Therefore, a portfolio is also a showcase of technical expertise. Moreover, if the portfolio that is shown has big brands, it shows that they are established and trusted by other big companies.

Check Existing Apps

Another way to check if the app development company is suitable is to check their existing apps in the app store and to try it. Also, you can check the reviews that the apps that they have developed have in the app store. This can give you a rough idea of their expertise in terms of their app development.

Check History Of Company

You can also check the history of the company by checking how long they have been operating for. As the number of years, they have operated increase, it shows the more established and experienced the company is in app development. This is very important as newer companies tend to still be in the learning phase, nonetheless cheaper.

For enterprise app development, it is better to get a more established app development company while if you are a startup, it is good to support other startup app development agency.

Check Testimonials Or Reviews

Our last suggestion will be to check past customer testimonials or reviews of the app development company. This will give you a good idea of how they dealt with past projects and the customer’s experience in that project. Reviews that are not on the website of the app development company are the most accurate, e.g. Google Reviews.


We hope that this article can help you to find the most suitable app development agency in Singapore. Here at SleekDigital, we strive to get deliver the best apps at the best price, without compromising on customer service or designs. Contact us if you are interested in app development in Singapore. We look forward to working together!