The cost of app development in Singapore is always the main factor when making decisions of proceeding with a project. App development companies in Singapore have been well-known for charging massive prices for the apps, especially the big boys. Today we will be exploring the cost of app development in Singapore and why the prices are so high, and how costs can be kept low for low-budget clients. We will also be exploring the different aspects of the costing behind app development, e.g. server, domain, SSL, etc.

First Things First…

First things first, why is app development priced high? The reason is that it takes quite a bit of effort for a mobile app to be developed. A backend app developer has to be hired, along with frontend app developer, UI designers, quality assurance, and also project managers. These are the costs that are incurred in an app development process. Although this can be kept to the minimum by hiring a full stack app developer, the project management process will be less smooth. If companies are looking to keep app development costs low, then they should find an app development agency that does not have these costs. More often than not, freelance app developers are the only kind of app developers that operate this way.

In addition, app development agencies do have overheads that include rent, marketing costs (customer acquisition costs), utility bills, server costs are costs that incur in an app development company. Therefore, the cost of their app development service is being marked up enough to cover their costs and make sufficient profits for the app development agency.

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Basic Costs For App Development?

At SleekDigital, we aim to keep costs low for app development clients by keeping a lean process of our apps. Therefore, we try to price ourselves above freelancers while keeping the price lower than the big boys here, yet striving to deliver similar quality work. Below are the prices for some reference apps examples that are common in the market.

Corporate App Development

Corporate app development is building mobile apps for companies much like a company’s website. The main purpose is to share more about the company and also share any latest news that the company has to share. Some functionalities that can be added in is a blog function, calendar function to schedule events, contact form for receiving contacts, and even an order form for appropriate companies.

Prices for these ranges from S$8,000-S$20,000 depending on the functionalities that are needed for the app development. Below is a list of prices for the mobile app and functionalities.

  • Content only mobile app – S$8,000
  • Contact form – S$1,000
  • Product gallery – S$3,000
  • Blog function – S$3,000
  • Calendar Function – S$3,000
  • Ordering form with multiple fields and backend management – S$4,000-S$5,000 depending on the field complexity

M-Commerce App Development

M-Commerce Apps, or E-Commerce Mobile apps, are apps where users can add products to cart, and make payment for the products. This is much E-commerce websites but works from a mobile app instead. This is very beneficial for businesses as they can send notifications to users, which cannot be done seamlessly as compared to E-commerce websites. Functions in m-commerce apps include cart function, payment gateway integration, favourites function, categorical filtering, search function, order history. What is required in every mobile app is different for every company.

M-commerce projects typically range from S$18,000 onwards. It can be lower or higher depending on the functionalities that are added or removed from the app. This includes the backend functionalities of an E-commerce (e.g. analytics, product management, order management, etc.)

Blog App Development

Blogs for apps are like news sites that are suitable for companies who have a group of content readers consuming content on a daily basis. The benefits are that they can also send out notifications from the app instead of sending newsletters to the user’s emails. Blog app development is also suitable for influencers with a substantial amount of followers that is keen on expanding their reach via app development.

A blogging app development project will cost around S$10,000-S$18,000 including the designs, and the backend blog posting functionality.

These are the most common kind of app development that we have gotten the leads for. Of course, the permutations of the functionalities in an app is countless and there are endless possibilities of the apps that can be built.

Other Costs In App Development

Mentioned below are some costs that will come into place when starting an app development project. It is important to take note of these costs to plan your budget for app development.

  • Domain costs – S$20/year for .com and S$60/year for .sg
  • Hosting costs – S$20/month for a start and increases with usage
  • SSL costs – S$100/year for decent SSL. This is for app data encryption
  • Maintenance costs – 20-30% of development costs. This is for version upgrades and fixing of development bugs if any.
  • Apple store account – US$99/year this is for an account for uploading iOS apps into the app store
  • Google play store account – S$25 one-time fee. This is for uploading android apps into Google play store

These exclude any third party library that we can use that might be paid. For example, in some mobile apps, there is heavy usage for geolocation. Therefore, we have to purchase Google Maps API that is billed as per usage, e.g. every 1000 API calls.

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How To Reduce App Development Costs?

If you are low on budget, mentioned below will be a feel strategy that can reduce your app development costs. However, it is important for us to note that it is not worth it to sacrifice the quality of app development for cheaper costs. It is better for us to invest a more significant amount for good quality app development. We will be explaining some ways that might be helpful in safely reducing app development costs while some ways that can reduce costs heavily but might not be the best way.

Reducing Hybrid App Development Frameworks

Hybrid app development frameworks are cheaper frameworks that are always pushed for in SleekDigital. This is because hybrid apps are much cheaper and have a shorter development time, which is what companies look for. It is highly adopted now as the stability of the frameworks are constantly improving. Hybrid app frameworks such as Ionic app frameworks cost half as compared to the traditional native app development.

This is a very good strategy to get more affordable app development for companies.

Looking For Freelancers

There are loads of freelancers everywhere who are offering their services at a fraction of an app development agency’s costs. Although freelance app development does not promise high quality, they are the really cheap alternative for companies looking strictly at low prices.

Freelance app developers can be found on sites like or You can also find freelancers by searching for freelancers in your appropriate countries. Often than not, these freelancers are based offshore in countries like India or Vietnam. In addition, freelancer teams often do not have project managers managing the projects which might not be a good thing for progress.

All in all, we highly do not recommend freelance app development to clients as most freelancers do not provide the best quality work as compared to a dedicated team of app developers.

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App Development By Milestones

This is one of the best, if not the best way to decrease the cost of app development. This means that the app development project is broken down into multiple phases. The benefit for this is that with lower capital, you can get the mobile app up and running first, while the second phase is being developed. This means that you have to pay a fraction of the total app development cost for the first version of the app to be running, generating some revenue for you first.

Another benefit for this is that you can see the feedback from the clients before the whole app is launched. In other words, you can still tweak the concept of the app for the future version without needing to change many things in the backend.

This is highly recommended and it is what SleekDigital push for our clients it is not only cost-effective but also a real measure of ROI for the client.


We hope that this article helps you learn more about app development costs and how to reduce costs if you are looking to do that. We also hope that this article can help you with your app development journey and we wish you the best in your endeavour!

Should you need app development in Singapore, please feel free to drop us a message telling us more about your requirements. We at SleekDigital aim to be the top app development agency in Singapore while offering competitive prices for our app development services at the same time.